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Slowing Down to the Miraculous

There have been times over the past few years of guided writing with my spirit guide Holly and the Collective Wisdom that I have had repeated messages. Messages about slowing down came prior to retiring from my position as an associate professor. Messages about slowing down came two years ago as I was transitioning from my work as an ed therapist to that of a soul bridge spiritual coach. On February 1, 2020, I received this message from Holly and the Collective Wisdom:

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Holly: You have been thinking about slowing down for a long time. Slowing down to see a smile form, to truly listen to a grandson so he doesn’t have to stammer out what he wants to tell you. Slowing down so the miraculous becomes visible. Slowing down does not mean being unproductive. It means being more alive to what is. Love is not experienced as a “hurry up.” It is the slow cultivation of an open heart. Slowing down to each present moment, to each new NOW, allows you to have a deeper connection to the Sphere of Peace. You are learning to let life happen around you without grasping, or running toward or way from. It is right here, right now, in these moments that your Truth lives.

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I took Holly’s wisdom to heart, and I am finding my way, over and over, coming home to the Sphere of Peace. I have cultivated a slowing down that is akin to Thich Nhat Hanh’s “mindful movements.” When I am walking to an appointment in my neighborhood, I give myself enough time to appreciate my slow strides on the sidewalk, the sights and sounds of local birds (and the occasional wild green parrots that live in the Larchmont Village neighborhood of Los Angeles), the beauty of the Hollywood sign I can see as I head north, the sounds of children laughing, the people who quickly pass me as they take their dogs for a walk. The slowing down has helped me have a greater appreciation for where I live and the life I live. It has helped me pay greater attention to the family and friends I love and the clients I treasure.

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And the messages about slowing down began again last month with these words from Holly and the Collective Wisdom: Sweet Paula, we are inviting you to slow down ever so much more subtly to become aware of and immersed in the Divine Energy that animates and connects all living beings to Source. You have had glimpses of the Web of Life of which you are one soul inhabiting a body on that Web. You have always had the experience of the energetic power of an occurrence on the other side of your neighborhood, state, country, planet to impact your energy field. That is due to the quivering of the Web of Life that can be felt by highly sensitive people and animals. You are also beginning to develop an ability to call on those in spirit to support and inspire you. This invitation to slow down will significantly impact your skills as a soul bridge. Once again, this is not an invitation to hurry up the process, nor is it a time to ruminate about what is about to unfold. This is simply an opportunity to step slowly and deeply into your Oneness and soul work as a guide. This is not about doing more reading. It is not about watching more videos. It is about slowing down your senses so that you become aware of senses you never knew you could access. Much love to you as you walk this diverging path toward the miraculous.

And so it is with eager anticipation and with gratitude for the guidance that has brought me this far, that I am allowing my nervous system and senses to fall deeply into a state of peace. I know this diverging path will generate synchronicities, miracles, and challenges to help me grow in the soul work that nourishes my human existence.

We will invite you to slow down along your path so that you may experience all the Universe is holding up for you to witness. This is not about rushing toward a shiny object. This is about a deep and meaningful connection to all that is. Soul Bridge Coaching and Holly, May, 3, 2022

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