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Leave Things Better Than When You First Encountered Them

In my August 9, 2019, journal post, I was thinking about how easily I can find my way back to the Sphere of Peace: How quickly I can fall into peace and grace. There is a feeling of things being okay in this moment, in this place. That doesn’t discount that in any moment, somewhere in LA, in this country, or in this world, there are horrors being played out on an individual or group level. It has been like this for far longer than I’ve been alive. I will remain at peace while not pretending all is well for others. I will continue to know Love is the way through the complications of this life.

My spirit guide Holly: Remember how Coach Wooden (the former UCLA basketball coach and greatest basketball coach of the 20th century) asked his basketball players to leave the locker rooms better than when they arrived? That is the metaphor for life: Live in a way that makes your life and that of others better. You can see and feel this in your interactions with other living beings. You might wonder, “Am I making today better because of my actions and interactions?” You may notice it by the actions and interactions of others. There will be those who are self-absorbed with their own challenges so that they are less able to be loving or compassionate to you and those they are meant to serve. Do not meet them with the same indifference or malice, as their depletion will not be filled by further depleting actions. Coach Wooden called it the Pyramid of Success, but it was really a roadmap to being a loving, compassionate community member. Your focus today is on the many ways you impact a community.

Holly’s message about how we impact others and our outer environment was a good follow-up to an earlier message about the importance of calm surrender of our inner environment.

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Holly: For those who are searching for ways to stop climate change, we would say that an even greater consideration needs to be made for environments in general. Climate change is a result of not paying attention to and dealing with overburdened environments. Humans tend to look outwardly to blame others for the obvious destruction they see, and we would say that, simultaneously, you need to be looking at your inner-most environments. In many ways, the imbalance of Earth’s environments is a reflection of humankind’s inner imbalance. The number of people with anxiety, depression, sleeplessness, etc., are results of that imbalance. When you are unable to take care of your human environment (your body and mind) it is difficult to properly care for your Earthly environment. There would be such a dramatic shift if you focused inwardly, healed yourselves, and then focused outwardly, so that healing reached your family, community, nation, and Earth, itself. It is as though you exist within concentric circles, and each circle needs a healthy, spiritually-balanced environment. The environment of social media shows the lack of civility and imbalance of far too many of its participants. Uncivil discourse is polluting human interactions. We can only suggest that you begin with yourself and create environments that are nourishing and compassionate. It is through conscious choosing and conscious action that the environment of your Mother will heal. But that conscious action must begin with YOUR OWN LIFE. Be aware of choices you make and how they impact your inner life, and how they impact others.

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Coach Wooden encouraged his basketball players to leave the locker room cleaner than they had found it as a demonstration of their desire to be their personal best in all aspects of their lives. We will encourage you to create an inner life that is healthy and peaceful so you can live from the place of your personal best. And once you have healed and cleaned your internal environment, you will be ready to focus on tackling the environmental challenges of your community, nation, and planet. Soul Bridge Coaching and Holly (July 13, 2021)

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