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Be a Carrier of Love

January 14, 2020, I was on Day 14 of Mark Nepo’s wonderful book, The Book of Awakening. His words of wisdom for that day suggested that the reward for loving is being a “carrier of love.” That resonated so strongly with me, so I sat down with my journal to see what my spirit guide Holly and the Collective Wisdom had to say about Nepo’s entry for that day.

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Holly: A carrier of love, as Nepo says, is just what you experience when you are channeling guidance for others. But do you feel this same love when we guide directly to you? Do not overlook or underestimate the profound love we feel for you. You are a carrier of love whenever you are loving another person or thing. Be a carrier of love for your clients in a purposeful way. Make sure they feel loved, seen, heard, appreciated. This is what most people are searching for. Once they deeply feel that love, they are better able to share that love with others.

Several days later, on January 20th, Nepo’s entry suggested we should “love whatever is in your path.” It made me think of the Stephen Stills song, Love the One You’re With. I never really liked the idea of the guy who has a girlfriend who is far away, the guy is lonely, so he’ll “love the one he’s with.” Holly had another take on Nepo’s idea of loving whatever is in your path.

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Holly: Today you are feeling so loved and nourished. After the previous day’s clairsentient angst and inflammation in your shoulders, you are now feeling a bit of low-simmering elation. We suggest that you focus on today’s saying by Mark Nepo. Be easily pleased. Whatever comes before you deserves to be loved. As each thing arises, say, I love you, and thank you.” In that way, you will live a peaceful and joy-filled life. Your clients are noticing the crystalline peacefulness of your energy. It is one of the things that attracts them to you. It is also an indication that you are bringing greater balance between your humanness and your Divine aspect.

And then the next day, January 21, Mark Nepo’s entry suggested that it is through our connection to everything that we stay well. He suggested seeing with love. Holly and the Collective Wisdom had the following response.

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Holly: Nepo’s comment about seeing with love has to do with your ability to sense the Beingness of all things. But it does not mean that you should take on the pain and illnesses of other beings. Love and compassion can flow through you. Universal Love can flow through you as your default way of being. The Soul Bridge work you are doing will enable others to see with love, as well.

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We will encourage you to BE A CARRIER OF LOVE. So many people on this planet are in need of loving compassion. Remember the lyrics, LET THERE BE PEACE ON EARTH, AND LET IT BEGIN WITH ME. Allow yourself to be a carrier of love and peace. Allow it to flow so freely through you that other living beings will be lifted up by the crystalline energy you emit. Soul Bridge Coaching, Holly, and the Collective Wisdom, April 19, 2022

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