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Communion: A Treasured Aspect of this Human Experience

I am so grateful for this life. It took the mud, the sun, the rain, the fresh air, to create the foundation for this life, for the lotus I am.

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During my morning writing with my spirit guide Holly and the Collective Wisdom, I asked them if they could give me a focus word. The reply was COMMUNION.

Holly: You are coming upon your 50th wedding anniversary, and that is what has held your little family together so well — your communion. When you work for both the individual and the whole — you have created a communion. You and Rick have managed to do that for nearly 50 years. You exemplify the saying, “The whole is greater than the sum of the individual parts.” Your communion is to be celebrated.

As usual, Holly’s wisdom was encouraging me to see all we have created from the mud, rain, sun, and fresh air of our lives. During the very challenging past few years for us personally, and for the world collectively, it has been our communion, our sharing of intimate thoughts and feelings, on both a mental and spiritual level, that has helped us rise like the lotus.

And as I have watched friends lose their life partners, I am aware that one of the most significant losses is the communion they once shared with their loved one. Holly is encouraging me to remember that this life as Paula is finite, but my soulful aspect will live on, allowing communion to continue with those who are willing to continue our intimate communications at the spiritual level.

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We will encourage each of you to find balance in your life so that COMMUNION becomes an important and treasured aspect of this human experience. This is not a treasure that is reserved for couples and families. It is a treasure that can be shared with loving hearts who are willing to share intimate thoughts and feelings for the sake of the collective, friends and loved ones alike. Soul Bridge Coaching, Holly, and the Collective Wisdom, April 26, 2022

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