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Tying Up Loose Ends and Allowing Expansive Possibilities

In October 2021, I was feeling curious about what the near future would hold for me. I sat down with my journal for a co-created conversation with my spirit guide Holly. Here were her words of wisdom:

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Holly: Your blog post, Allow and Let it Go, is a good prescription for these next three months. You are going through many changes, and this will be a good time to bring closure to things left undone. Tie up the loose strings of your life’s quilt so you are able to put your 2022 energies into new patterns for that quilt. You have ideas about the direction in which you are moving, but we will suggest that you not hold too fast to your hopes and dreams so you will be better able to recognize when something even better presents itself. Sometimes humans have a tendency to focus on an idea that is actually a limiting dream. When you are able to open your creative spirit to unimagined possibilities, you will open the door to the truth of who you are and the abundance of the marriage of your human and divine aspects. Take the time to wrap up the gifts and challenges of your current experiences and remain in the deep awareness of all that is in each present moment moving forward. 2022 has great opportunities for you personally and professionally, and your willingness to remain mindful and curious will serve you well.

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There was a part of me that was so eager to know what unimagined possibilities would soon present themselves, but I knew Holly and the Collective Wisdom were always looking out for my highest good, as their previous messages had always served me well. So, I remained focused on the present moments and tied up the loose ends of my quilt.

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And here it is, three months later, the beginning of a new calendar year, and these are the unimagined possibilities that presented themselves since that October conversation. 1) For the past four years, I have been searching for an answer to some physical challenges I have been experiencing due to Ehlers-Danlos, and I came upon a wonderful EDS bodyworker in the UK (Jeannie Di Bon) who has a site called The Zebra Club. It is a treasure trove of exercise videos for people with Ehlers-Danlos, hypermobile type. This resource feels like an answer to one of my long-held hopes and dreams. 2) I was interviewed by Marla Hughes on her Interviews with Innocence podcast (see a previous post), and I was able to talk about two of my passions: working with gifted people and working with spiritually sensitive people. 3) I developed a friendship with someone I met through an online course, and we videochat many times per month. I was not searching for a new friendship, but it has been impactful and rewarding. 4) A former colleague reconnected with me, and we have embarked on a mutually-beneficial journey of growth and discovery. 5) Holly suggested I consider some type of online course in 2022, and that same afternoon I received an email message from the UCLA Extension program about their winter offerings. I found a 5-week course that sounded interesting to me, Great Songs and the Stories Behind Them, and the first session will be in early February. 6) As a result of registering for that course, I received an email from the coordinator of UCLA’s Intergenerational Program asking if I would like to be matched with a freshman student at UCLA who is enrolled in a year-long course on aging. We will have six weekly videochats (beginning later this week) in order to explore issues of aging.

It is with profound appreciation that I look back on the last three months to see the many and varied ways unimagined possibilities have graced my life. It makes me hopeful, knowing the next few months will certainly be as fruitful and inspiring.

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We will encourage you to follow the same advice and allow unimagined opportunities to fill your lives. Do not hold on too fast to limiting dreams in order that expansive possibilities may be realized. Wishing you all a healthy and insightful 2022.

Soul Bridge Coaching and Holly, January 18, 2022

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