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Heart Chakra Work: Opening and Closing Like a Sea Anemone

The result of a heart that opens and closes like a sea anemone is that you will feel the wondrous opening as the unfolding of the lotus, rising from the mud. And when the heart-opening experience has passed for that moment, your heart chakra will appropriately settle into homeostasis — relaxed in a state of calm with a memory of what caused the opening and expansion.

Spirit Guidance about Truth and Dare

We dare you to listen to the “truths” others espouse. It is only through the listening to the stories, the pains, the fear, and the singular reality of others that you will get closer to understanding the Truth(s).

We are Healing Wonders

The human body is a thing of awesomeness and beauty. The fact that the cells of your body are working nonstop on your behalf, without you having to tell them what to do, is beyond magical.


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