Tying Up Loose Ends and Allowing Expansive Possibilities

In October 2021, I was feeling curious about what the near future would hold for me. I sat down with my journal for a co-created conversation with my spirit guide Holly. Here were her words of wisdom:

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Holly: Your blog post, Allow and Let it Go, is a good prescription for these next three months. You are going through many changes, and this will be a good time to bring closure to things left undone. Tie up the loose strings of your life’s quilt so you are able to put your 2022 energies into new patterns for that quilt. You have ideas about the direction in which you are moving, but we will suggest that you not hold too fast to your hopes and dreams so you will be better able to recognize when something even better presents itself. Sometimes humans have a tendency to focus on an idea that is actually a limiting dream. When you are able to open your creative spirit to unimagined possibilities, you will open the door to the truth of who you are and the abundance of the marriage of your human and divine aspects. Take the time to wrap up the gifts and challenges of your current experiences and remain in the deep awareness of all that is in each present moment moving forward. 2022 has great opportunities for you personally and professionally, and your willingness to remain mindful and curious will serve you well.

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There was a part of me that was so eager to know what unimagined possibilities would soon present themselves, but I knew Holly and the Collective Wisdom were always looking out for my highest good, as their previous messages had always served me well. So, I remained focused on the present moments and tied up the loose ends of my quilt.

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And here it is, three months later, the beginning of a new calendar year, and these are the unimagined possibilities that presented themselves since that October conversation. 1) For the past four years, I have been searching for an answer to some physical challenges I have been experiencing due to Ehlers-Danlos, and I came upon a wonderful EDS bodyworker in the UK (Jeannie Di Bon) who has a site called The Zebra Club. It is a treasure trove of exercise videos for people with Ehlers-Danlos, hypermobile type. This resource feels like an answer to one of my long-held hopes and dreams. 2) I was interviewed by Marla Hughes on her Interviews with Innocence podcast (see a previous post), and I was able to talk about two of my passions: working with gifted people and working with spiritually sensitive people. 3) I developed a friendship with someone I met through an online course, and we videochat many times per month. I was not searching for a new friendship, but it has been impactful and rewarding. 4) A former colleague reconnected with me, and we have embarked on a mutually-beneficial journey of growth and discovery. 5) Holly suggested I consider some type of online course in 2022, and that same afternoon I received an email message from the UCLA Extension program about their winter offerings. I found a 5-week course that sounded interesting to me, Great Songs and the Stories Behind Them, and the first session will be in early February. 6) As a result of registering for that course, I received an email from the coordinator of UCLA’s Intergenerational Program asking if I would like to be matched with a freshman student at UCLA who is enrolled in a year-long course on aging. We will have six weekly videochats (beginning later this week) in order to explore issues of aging.

It is with profound appreciation that I look back on the last three months to see the many and varied ways unimagined possibilities have graced my life. It makes me hopeful, knowing the next few months will certainly be as fruitful and inspiring.

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We will encourage you to follow the same advice and allow unimagined opportunities to fill your lives. Do not hold on too fast to limiting dreams in order that expansive possibilities may be realized. Wishing you all a healthy and insightful 2022.

Soul Bridge Coaching and Holly, January 18, 2022

She is an Only Child by Choice

Toward the middle of December, I started looking at my new World Wildlife Fund calendar, and I put a notation for my daughter’s birthday in mid-January. It is an obviously impactful day, and comes just six days before my own birthday. I sat down to journal with my spirit guide Holly, and the birth of my only child was the focus of Holly’s message.

Holly: Have you ever noticed ways you’ve made decisions that later suited your high sensitivities perfectly? You were married 7 1/2 years before you had your daughter. You were a teacher at the time, and others would ask you why you didn’t have any children, after all, you were so great with their children. But what they didn’t know was that you were highly sensitive and intense. Working with a classroom full of children was depleting to your nervous system.

And then, 42 years ago, on 1-11, at 1:01 a.m., your sweet child was born. You had been right to wait 7 1/2 years to become a mother. You had a solid and loving marriage, a great teaching position, and being a new mom and teacher was indeed challenging to your nervous system. This would have been even harder at a younger age.

Some of the greatest highs and lows in this life of yours have been as a mom: the lows of a precious child being seriously ill in intensive care, and the highs of her incredible capacity for love and compassion for others.

As the years went by, and there were no new additions to your family, the questions of “why only one child” were directed your way. You and your husband knew that one child was a good fit for your sensitivities and intensities. Many people will judge you according to their own life experiences and their view of what is “normal.” But you had an understanding that the judgments of others would not drive your decision-making on an issue as life-changing as mothering.

So here you are, and here she is, 42 years later, still a loving and compassionate daughter. Your ability to know your own emotional and psychological limits helped your only daughter create her sister-like friendships that have supported her throughout her life.

She is now the mother of her own family of two precious children. She loves them as much as you love her, and she has invited you and your husband to share in the love of her small family. Your ability to determine what would be healthy and nourishing for you has paid a lifetime of dividends.

We will encourage our readers to realize all the opportunities they have to make meaningful choices that are both healthy and helpful to their personal and spiritual growth. If you are able to see yourself as a unique being, you will see you do not need to be guided by what others see as normal. When you stand in your own truth, you celebrate that uniqueness. Soul Bridge Coaching and Holly, January 11, 2022

Seasons of Our Lives

As I mentioned in a post last month, my spirit guide Holly was continuing to send me metaphors through songs. At the end of that post, I mentioned that she went from Take it Easy to Seasons of Our Lives. She was particularly focused on these words: “Autumn leaves will fall, spring won’t save us all, in the seasons of our lives. Just like winter hides all in snow, and the summer shines with new hope, in the seasons of our lives.”

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This song came on the heels of my post about how having moved from Eugene, Oregon, to Los Angeles nine years ago, there was a part of me that had a longing for my friends and the place we had called home for 35 years. Holly and the Collective Wisdom encouraged me to look through the windshield of my life rather than focusing on the rearview mirror. And now I was wondering what these lyrics about seasons of my life were meant to teach me.

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Holly: This past year, 2021, brought many gifts and challenges to you, your friends and family, and the people of your planet. As in the lyrics to Seasons of Our Lives suggest, spring was not able to save you all, and you lost three friends to cancer. The reason we want you to think about this song is because of your previous longing for the life you had in Eugene. The lyrics that speak THE SUMMER SHINES WITH NEW HOPE are important for you to remember because your life in Los Angeles is a symbol of those days shining with new hope. Almost every morning, you are greeted with a sunny day. Please use that summer-like shine as an invitation to fill your spirit with renewed hope. There are those who prefer to live where there are four distinct seasons, but your spirit is far more hopeful and buoyant with the promise of a sunny day. Remember, too, the grandchildren who are the sunshine of your life. Regardless of where you might be years from now, you are meant for this place at this time.

We will encourage you to find ways to make this new year, 2022, the summer of your life. You don’t need to live where it is sunny to find ways to bring more light into your life. In fact, you can use any kind of a light as a metaphorical reminder of the hope that can glow within any season of your life. Pictured below are some of the many ways we bring light in our home. Soul Bridge Coaching and Holly, January 4, 2022

Being Highly Flexible Has Its Risks and Rewards

We come into this human form with a unique opportunity to make the best of our genetic make up and its impact on our physical and emotional lives. We also live a unique combination of opportunities and challenges. There has never been anyone just like us, and there never will be.

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My high flexibility is both an intellectual way of being and a genetic trait, and that high flexibility has provided me with both risks and rewards. When I was a classroom teacher and university professor, I taught my students about Bena Kallick and Art Costa’s 16 “Habits of Mind.” These habits are behaviors of effective problem solvers who can call on any of the 16 dispositions when faced with a problem that doesn’t have an obvious answer. One of the 16 habits of mind is thinking flexibly. This habit is characterized by being able to see options and consider alternative points of view. My intellectual flexibility has helped me embrace the reality that I am able to communicate with spirit, and that flexible thinking has had tremendous rewards, despite the skepticism of those who have not had similar experiences.

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The genetic aspect of my high flexibility was first discovered by a pediatrician when I was an infant. He noticed that I did not have creases on my buttocks which indicated I had been born with shallow hip sockets. I wore braces on my hips for many months to improve the functioning of the legs and hips. It wouldn’t be for another 60+ years before I received the formal diagnosis of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, hypermobile joint type. After more than 70 years of genetic high flexibility, I have now lost the ability to come to a seated position, and return to a standing position, without the aid of my arms and hands to ease my way down and propel myself back up. I have been searching for a solution for nearly five years, and that has led to some loss of hope for a “cure.” My spirit guide Holly had this to share with me:

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Holly: Focus on all the ways your mind and body function well for you. It is easy to get caught up in injuries and limitations, but that is an example of looking at the trees rather than the forest that is your life. How often have you expressed gratitude for the aspects that are highly functional? And, how often have you expressed gratitude for the aspects that need support and healing? Be grateful for all you are still able to do while simultaneously supporting and nourishing the aspects that cause you pain and/or concern. This may surprise you, but your body is aware of your thoughts of loving-kindness and disgust and/or anger that are directed its way. Imagine your body as a loved one you adore, and shower it with love, compassion, and grace.

Here was Holly inviting me to call upon my intellectual flexibility so I could show love and support for the physical aspect of my flexibility. And so I did! As synchronicity would have it, a friend with joint hypermobility told me about a wonderful book called Disjointed. It is the best resource I have read related to all the physical and emotional manifestations of hypermobility. I found an online collection of videos created by a hypermobile body worker from the UK, Jeannie Di Bon, and the Facebook community she sponsors, The Zebra Club. I also ordered two of Di Bon’s books as additional resources to help support my body with healing and loving movements.

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There is only one human who is your unique blend of genetics and life experiences, and that combination has presented you with challenges and rewards. We will encourage you to see your greatest challenges as opportunities to shower that aspect of yourself with love, compassion, and grace. Soul Bridge Coaching and Holly, December 28, 2021

No Expectations…No Clinging…No Searching

Messages from my spirit guide Holly and The Collective Wisdom come in many ways. Sometimes I have a complete knowing without having to do any journaled writing. Sometimes there is a synchronicity that holds an obvious message. Sometimes the message comes in response to a question I pose. And sometimes an idea continues to float through my mind until I am willing to sit down with my journal and engage in a guided writing with Holly. This last way is how this message came to me a few weeks ago. I begin each morning with a qigong routine followed by a meditative writing with Spirit. Sometimes I pose a question or a comment, but on this particular morning, it was obvious that I would be the receiver of a message Holly and The Collective Wisdom wanted to share with me.

Holly: No expectations…no clinging…no searching. “No” is the way. You were thinking about the podcast on Sounds True about the idea of “No Time,” this morning, hoping to once again see birds on your balcony railing. But the true blessing would be for you to have no need for the magical appearance. Just sit in the wonder of each moment, and allow it to unfold as it will. It is the constant arrival of day, night, rain, clear skies, winds, falling leaves, new buds…You see, dear friend, you have come to Earth to experience the magic of the abundant planet. Do not take that abundance for granted. If more people could slow down to appreciate all your planet has to offer, they might do more to sustain her offerings. So, no need for expectations…clinging…searchings. Bask in the glory of your Earthly home and the opportunity you are given in this lifetime.

As my day unfolded, I marveled at how the morning sunlight reflected off windows in the Hollywood Hills like a gift of sparkling diamonds for those in the city below. I was blessed by the sounds of young children laughing as they played in our apartment’s pool. I sat on a rocking chair on our balcony and enjoyed the sun on an warm afternoon in mid-November. With closed eyes, I was aware of a bright red background and a kaleidoscope of changing patterns behind my eyelids that I had never noticed before. I was awed by how the trees that had been chainsaw-pruned several weeks ago were already pushing new growth to the surface of their trunks and branches. I found myself being grateful for the many and varied ways the smallest details about this life can be so meaningful and profound. With thanks to Holly and The Collective Wisdom, I made a commitment to see the majesty in what might otherwise be seen as the ordinary. I owe that to myself and to this planet.

We are grateful to the artist, Cathy Salser, the founder of A WINDOW BETWEEN WORLDS (Art Transforming Trauma), who graciously allowed us to use her creation of the tree with a heart for this post. We believe this artwork is a wonderful visual metaphor because this is a loving planet that will only survive with the support of inhabitants who see themselves as caretakers of the gift that is Earth. And, as a small token of gratitude, a donation has been make to The Nature Conservancy, who have been caretakers of this planet since the 1950’s. Soul Bridge Coaching and Holly, December 21, 2021

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If Not Now, When?: A Message From Holly and the Collective Wisdom

A few weeks ago, I was remembering what it felt like to be in my late teens and early 20’s during the marches against the military draft and the war in Vietnam. I remembered the songs of the time that supported and encouraged protest. There were definitely differing opinions globally about America’s role in the war, and many young and old Americans were willing to go to jail to voice their opposition. World-famous American heavyweight boxing champion, Muhammad Ali, said at the time: “My conscience won’t let me go shoot my brother, or some darker people, or some poor hungry people in the mud for big powerful America. And shoot them for what? They never called me n—–, they never lynched me, they didn’t put no dogs on me, they didn’t rob me of my nationality, rape and kill my mother and father. … Shoot them for what? How can I shoot them poor people? Just take me to jail.”

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In a symposium on the Vietnam War, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “…All of this reveals that we are in an untenable position morally and politically. We are left standing before the world glutted by our barbarity. We are engaged in a war that seeks to turn the clock of history back and perpetuate white colonialism. The greatest irony and tragedy of all is that our nation, which initiated so much of the revolutionary spirit of the modern world, is now cast in the mold of being an arch anti-revolutionary.” And here we are today, nearing the end of 2021, and our “better selves” are being called on to rise up in any way we can…in any way we feel called to have our voices heard. Two months ago, my spirit guide Holly and the Collective Wisdom gave me this message to share with you:

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Holly: In the rarely noticed backdrop of this life, in this moment, is a building movement toward compassion, justice, and generosity of loving-kindness. Many of you are over-focused on the forefront of indignities, lies, injustices, and what appears to be an expansion of the underbelly of humanity. This over-focus is causing pain, depression, and, in some instances, a feeling of being immobilized and unable to take action. However, dear friends, this underbelly is quite aware of the growing backdrop of Universal Love of which you are a part, and it makes those people fearful of losing their perceived fear-based power. While keeping one eye on the doings of this angry mob, your other eye must be focused on the other reality…There are more of you working passionately to support your planet and the good people who inhabit it than are part of the mob.

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What some of you also fail to see is that the mob is finding ways to cause long-term suffering. They are taking action. They are running for school boards, which might seem inconsequential to those of you focused on a national or global level, but school board members make decisions about how and what your children will and won’t be taught.

Photo by Polina Kovaleva on Pexels.com

Now is the time to take action! IF NOT NOW, WHEN? That action may be running for your local school board. It may look like joining marches to ensure all people’s voices have a chance to be heard locally, statewide, nationally, and globally. It may be by making sure all people have the necessities of life. It may be by working to save your planet so it remains habitable. You each have your individual passions and hopes and dreams for yourself and your locality and/or planet. Remaining idle, afraid of the underbelly, fixated on the hopelessness of humankind is not an option if you want the backdrop of loving-kindness to be readily seen and impactful.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

We are aware that many of you have already stepped forward into the light of center stage, unafraid to be seen and heard. We see you, and we support your soulful efforts. You are here, at this time, to share your gifts and talents with the rest of humanity. We encourage you to be a bridge to compassionate change, and we encourage you to invite others to join you in your endeavors. Soul Bridge Coaching and Holly, December 14, 2021

Take it Easy…Don’t Let the Sound of Your Own Wheels Drive You Crazy

My spirit guide Holly was back at it with songs. This time it was The Eagles’ song (written by Glenn Fry and Jackson Browne) Take it Easy. The words rang through my head: “Take it easy, take it easy. Don’t let the sound of your own wheels drive you crazy.”

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It all started as I was writing in my journal. The day before, I had been on a Zoom call with former friends and teaching colleagues from when I lived in Eugene, Oregon. We moved to Los Angeles nine years ago, and I hadn’t seen a few of my friends for more than ten years. Having lived in Eugene for 35 years, there were times when I longed to return to that smaller town and my old friends. I knew my colleagues continued to meet for lunch or other gatherings a few times a year, but the pandemic had made those gatherings difficult or impossible. I set up a Zoom link for us, and although there were only seven of us on the call, it gave me a chance to catch up with some of the teaching friends I had missed.

Our backyard in Eugene, Oregon

There were some important lessons I learned from that call, and I wrote them in my journal: Just as Holly suggested, meeting with friends over Zoom nourished the part of me that felt as though I was missing a connection with people who had been important to me personally and professionally. But this was also a wake-up call to me that Eugene is my past — not my future. It is interesting how we can embellish something from our past to be more than it was…and certainly could never be again. Los Angeles, the place where our precious grandchildren live, is where we are meant to be.

Holly and the Collective Wisdom responded with these words: How wonderful that you can realize how the rearview mirror is a distortion of reality. Just as the car’s rearview mirror shows only a small portion of what is behind you, so too does your memory hold only a portion of what you experienced.

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So now you must look through the windshield of your life to what is actually happening right now. We encourage you to realize that this, too, is but a glimpse of all that is happening right now, but this is your truth as it unfolds. Just as when driving a car, remain focused on the present. Do not allow your mind to stray into ruminations of the past or beliefs that life was somehow better back there. Don’t allow your own wheels to drive you crazy. And don’t allow your mind to be focused on fears of a future that has yet to urge you forward. The road on which you are the driver of your life needs your awareness, so take it easy.

And once Holly was sure I had gotten the message, another song came floating through my mind, Seasons of Our Lives...but that is a song for a future post.

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We hope you will consider keeping your eyes on the road of your life. That is not to say that you shouldn’t be aware of portions of the past that are the foundation of who you are, or that you shouldn’t make plans for your future, but all experiences take place in the here and now. Taking your eyes off the road of your life may cause you to miss an impactful off-ramp or miss aspects of the life you are meant to live. We encourage you to take Glenn Fry and Jackson Browne’s advice: “Take it easy. Don’t let the sound of your own wheels drive you crazy.” Soul Bridge Coaching and Holly, December 7, 2021

Interviews with Innocence: Consciousness, Spirituality, and Honoring the Wisdom of the Very Young

Marla Hughes is a podcaster and the creator of Interviews with Innocence. She is particularly interested in how young children help us reconnect with our own spirituality. She has conducted more than 100 interviews as a part of her Interviews with Innocence platform. As she explains on her website, her podcasts “showcase a variety of experts and others in the fields of consciousness, spirituality and mindfulness. My hope is that these interviews will illuminate the spiritual wisdom our young share and remind us to slow down, be more present, loving, grateful and childlike. The pure essence that young children exhibit lives within all of us. My further hope is that these interviews can help us discover, embrace, and connect with the sacred core of childhood that resides in all of us. The knowledge I have gained in the process of creating this podcast has changed my life and my understanding of the world so profoundly, and I am honored to share this journey with you.

I was honored by be chosen by Marla for one of these interviews. When we spoke prior to the interview, she suggested that we begin with a sample of guided writing by my spirit guide Holly. I chose one that I thought would be particularly relevant.

Holly: Most of you have noticed that your news reporting is largely focused on hardwiring your brain for negativity. That night-after-night, and day-after-day, bombardment of negativity makes it difficult for viewers to experience much happiness in their waking hours. We will encourage you to take a few moments each day to hardwire your brain for happiness. Build your awareness of the beauty and wonder around you. Hold your gaze for twice as long as you normally would, and pull that feeling into your heart and mind. Just a couple of moments of happiness can’t possibly outweigh the negativity being fed you on a daily basis, but perhaps you’ll eventually choose to spend more time velcroing positive experiences than negative ones. It is really your choice. You don’t have to be a victim to the negativity of the media or of others.

And just a week before my interview with Marla Hughes, Holly became insistent that there was a more important message she wanted to share with parents of young children. Here is that message:

Holly: It is vital that a new focus be placed on the happiness of your planet’s children. In many places in your world, children grow up with nature, song, play, as the backdrop for learning. But in countries where test scores, grades, academic achievement are the symbols of success, you are breaking down the natural playfulness, merrymaking, and problem-solving abilities of your children. You are breaking down the child’s connection to spirit. A group of people could show their devotion to children by creating schools that have plants and animals and opportunities for creative play. The adults in the community would value teachers by paying them at the same level they pay highly-valued individuals. But in your North American culture, too many adults are willing to warehouse their children to fit into the status quo. If you wanted the children of your culture to grow up to be compassionate, empathetic, creative, problem-solving members of your society, you would have that rising to the level of issues such as global warming. When the focus is not on the happiness of the youngest members of your culture, it is easy to see how the health of your planet is also not a priority. It seems to us that because the adults of your country had to endure 12 years of a basic education, and you feel that you turned out okay, then this same education is fine for this generation. Well, we would respond, the adults of North America are not okay, and all you have to do is look at how many are on anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications and modalities. And your children, particularly the highly sensitive and the spiritually sensitive young souls, ARE NOT OKAY, either. Not only are they not happy, many of them are losing their connection to your planet and their purposes for being there. These children need your support because they are the ones who have the potential to solve so many of the problems currently facing your nations and planet.

On the day of the interview, I decided to share both messages from Holly with Marla and her audience. I thought it would give them an idea of the dynamic relationship I have with my spirit guide.

Here is a link to the full conversation with Marla Hughes (broken into two shorter podcasts) on her show, Interviews with Innocence.

Interviews with Innocence – Part 1: Messages From Spirit

Interviews with Innocence – Part 2: The Beauty of Working With Gifted and Twice-Exceptional Children

Photo by Arnie Chou on Pexels.com

We encourage you to find ways to help the children of your planet grow up to be emotionally healthy, compassionate, empathetic, creative, problem-solving individuals. We hope you will find ways to support the adults in much the same way. A planet cannot be sufficiently sustained when so many people are suffering. Soul Bridge Coaching and Holly, November 30, 2021

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Unpacking Impactful Events – Part I: November 22, 1963

Last month, my spirit guide Holly suggested a new approach to our WordPress blog posts. This series of posts has been my attempt to co-create a spiritual memoir, and she had the following suggestion:

Holly: We will suggest that you allow younger memories to re-surface so we can tackle and unpack these earlier experiences. Through this historical survey of your life’s experiences, each event is an important puzzle piece in your life’s story. One impactful event less, and you would not be the same person you are today. As November 22nd approaches, you have been thinking about the impact that date had on you as a pre-teenager. It will be an important memory to unpack as the events of that day continue to carry significance in your heart and mind.

Mount Gleason Junior High School

On November 22, 1963, I was a 12-year-old 7th grader at Mount Gleason Junior High School in Sunland-Tujunga, California. I was in my home economics class just prior to lunch. We were all taken by surprise when the principal came over the loudspeaker and announced that President John F. Kennedy had been assassinated. I was so upset, I ran out of class and into the girls’ bathroom, and I broke down crying. Several other girls joined me and told me we were being allowed to go home. It was just under a mile walk up hill from my school to home, but my legs and heart were so weighed down, it seemed like an enormous task.

I had a particular fondness for President Kennedy. Just six months before his death, I had been given an assignment to write about someone I admired, and I wrote about President Kennedy. I sent him a copy of my report, and his secretary sent back a photo of the president along with a letter he had signed. I also had a fondness for President Kennedy because he was young, and he had children who were even younger than me. The First Lady, Jacqueline Kennedy, was a polyglot who spoke French, German, Italian, and Spanish, and was known to speak to people in their own language. I remember hearing her address the French people on their trip to France, and she was so well-received and appreciated.

While my preteen idealized image of President Kennedy is more realistic nowadays, there is no doubt that in my memories of November 22, 1963, I still hold compassion for his family, our country, and for my 12-year-old self who lost the fantasy she had about the future of her country and this young president who would no longer be its leader.

John F. Kennedy, Jr. salutes his father’s casket.

We hope you will take the time to unpack the impactful events of your own life. It is through this historical review that you will see the importance of each piece of your jigsaw-puzzled life. Soul Bridge Coaching and Holly, November 22, 2021

Angels Along the Road, Part I: Reginald Fitch

It seems most appropriate that my spirit guide Holly and I tell this story as we approach Thanksgiving. Junior high school can be a tough time for many kids. For me it was particularly difficult because for the first time in my short life, I was told that I was physically outside the norm, and I would be transferred from the traditional PE class into “corrective” PE. I am quite thin, and I have always been thin. But that seemed to be a problem at my middle school. We were all lined up on the blacktop, standing up as straight as possible, and the teachers were checking us out, front and back. A small group of us were asked to leave the line, and we were led into a very small gym. As I looked around the group, I was trying to see any similarities we might have had. Several girls were what must have been deemed overweight, a couple had casts on an arm or leg, one girl had a limp, and a couple of girls had scoliosis. I still couldn’t figure out why I was there. The part that is the most laughable to this day is that those of us who weren’t restricted from physical activity all participated in the same circuit training. And at the end of that year, I was still quite thin, as I am to this day. So much for corrective PE!

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

But there was a saving grace to junior high school, and that was the choir director, Mr. Reginald Fitch. He had a radiant smile that made me feel that even corrective PE couldn’t dampen my spirit or define who I was. When I was in Mr. Fitch’s class, I felt as though someone really saw me for who I was beyond this human form. And when I became a teacher, I thought about him on a regular basis, and I used him as a model for the kind of teacher I hoped to be. There is no doubt in my mind that Reginald Fitch was a significant angel encounter along my journey.

A beautiful synchronicity would reunite me with Mr. Fitch more than 45 years after being in junior high choir. By the late 1990’s, I had already been a teacher for more than 20 years, and one of my 5th grade students was in the Oregon Children’s Choir. She invited me to one of her concerts, and as I read the concert program, I noticed that her choir director’s last name was Fitch. As I looked more closely at his face, I noticed so many similarities to my Mr. Fitch that he had to be this choir director’s father. The next Monday, I asked my student to find out if, in deed, Reginald Fitch was the father of this young choir director.

A week later, I found the answer I had been looking for along with Reginald Fitch’s home phone number. He was now living in a town south of Eugene, and his son said he would be so happy to hear from me. I called Mr. Fitch and told him the significant impact he had had on my personal and professional life. He was 69 and had retired to live near his son who was both the Oregon Children’s Choir director and a middle school music teacher, like his father had been. My heart felt so full from our telephone reunion. Several weeks later, I was reading our local paper and was shocked to read that my angel, Reginald Fitch, had been killed in an auto accident on the way to substitute teach for his son’s middle school music classes. The article included comments from his son’s students about how much they had enjoyed the times this amazing man was their substitute teacher. It was certainly a bitter-sweet moment. I cried with joy to realize just how many children had had the opportunity to spend time with Mr. Fitch, and I felt compassion for his family and for the students who would never know the beauty of this man.

Our reunion and his death were just over 20 years ago. About 15 years ago, I was lying down on a table while a healer worked on me, and she told me that there were three spirit guides in the room with us. I asked her if one was Holly. She laughed and said the one at my head was the Holy One, but she didn’t mind me calling her Holly. She then told me that there were two more at my feet. One was Marté, and the other was Reginald. It is with a deep sense of gratitude that I acknowledge Mr. Fitch’s name on a regular basis.

We will encourage each of you to take the time to recall and reach out to the angels along your journey. We will also encourage you to be a Reginald Fitch for someone along their own journey. Soul Bridge Coaching and Holly, November 16, 2021

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