Hardwiring Happiness: Raising Your Set Point for Joy

“I was born with a high set point for happiness.” (Goldie Hawn)

Many of you are probably too young to remember Goldie Hawn on Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In television program. She seemed to have a perpetual smile. I used to think that this was just part of her act, but I later heard an interview with her, and she said she thinks she was “born with a tickle.” This high set point for happiness has helped her through tragedy and a bout of depression earlier in her life.

I was first introduced to the idea of “hardwiring happiness” when I read the book of the same name by Rick Hanson, Senior Fellow of UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center, and New York Times best-selling author. Hanson explains the idea of hardwiring happiness by saying on his website, “Your brain has a negativity bias that makes it like Velcro for negative experiences and Teflon for positive ones. This bias evolved to help ancient animals survive, but today it makes us feel needlessly frazzled, worried, irritated, lonely, inadequate, and blue.”

Hanson suggests that we attempt to Velcro our positive experiences. He says that rather than looking at a beautiful sunset for a moment and then looking away, we should hold our gaze longer so that we can bring the positive feeling into our hearts and minds, and into our memory. Before we go to bed at night, we should try to bring back those memories.

I created a journal of the things I had seen and experienced. I drew pictures of some, and I took photos of others. I also created a memory box of letters and trinkets that reminded me of fond memories. Here is a gallery of some of the visuals I hold in my heart that help hardwire my happiness:

One of the most important aspects of the hardwiring happiness process is not about having a beautiful scrapbook, but having meaningful memories in your heart and mind. When you find yourself ruminating about a negative experience that is velcroed in your heart or mind, try bringing forward one of the happy images to replace the ruminating thought. As my spirit guide Holly reminds us:

Holly: Most of you have noticed that your news reporting is largely focused on hardwiring your brain for negativity. That night-after-night, and day-after-day, bombardment of negativity makes it difficult for viewers to experience much happiness in their waking hours. We will encourage you to take a few moments each day to hardwire your brain for happiness. Build your awareness of the beauty and wonder around you. Hold your gaze for twice as long as you normally would, and pull the feeling into your heart and mind. Just a couple of moments of happiness can’t possibly outweigh the negativity being fed you on a daily basis, but perhaps you’ll eventually choose to spend more time velcroing positive experiences than negative ones. It is really your choice. You don’t have to be a victim to the negativity of media or of others.

These two photos, of the granddaughter of a dear friend, and of my granddaughter, are part of my hardwired happiness.

We hope, for your own sake, and that of humankind, you’ll choose to be hardwired for happiness rather than despair. You haven’t all been born with Goldie Hawn’s “tickle,” but you can raise your set point for joy with the diet you feed your heart and mind. Soul Bridge Coaching and Holly (June 15, 2021)

Helping Highly Sensitive People Thrive Rather Than Merely Survive

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

One morning, I posed the following questions to my spirit guide Holly: How do I limit the impact of stress in my heart due to my energetic knowing? And how do I grow my “sphere of influence” related to being Love and Light?

Holly: Be grateful that you have been chosen as a lightworker to allow great amounts of healing energy to flow through you. Use the pain you experience to be the alarm emergency workers hear to alert them that they are needed to assist others. This pain and feeling of stress is your personal alert that living things are in need of lightworkers to expand the amount of love and energetic healing on this planet. Be grateful for this opportunity to be of service. No need to worry about who or what is in need, just know you have been chosen at that moment. It is appropriate to sing, dance, pray, do energy healing, whatever you feel called to do. Angst doesn’t need angst, it needs healing – and you are an energetic healer. Some of your clients (or their parents) come to you for this reason. When you see this need in others, do not come to their level of pain or anxiety. Raise your vibration to help create an environment of love and energetic healing. When you allow the warning signal to exacerbate your own pain or anxiety, that is a reminder that you are falling into your human/empath state when you need to be raising your vibration and responding as a soulful lightworker. This will take time to master, but being aware of your reaction will be helpful!

Photo by FOX on Pexels.com

Rather than continually telling yourselves that you are too sensitive, or that you are powerless empaths, we will tell you to see yourselves as healers. You have the ability to enhance the healing of your body, mind, and spirit. You have the ability to clear yourself of energy that is not yours. We are not saying that you should not be compassionate for the plight of others, that you should not hear the cries of the natural world. We are saying that by healing yourselves, by building your energetic presence to become the great beacons of light you are meant to be, you will show up in the world as a healing force beyond anything you have ever experienced. Words can be limiting, and stories about your limits can be even more limiting. We are calling on you to expand your self-awareness. We are calling on you to let go of limiting self-descriptions like “too sensitive.” One can be both strong and sensitive. Sensitive does not have to mean overwhelmed. We are calling on you to THRIVE rather than merely survive.

Photo by Ben Mack on Pexels.com

We invite each of you to show up as a beacon of light, as a healing force. It is the collective rays of sunshine that light up the world. Soul Bridge Coaching and Holly (June 8, 2021)

Be Here Now, Fully in the Experience

Whenever I hear someone talk about “being in the now,” I am reminded of Ram Das’ book. When asked what he meant when he said BE HERE NOW, he said “Being in the moment, at ease with whatever comes one’s way, becomes contentment. This practice allows me to be present to love and serve others and to express unconditional love in the world. When you are fully in the moment, this moment is all there is.”

My spirit guide Holly frequently reminds me of this concept in messages like this one:

February 13, 2017: When you found that your watch battery had apparently died and then started up again, Spirit was reminding you to live in the NOW. Do not race so far into the future. This is the only time that is real – NOW. Every time you look at your watch, you will be reminded of this. Planning is important, but now is where all of living takes place. Do not put off taking care of your body, mind, spirit.

March 1, 2017: You have already learned to slow down, experience joy, feel alive, and now that will be enhanced. You feel a bit “floaty” right now, and that is a good sign. Do not grasp, worry, fear. Allow the pineal gland to work its magic. You will experience just how divine this life is. Life at an advanced level is Love. There are struggles where you are — people are acting from fear and contraction. You are going to step out of this fear and into the reality of pure Love. Do not fear losing the life you have. The Love is already here — just step into it, bathe in it, be it.

Photo by Elly Fairytale on Pexels.com

My husband was a wide receiver at UCLA, so his body got banged up quite a bit during practices and games. The result has been osteoarthritis and multiple joint replacements. And those surgeries have sometimes required revisions and re-hospitalizations. More than twenty years ago, when he required a heart valve repair, my brain was full of all kinds of worries and what-ifs, and the anxiety before the surgery was almost more than I could bear. What I have learned during the past two decades, and my husband’s dozen hospitalizations, is that being in the NOW is the only place to be. I now allow all things to unfold as they will, and the support and guidance I need to navigate the challenging times is always there for me. On the other hand, when I worry into the future, I am always doing that worrying on my own, with no support.

UCLA 45 – USC 20, November 1970

Whatever challenges you are facing, remember that it is in the NOW that you get the most support from friends, family, and Spirit. Worrying about future events is seldom helpful, and may serve to deplete your emotional resources. Soul Bridge Coaching and Holly (June 2, 2021)

Toss My Wishes in a Wishing Well

I can’t breathe, I’m waiting for the exhale
Toss my pain with my wishes in a wishing well

(lyrics from song WISHING WELL by Juice WRLD)

Today would have been my brother’s 73rd birthday. He was one of the most important people in my early life, and there is no doubt in my mind that we have been soulmates many times before this life.

The photo of my brother, daughter, and myself was taken in the fall of 1997 at the wishing well at Disneyland. If only I had known it would be our final photo together, and the last time I would see my brother, I certainly would have thrown a coin in that well. The reality is that he would die just eight months later.

Just a couple of weeks ago, my spirit guide Holly, encouraged me to engage in direct communication with my brother. Up until this time, he has come as a bird (see this post They Come as Birds), but now Holly wanted me to try soul bridge communication with my brother.

Holly: May 1, 2021: It is a good idea for you to open direct communication with your brother. There are many things you have wanted to share with each other, and now that opportunity has presented itself.

So, I took out a new journal to share with my brother, and here is what I said: Dear Ed, despite the death of your physical body 23 years ago, you have done an amazing job of showing your presence in my life. What have you learned in your life review and time in spirit?

My brother: I am so sorry for the pain I have caused for so many people. The life I knew as Ed was coming to an end, so I needed to free myself from Ed’s body. I realize that with my freedom, I caused great angst for others, but that was the choice that was best for Ed. I hope you and my daughter know I remain eager to be at your sides whenever you need me. You can trust that our souls’ paths will cross again. We are soulmates who are entwined with the purpose of our individual and collective evolution. Thank you for opening this direct dialogue.

For those of you feeling the pain of the recent loss of a loved one, or perhaps from 23 years ago as in our case, we want you to know your loved ones are eager to connect with you. Soul Bridge Coaching and Holly (May 30, 2021)

Synchronicity II: What’s in a Name?

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet.” (Romeo & Juliet, Act II, Scene II)

This may have been true for Juliet, but for me, there are two names that have carried a heavy weight for me. One is my own name, and the other is our daughter’s name.

While my uncle Paul was in the Air Force during World War II, his plane was shot down, leaving a widow and a young child. That also meant that my father lost his only sibling. I used to resent being a namesake and having a name that was a feminized version of a man’s name. My father and I both lost our only brothers, and when our daughter used my brother’s name for our grandson’s middle name, I experienced first hand how my father and grandparents must have felt about having me be a namesake for my uncle.

I have also been quite conflicted over our daughter’s name. We chose the first name, Rachel, for our daughter because we liked the sound of it, and we chose the middle name, Deanna, after a very loving and compassionate friend. With just 15 days to go before Rachel’s birth, there was a tragedy in Ashland, a town in Southern Oregon. It shook me to my core, and I knew I could no longer name our daughter Rachel Deanna.

Rachel and Deanna were 11 year old best friends who lived in Ashland, Oregon. On December 27, 1979, they went to play tennis together, and they never returned home. Their murdered bodies were later found in a football stadium press box. I saw the news conference on TV and heard the devastation in the words of their parents. I decided that night that we couldn’t name our daughter Rachel Deanna because I would always connect her name to a tragedy. And so, on January 11, 1980, our beautiful daughter Rachel Jennifer was born. The truth is that the middle name we gave her doesn’t fit as well as “Deanna” would have, but our rose by any name is just as sweet!

Holly: Sweet friend, we know this was a difficult decision. You forgot to tell the funnier version of this naming story and how you originally wanted to name your sweet baby Kelli. The reason this is so humorous is that your husband was teaching at a school called Kelly Middle School, and he thought everyone would think that he had named his daughter after his school. Now that you are older, and you have learned the power of a namesake for the surviving loved ones, you can appreciate what your name, Paula, meant to Uncle Paul’s family. The difference for your sweet daughter, Rachel, is that you were not a family member nor friend of Rachel’s and Deanna’s families. To paraphrase William Shakespeare, that which we call Rachel, by any other name would still be as sweet. And 41 years later, you still hold great compassion for the parents who lost their daughters, Rachel and Deanna.

Photo by Michelle Leman on Pexels.com

Synchronicities are not always joyful, but they are usually memorable. May you be aware of and acknowledge the synchronicities in your life. As we approach Memorial Day, we pause to remember all the members of the military who died while serving this country. We have gratitude for them and their families who have sacrificed so much. Soul Bridge Coaching and Holly (May 25, 2021)

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Synchronicities I: Soulful Love Does Not Die

Synchronicities I: Soulful Love Does Not Die

September 27, 1979 – October 11, 2012

“Synchronicity is the coming together of inner and outer events in a way that cannot be explained by cause and effect and that is meaningful to the observer.”
― Carl Jung

I knew, the first time I met Sara, that she and I were part of a soul family. (Soulmates will be the topic of my July 1st post.) I was a professor of education, and Sara was a graduate student in a couple of my classes. My professional focus was gifted education, and it was obvious that she was a gifted person. She had a great sense of humor, and rather than saying that she was 6 feet tall, she would say she was 5 feet, 12 inches. She had a magnetic personality, and her peer cohort liked her as much as I did.

I attended Sara’s wedding and had a chance to see how much her family and life-long friends loved her. She was a middle school science teacher who was adored by her students, and she was also a member of the Greater Portland Flute Society. Sara had what is known in gifted terms as “multipotentiality.”

When I got a call from Sara telling me she was having surgery for a brain tumor, a blastoma, I felt devastated. I drove up to Portland to be with her on the day of her surgery. I was hopeful that Sara’s surgery would be successful, but the tumor returned, and she needed a second surgery. I visited with Sara during her in-hospital therapy, and it would be the last time I would see her.

I moved to Los Angeles a few months before Sara died. The day I got the news, I went for a walk in our neighborhood. I was looking down thinking about Sara and how much I had loved her when I came upon a great synchronicity. There, pushing up through the ground at the base of a tree, was a root in the shape of a heart. I wondered how hard it had been for that tree to produce this heart, because the love Sara and I felt for each other, and still do, was so easy.


Holly: The title to the Sarah McLaughlin song, “I Will Remember You” is a perfect description for this soulful love you are experiencing beyond the veil. Each time you see this photo, remember that all things are possible with Love.

May you experience deep love for yourself and for others, alive and beyond the veil. And may you see synchronicities in all its forms. Soul Bridge Coaching and Holly (May 19, 2021)

Can a Spirit Guide Have Intellectual Overexcitability?

I have been an educator for more than 40 years, and much of that time my emphasis has been in gifted education. There is a concept in gifted education known as “overexcitabilities.” Without getting into too much detail, that overexcitability can be categorized as: psychomotor, sensual, emotional, imaginational, and intellectual.

The overexcitabilities are inborn intensities that cause a heightened ability to respond to stimuli and an increased sensitivity and awareness. People with intellectual overexcitability seek understanding and truth, and they analyze and synthesize. They have active minds, are intensively curious, keen observers, and tenacious problem-solvers. They are able to concentrate on prolonged intellectual efforts in areas of their passion. They are often interested in concerns about moral and ethical interests.

This morning, during my daily QiGong routine, I found my spirit guide Holly sending me all kinds of ideas for future blog posts. I tried to focus on my body and the QiGong routine, but Holly was insistent. When it was time for meditation and guided writing, I decided to ask Holly about her insistent messages.

My question of Holly: I get the feeling that your intellectual overexcitability has been unleashed. Prior to the creation of this Soul Bridge Coaching blog, your messages have been just once or twice per day, and they were usually less intense. Now it feels like what a medium must experience when they are in public and spirit wants to come through to their loved ones. Some mediums have to wear hats or set up boundaries so they aren’t bombarded by departed loved ones of the people they encounter.

Holly: Indeed, your willingness to be a bridge, a conduit in this process, is invaluable. The truth is, these synchronicities and experiences have always been happening to you, and in the creation of what we are calling a “spiritual memoir,” we are guiding you to a thematic approach. Humans tend to be so linear, writing memoirs like timelines, but the truth is that it is only in the spirals, leaps, and backward-looking that one can make sense of the patterns, themes, roadblocks, and soulful evolution of one’s life. This is a big undertaking we are asking of you, but for anyone willing to join you on this journey, they will begin to see their own synchronicities, roadblocks, patterns, and evolution. This life you have been undertaking is far richer than one might imagine. It is as though one who cannot swim falls into the water and thrashes madly until that one dies or is saved. On the other hand, one who swims can marvel at the teeming wonder living beneath the water’s surface. We are inviting you to swim in the grandeur of life.

Now I have come to understand why Holly has been so insistent about this project. I am creating a spiritual memoir as a way to hold onto the wonder of my life’s experiences, the challenges and the joys, all aspects of the foundation of the person I am today. And, in answer to my question as to whether a spirit guide can have intellectual overexcitability…Holly does! I will gratefully accept her heightened sensitivities and mine own, as well.

Much love and gratitude to a soulful friend who gifted us this special journal for our writing. It was in this journal that the idea for this WordPress blog was birthed. Soul Bridge Coaching and Holly (May 18, 2021)

Mother Earth and Her Children are Calling Us

This is a photo of “Doogie,” a Douglas fir tree we got as a seedling and lovingly watched grow on our deck. When the city of Eugene, Oregon, was commemorating its first Earth Day celebration, we donated Doogie to the cause. We took this photo of Doogie in 2010, and he had become a beautiful towering tree surrounded by his fellow inhabitants of the park.

Several years ago, I was asked by a wonderful psychologist, who works with children who are interested in the protection and healing of our planet, to respond to some questions kids ask about our planet’s environmental issues. I was at a loss for words about what might be most appropriate to say, so I sat down for a soul bridge conversation with Holly.

Question for Holly: What advice do you have for children and youth who are working diligently to solve the ecological crisis and taking urgent action to tackle climate change? How can they stay sustainable for themselves and not burn out?  What can parents do to support these children who are feeling called to be of service of the earth?

“Sweet friends, young and old, but particularly my young friends who are feeling the cries of help from your Mother. You are facing a challenge because it is more than a political issue, it is also a financial issue. There are businesses and individuals around the world who are putting profit before the welfare of your planet. There was a time when people who were “anarchists” would destroy new cars and other symbols of capitalism as a way to get attention for their cause. It is important for you to NOT use destruction as a way to stop destruction. You need to use your energy and passion to educate those who are willing to listen. There will be a tipping point where humans will no longer be willing to financially support organizations and individuals who are robbing you of a sustainable future. Do not forget to join together with other organizations that have long-fought to protect and sustain life on Earth. Examples include The Nature Conservancy, Citizen’s Climate Education, Surfrider Foundation, Trees for the Future, and Climate Reality Project, just to name a few. There is also the political aspect of climate change. Your vote matters. While you may be too young to vote, you are not too young to support and work for candidates who share your passion for protecting your planet. While working with others, whether for a political candidate or an action organization, it is important for you to realize you are part of a dynamic network of people who are equally devoted to stopping human-created climate change.

Dear parents of these young lightworkers, you have an important job to support their passion for protecting the environment and helping maintain Earth’s ability to sustain life. There will be times when your children feel hopeless, and they will want to retreat from the destruction they see on your planet. It is in those times that you remind them they are lightworkers who are here to expand humankind’s awareness of the challenges they face. Participating in whole body exercises such as yoga, qi gong, and tai chi will help them remain connected to Universal Energy that is always available to nourish them. It is also important, as parents, to refrain from talking in doomsday terms about the future of life on Earth. These children are highly sensitive, and you do not want to give them reasons to leave Earth sooner than they should.

I will encourage all of you to learn to tap into the Universal Energy that is here as guidance and wisdom. Some of you are already connecting to this energy, and it fortifies you though the challenges of this most vital struggle. Others of you have yet to connect to this field of love. Much gratitude to you for your deep love for your planet.

While these words were written for these passionate young guardians of Earth and their parents, we are asking you to join in this movement for the future of all people and the future of our planet. No action for the benefit of this planet is too small. We know Holly’s list of organizations is a short one created in a “quick write.” We would appreciate your help in adding other names of organizations in the comment section below.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Much Love for this planet and for its guardians of all ages. Soul Bridge Coaching and Holly (May 17, 2021)

They Come as Birds

My brother was the first member of my immediate family to die, and the birds showed up the following weekend at the footbridge near Valley River in Eugene. My husband, daughter, and I went to the bridge to toss his favorite flowers, roses, into the Willamette River. As we were dropping the flowers, three honking geese came flying toward us. Two went under the bridge, and the other one flew right over our heads. Little did I know this would be the beginning of my interactions with birds.

Then 22 years later, on the anniversary of his death, a flock of geese flew over our apartment building in Los Angeles reminding us of our ceremony at the footbridge so many years before. Just that morning I had read a passage by Mark Nepo that spoke about “burying and putting to rest” so we can resurrect our lives anew. Holly reacted to these two experiences by saying:

Holly: What a blessing to hear the sound of the geese and to read Nepo’s passage about burying and renewal. Today will be a nice day to take care of yourself and your work. A day to plan, reorganize, and rejuvenate. You are carrying no stress and no pain about your brother’s death. You have more of everything than you will ever need. You are wealthy in so many ways. That abundance is freely shared with others, and it returns to you as an aspect of the circle of life.

The flicker woodpeckers started to arrive in the fall after my brother’s death. First it was just one. I would be thinking about my brother, and the bird would arrive. Prior to this time, we had never seen a flicker in our backyard, but the flicker is not an unusual bird in Eugene, Oregon. After my brother’s death, he seemed to want to get a lot of attention from me. When I had an astrologer over to my house for a reading, she was sitting with her back to the large maple tree in our backyard, and I was facing toward the window. While she was introducing herself and her reading approach to me, the first flicker arrived. I tried not to pay attention to it, but then a second and third one arrived. Within five minutes, there were five flickers dancing around the tree. It became hard for me to ignore, and I had to have her turn toward the window to see the commotion.

My mother was the second family member to die. Shortly after her death, the first ever downy woodpecker appeared on the maple tree. What I loved the most about this bird is that it had a red head. Most of my mother’s adult life, she had dyed her hair red, so this bird was a synchronicity that made me laugh every time I saw it.


By the time my father died, we had already moved back to Los Angeles. Just before he passed away, an oriole landed on our balcony railing. We live in an apartment, and we had never seen a bird like this in our neighborhood. I knew it was probably a sign that my father, who was in hospice care, was close to the death of his human form. I purchased this statue as a reminder of that day.

On April 30, 2019, I saw a dove on our balcony for the first time. At first it just sat there looking in at us. But then the dove started bouncing back and forth on the railing of our balcony. I realized it was a message, but I couldn’t figure out what it was trying to tell me. I suddenly realized that for the first time ever, I had forgotten the anniversary of my brother’s suicide. I was so moved by seeing this dove that I decided to buy a clay mourning dove to keep on our balcony.

June 8, 2019, the mourning dove was on a patio table on our balcony. He sat there for quite a while without moving. We thought he might be ill. I had a feeling that the bird was once again a messenger. I suddenly remembered that my brother’s daughter was getting married that summer, so I googled registries to find the date, and sure enough, she was getting married that same day! Here is what Holly had to say:

Your curiosity and awareness have been rewarded. You are learning to make meaning from symbolism. There is a limit to the way a dove can communicate, so it will be up to you to translate that meaning.

And he comes close to the window so we can enjoy seeing each other.

For the past two years, the dove has returned regularly, and recently he has been bringing another dove with him. One of my favorite photos is of the two doves sitting near the clay dove.

With much appreciation for the beauty and power of love on both sides of the veil. Soul Bridge Coaching and Holly (May 16, 2021)

Covid Warnings From My Spirit Guide

If someone had told me in January, 2020 that a pandemic was coming that would kill more than 500,000 Americans, I would not have believed that person. But it was my spirit guide, Holly, who was telling me this, across many guided journal posts. The few people I shared this information with were skeptical, to say the least, but I had a history with Holly, so I took her warnings seriously. Here are some excerpts of that guidance:

January 24, 2020: The new virus that is spreading will get more and more press. Despite that, you will know that more people are actually sick and dying than will be admitted.

January 26: There is a great fear, worldwide, about a virus that is very easily transmitted from person to person. This is not the first time in history that a plague has caused great human suffering and death. Humans have packed so many people close together in cities, on transportation vehicles, in schools, in places of worship, that it will be easier for this disease to spread.

On February 28, I posed this question: What is going to happen with this novel coronavirus?

As you are already aware, this virus is highly contagious. Unlike the flu, where you can go to your local urgent care and get a quick test, that is not the case with this new bug. We have already made the analogy to the plague, and our sentiment remains the same. You and Rick are very smart to be stocking up on necessities. We will suggest you do this with greater precision. You see, this will unfold like a rolling snowball, and most people will consider emergency supplies once it is too late. Be prepared for when the kids’ schools will close. Do not be caught off-guard. Too many people will be lulled into the idea that they will never get sick. Do not be lulled into magical thinking. Once this takes off, it will be difficult to stop. You must be prepared to be in your apartment for weeks. The impact of this virus on the American political scene is potentially devastating. We are not trying to alarm you. We are here to guide and support you.

March 4: You are meeting health issues and other issues outside your control with a calm openness. Meeting joys and hardships as they arise in the now is the wisest path. That is not to say that you don’t get prepared for possibilities, but you don’t worry and agonize over what are just suppositions. You plan and feel joy in knowing your calm preparation allows you to be in the now even when the now is difficult.

March 13: The greatest gift you can give yourself is to not be afraid of the virus that is spreading around the world. You are one of the lucky ones who can work from home. You have a comfortable place to live, and you are not alone. There is no need to fear. Now is a good time to breathe in healing energy and breathe out love to anyone who needs that love and compassion.

March 14: There will be great challenges and animosity during this health crisis, but there will also be tremendous moments of love and acting from a greater sense of kinship. While the haters may get media attention, there will be health care workers who will continue to work and provide both front line and support services. It is those people who will deserve your attention and gratitude. Those who fall ill will experience fear, and they deserve love and compassion. Do not be afraid. Life for humans is a flow between challenges and resolutions. The world has been in crisis from climate change to war to totalitarian leaders. Humanity has been unable to come together over these challenges. But here is a challenge that will show what is possible when people come together. And, if you can’t, the consequences will be beyond which most can imagine. It is important that humans believe this to be the threat it is. And yet, we ask that you not be fearful. It is how you maintain your relationship with Truth and Love that measures the life you’ve lived.

On March 17 I asked: Am I trying to live, or am I trying not to die during this self-isolation from the coronavirus?

Holly: This is the true struggle of humanity: are you simply surviving, avoiding pain, discomfort, death, or are you thriving? We would say you are thriving – even in the midst of the shelter in place order. You are working with clients and showing love and compassion for others. It is not a matter of you hiding away, afraid and depressed. You are laughing and lovingly engaging with others. You are finding new ways to maintain your spirit and joy – but don’t mistake that as avoiding death – see that as living fully within the restrictions you are facing. This is your lemonade.

On day 7 of our social distancing in Los Angeles, I was resigned to the idea that it might be 6 to 18 months before I’d be able to hug my friends and family.

March 19: Yesterday you spoke of this one opportunity to be the person you are in this time in history. This is the one time you overlap with each family member and friend as who they are currently manifesting. The beauty of reincarnation is that each opportunity helps you grow soulfully to who manifest today. Do not take one moment, no matter how challenging, for granted. You are in this for the long haul. Think of the joy all of you will experience when it is safe to hug and kiss. You are imagining the sadness Covid 19 brings to individuals and families. No one wants to die a fearful and isolated death. Sending love into the Universe may make its way into the hearts of those suffering.

In response to my question on March 21 about how to continue to feel hopeful under the circumstances of isolation, Holly said:

We know you don’t feel isolated, and that is because you are able do online coaching, and you are skyping with family and friends. You mentioned to Rick that there is less stress on you now as you have more free time to plan and work and rest. This is the old lemons to lemonade. In the end, these emergency measures will have reshaped your work. This is an example of being with the flow.

March 23: The truth is that this “shelter in place” is just a dress rehearsal for the calamity that is about to come. Although your country’s leaders have known about Covid as long as you have, a tragedy is about to unfold due to their unpreparedness, and there will be a feeling of panic throughout the nation. It will be like a ripple as the first affected cities run out of space, supplies, and personnel. Right now, this is being viewed as an over-reaction, and the tendency will be to go back to social contact. But this will be a mistake as any hope of containment will be shattered. We implore you to stay sheltered.

On March 23, 2020, it was reported that 473 people in the U.S. had died from Covid. Yet on that same date, Holly told me that more than 500,000 people in the U.S. would eventually die from Covid. How was it possible that Holly would make a statement like that? I started to question the validity of what I was learning from Holly. Hindsight has proven Holly to be quite accurate in all she was telling me.

And then my clairsentience began to kick in. I was feeling the suffering from around the world, and Holly knew it.

March 25: You are picking up on the tragedy that is about to unfold. Once it gets going, and the seeds are already sown, the physical, emotional, and financial toll will be beyond what your generation has ever experienced. You are already feeling the burning in the pit of your stomach from the angst of this tragedy. It will require a focus on your own wellness to help you cope with the emotional devastation that will be experienced in waves around your country. Bringing your hand to your heart – allowing an alchemy of Earth’s Universal Energy to flow through you will be vital. Focus on the many people and many ways others are giving of themselves in these times. Do not worry about financial gains and losses at this time. Be generous to those who are delivering your food and supplies. There may be a time when few people are unavailable to do this. Do not give in to boredom or a feeling that you are invincible. Staying sheltered and supporting others online and virtually is what you are meant to do. No need to try to convince others of what is to come. They will learn for themselves – some the hard way.

And I continued to feel pain.

March 26: What you are feeling right now is the clairsentience of the suffering of other human bodies. Of course you know there is no suffering at the soul level. However, your compassion and sensitivity have impacted the human aspect of you so that you are acutely aware of what millions of people are and will be experiencing around the world. They do not have to be your blood relatives, because they are your Earthly brothers and sisters. Suffering is not new to humans. We suggest you hold deep compassion for doctors who will be experiencing medical horrors. The long-term emotional damage to these people will be real – beyond what MASH doctors experienced in Vietnam.

And the messages from Holly continued. And I followed all of her advice. We created a family Covid pod with our daughter and her family, and we have been watching our grandkids four days per week for the past year so that our daughter and her husband could work from home. And we have remained Covid-free. And the adults are now all vaccinated.

I am grateful for my deep and loving relationship with Holly. This past year has given me the opportunity to develop an even deeper bond with this ever-present being of Love and support.

Suffering continues as waves and tsunamis around the world, and many of us feel it deeply. We send love to those of you who are ill and/or who have lost a loved one to Covid. We also send love to those of you who are facing financial hardship. Soul Bridge Coaching and Holly (May 15, 2021)

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