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About Soul Bridge Coaching

Soul Bridge Coaching

I was a very sensitive and intense little girl, and it took until I was 50 to understand these characteristics were part of my spiritual sensitivity. I cringed and forced my way under my bed when I heard my parents yell. I cried when my teacher disciplined one of my classmates. I had the misunderstanding that as a child, I was expected to heal others, to take away their emotional and physical pain. It is not uncommon for spiritually sensitive people to be healers, but as a young child I had no idea that any of this was a gift. I was overwhelmed by the enormity of my feelings, and I couldn’t distinguish my feelings from those of other people. When I was nearly 50, I began a relationship with my spirit guide, Holly. I wish I had understood her communications earlier. I had needed a coach at a much younger age, to hold my hand and be a bridge to my spiritual sensitivity and true nature. My journey over the past 20 years has led me to this role as a bridge for my clients between their Humanness and their Divine aspect.

Spirit Guide Holly

I have been with Soul Bridge Coaching through many lives, and after the suicide of her brother, on April 30, 1998, she began to receive messages from him and other messages from across the veil. It was after the loss of her brother that she began to recognize my guidance. She learned to do “guided writing” as a way for Soul Bridge Coaching to ask me questions, and for me to provide spiritual guidance. On June 5, 2019, we began a 365 day journaling experience, and that year-long journey continues to be life-changing and soul-evolving for both of us. Those communications, and ones that have followed are the basis of these Word Press posts.

Soul Bridging

Holly and I work together to help clients build a bridge between their Humanness and their Divine aspect. Clients ask a question of their spirit guides, and I act as a conduit for the conversations between their guides and Holly. While Holly is speaking through me, I am doodling on a piece of paper as a way to keep my egoic mind busy. Recently, Holly told me that the visuals I create can be used as a visual metaphor for my clients to use during meditation to glean even more information from their Soul Bridge Coaching experience. This example was turned into a piece of art by one of our clients.

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