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How Does One Lessen the Impact of World Chaos?

On December 1, 2019, I was on day 177 of my 365 day challenge to write on a daily basis with my spirit guide Holly and the Collective Wisdom. I had been hearing and feeling the cries of the world, and my nervous system was being challenged mightily. I sat down with my journal and wrote the words, “How do I lessen the impact of world chaos and wild energy?” The following was Holly’s response:

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We need for you to live in the awareness of the power of love and compassion. Loving-kindness needs to be your default. You are being reminded over and over to allow Source loving energy to flow through you. When this is the manner in which you live your everyday life, there will be no need for energetic overwhelm. The truth is, dear friend, that in every moment, someone is suffering – beyond which could ever be reported in the news you read and hear. There are heroes throughout the world trying to serve others. You are being called on to serve, as well. Do not wait for the strong viscerals of knowing for you to act. Fall into Grace, into your Sphere of Peace (see a previous post about the Sphere of Peace), and from this place of deep love, peace, and compassion, help your world heal. It is not your responsibility to cure each individual’s pains. It is your challenge to BE LOVE. This will be particularly difficult when you are enduring your own suffering, but by Falling into the Sphere of Peace, you, too, will tap into the treasure, beauty, and power of Universal Love. The living out through your gift will feel magically peaceful. That is our challenge to you, sweet friend. And we are here to support and remind you.

I acknowledged to Holly and the Collective Wisdom that I was grateful they were enabling Source Energy and guidance to flow through me. It was an honor and blessing to help others receive their own guidance, too. Holly continued with these words:

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Remain focused on positive and heartwarming aspects of your life. Despite divisive goings on, it is important for you to focus on all the goodness that surrounds you and others. Negativity diminishes the glow of Light that will lead humans out of the darkness. You are a part of that Light. Be unwilling to allow your glimmer and shine to be snuffed out. The role of Lightworkers is important at this time. Always remember you are Love, you are loved.

Similar messages, inviting me to Be Love, have continued these past two years, and I have taken them seriously. My life has been graced with many and varied synchronicities, and when first thinking about this post and the importance of love, a sweet friend surprised me with the gift of the bell hooks’ book, all about love. (For those of you who are not aware of the works created by bell hooks, the use lower case is her style both with her name and the title of her book.) As bell hooks says at the end of all about love, “No matter how hard or terrible our lot in life, to choose against lovelessness — to choose love — we can listen to the voices of hope that speak to us, that speak to our hearts — the voices of angels. When angels speak of love they tell us it is only by living that we enter an earthly paradise. They tell us paradise is our home and love our true destiny.”

We will encourage each of you to expand your awareness of loving-kindness, your own loving-kindness and that of others. Return to the destiny of which bell hooks speaks, LOVE. Do not take moments of deep loving calm for granted. It is those moments that sustain you and invite you back during your most challenging experiences. A world in chaos can certainly use more love. Soul Bridge Coaching and Holly, March 22, 2022

2 thoughts on “How Does One Lessen the Impact of World Chaos?

  1. So powerful and positive! I love your writing, Paula, and your wisdom. You and Holly are a great team, filling a void in the soul of today’s world.


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