We are Healing Wonders

September 2019, I had three rounds of MOHS surgeries for basal cell carcinoma. It was not my first bout with skin cancer as I had had melanoma on my face more than 20 years prior. It was day 97 of my 365 days of journaling with my spirit guide Holly. I wrote in my journal that I had needed a skin graft from the side of my face to cover the area near my nose where the skin cancer had been. I had called on Holly and other guides during the surgery. Here was Holly’s response:

Holly: This has been one of the ultimate opportunities for you to learn whether you could remain in the Sphere of Peace despite the pain, reactions to the injections, and the multiple surgeries. And, sure enough, you weren’t happy about the circumstances, but you were compassionate and calm. Please know, sweet friend, that your healing will be successful. You aren’t fretting about the color of your hair, and you shouldn’t be concerned about a scar on your face. Focus on healing and wellness.

And as the days passed, Holly reminded me: These experiences are lessons. For you, it is a deepening, of finding and remaining in the Sphere of Peace. Focusing on healing and wellness is always a priority, but even more so now.

One week after the surgery, Holly said: You can feel the healing taking place at the graft site. Each time you have this awareness, be grateful for the cells working non-stop on your behalf. You went to the dermatologist for the bug bite that never healed on your hand, and you showed him the little raw spot on your face. This is just like the time you went to a dermatologist for a plantar wart on your foot, only to find out you had melanoma on your face. This is a great example of a healing synchronicity. Both times other things brought you to the doctor in order for the more serious issue to be discovered.

Ten days after the surgery, I was going to have the anchor patch removed from the site of the skin graft, and Holly gave me this warning: Remember that it is unfulfilled expectations that cause pain and chaos. So, on the one hand you want to create an environment for healing, but you must also be prepared for whatever results are revealed. You have the strength and support to be able to deal with your reality.

Two months after the surgery, Holly gave me these words of encouragement: Be grateful and mindful of the healing taking place. Your body has been working so hard on your behalf. When we say this, we want you to be aware that you are not your body, but this body is an important part of who you are in this lifetime. Your body is an aspect of your being both fully human and fully divine. Gratitude for this body must be foremost in your heart, mind, and spirit. At about the same time, the grafted area started to develop a keloid. Holly told me to say these words as I massaged the area: Soften and let go. She told me those would be great words to get us through times when we feel ourselves contracting or gripping, too.

Three months after the surgery, Holly spoke of my healing in this way: Can you sense, in little increments, how your body is always moving toward healing? Do not discount your body’s continual striving for wellness. Sometimes you want immediate healing, but your body knows what it is doing. Continued gratitude, healthful living, lots of water and good food, and plenty of peaceful thinking and living will provide your body with what it needs to heal. Staying away from poisons of all kinds (including relationships, media, foods, etc.) is always the best path. Wellness is not just about the body. The mind and spirit require a focus on wellness, too.

Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.com

The human body is a thing of awesomeness and beauty. The fact that the cells of your body are working nonstop on your behalf, without you having to tell them what to do, is beyond magical. Rather than abusing your body with unhealthy food and thoughts, you can choose to be its partner in the healing journey. Your body is a healing wonder, and it deserves your gratitude. Soul Bridge Coaching and Holly (July 20, 2021)

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