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Rest in Peace: Cultivating the Floating, Calm, Surrender

This piece of artwork hangs above my bed and reminds me of the floating, calm, surrender.

January 2017, I returned to guided writing. I could feel that my spirit guide Holly was happy to have me back so she could more effectively communicate with me. It wasn’t that Holly wasn’t able to communicate with me in any other way, it was that at that time, I wasn’t able to understand her in any other modality.

My Qigong and meditation practices were starting to have a positive impact on my sensual awareness. I would frequently feel as though I was floating as I walked, and I could sense an energetic bubbling moving through the core of my body. I purchased this piece of artwork because it came so close to depicting my experiences.

Holly: Welcome back to this guidance! Michael Singer’s book, The Surrender Experiment, is a good metaphor for what you are attempting to do. Surrender does not mean for you to give up. Be aware of what you can change and impact. Know when to give in, relax, float.

There is a calmness about you that is serving you well. No need to cling to the idea of the overexcitabilities as a hallmark of giftedness. It is possible to be calmly excited – a great oxymoron. That excited feeling is a connection to your Divine Essence, with chills, bubbles, like you experienced yesterday when you worked with a client who told you she feels like she is in the presence of an angel when she is with you. Life can be experienced while floating, connecting, expanding in energetic lightness. No need for chaotic presence. No need to prove your worth.

You are a healer. You are a healing presence. And that presence is felt by your clients. By cultivating the floating, calm, surrender, you are impacting the emotional and energetic presence of your clients. You are positively impacting the wellness of all living things as they are naturally inclined to fall into vibrational coherence.

And then, on July 14, 2019, Holly began telling me about what would eventually become The Sphere of Peace. The golden sphere in your heart’s center is the 5th dimensional healing resonance. Relax into knowing you are going to manifest a new professional and emotional reality. The next few months will be pivotal to these changes. The next day, Holly continued with the same theme by saying, Rather than merely surviving, you THRIVE on these calm, peaceful mornings. It is a feeling of deep resonance with all that is. Focusing on the golden sphere within your heart space will be a good metaphor for the 5th dimensional progression into loving oneness. Be open the many and varied ways you will receive miracles and synchronicities. On August 5th, I woke up in the morning feeling a great sense of peace. I was thinking that I was in the middle of a spectrum or grid, not experiencing anxiety…no joy…just deep serenity, and it was a kid of joy of its own. Holly replied with, so, our question to you is, might it be possible to fall into that place on the spectrum or grid when you’re not just waking up? We know this is possible, and you have felt this before. Our challenge to you is to be the awareness that recognized serenity this morning, and pay attention to how you fall into this “default mode.” This is the second day of suggesting defaults: 1) the default of loving compassion, and 2) the default of serenity. That is not to say that one should expect to be in these states 24/7. In fact, it is the expectation unfulfilled that causes suffering. But it is possible to release expectation, judging, rumination, fear, and other states of mind navigated by the egoic mind. In most instances in your life, there is nothing to experience except for the loving, compassionate serenity that is one’s default mode. Of course, there are issues beyond you that are chaotic and problems to be solved. But you can meet them from your default mode which is a much superior problem-solver. And then Holly drew out this visual of the Default Mode of Love, Compassion, Serenity (which would soon become The Sphere of Peace:

Many times, while writing in my journal, Holly would give me feedback about my ability to fall into The Sphere of Peace. Holly: It is as though you are floating on top of the water while swells lift and lower you rather than fighting the undulations and drowning from exhaustion.

Photo by Hernan Pauccara on

Do not allow the chaos of Covid, or the politics of your country, or the lack of awareness of family members and co-workers, to pull you out of your true nature, out of the calmness that rests below the surface of the anxiousness, away from the Default Mode of Love, Compassion, Serenity. When you surrender to the truth of your connection to Source Energy, or Universal Love, or God, you will come back to the bubbling spring of your true nature and Sphere of Peace. “Rest in Peace” should not be an idea saved for when you die. Rest in Peace should be your normal way of being while you are alive. Soul Bridge Coaching and Holly (June 22, 2021)

A gift of synchronicity, here is the music video, Peace, just posted on YouTube by Lee Harris and Davor Bozic.

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