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Two Years Down the Road

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Two years ago, on my 69th birthday, I was thinking about the many and varied choices and experiences that had brought me to the person I was and the life I was leading. It was Day 224 of my 365 day writing challenge with my spirit guide Holly and the Collective Wisdom. Here is what Holly had to say:

Holly: You have had 69 years of animating this Being and seeing this life through the limited lens of Paula. This year, you will learn more about being both singular and the Unity. You will begin to understand the importance of living out your role and your viewpoint for a greater understanding of The Whole. Your own viewpoint will expand as you understand just how limited your view is. When you meet and discuss with people of disparate views, you are expanding your own awareness of The Whole. There is a tendency for those who are spiritual to become judgmental of those taking a different path. This judgmental tendency should wake you up to the insidiousness of the duality of the egoic mind. When you feel the thorn of judgment, scorn, lack of compassion, allow yourself to fall deeper into the Sphere of Peace, knowing that all things are part of the Unity, part of Source. As you begin your 70th year, we invite you to embrace even more mindfully the important role you and everyone else plays in the evolution of Source Energy.

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I must tell you that two years ago this seemed very heady and difficult to truly understand. I knew, as always, that Holly’s message was important, but I wasn’t really ready to embrace the impacts of those words. And two years later, she has lead me down a road where I am just now understanding the profoundness of her words. I am just getting to that place where I am finally feeling both fully Human and fully Divine. There have been bumps in the road, times when I have been judgmental and angry with people who didn’t see the need to nourish and save our planet. Judgmental and angry with those who didn’t care about the welfare of other people. But this journey has allowed me to see that those instances of judgment and anger have only served to deplete my energy, have only served to dim my light. I now prefer to focus my attention on all the amazing people who are working passionately for the sake of this planet and its inhabitants. That focus enables me to carry hope and love for The Whole. That focus enables us to do our Soul Bridge Coaching with a loving and compassionate understanding of the plight of our clients.

We will encourage each of you to embrace even more mindfully the important role you play in the sustenance of this planet, its inhabitants, and the evolution of The Whole. Soul Bridge Coaching and Holly, April 12, 2022

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