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Synchronicities IV: Allow, and Let it Go

The words to the song from Frozen rang in my ears: Let it go, let it go, Can’t hold it back anymore. While my spirit guide Holly has spoken to me in song prior to this (Everything Comes with a Vibration, Part II – She Comes With Songs), this synchronicity was different because it was multifaceted and took place across a week’s time.

It started with a morning journal message from my spirit guide Holly: The message this morning is Let Go! Let go of any pull to egoic endeavors: Instagram followers, how many read our blog. This is not part of the 80% divine of which Anita Moorjani speaks in her book, Sensitive is the New Strong: The Power of Empaths in an Increasingly Harsh World. When you care about who and how many read our posts, you have lost the true meaning of our visual, spiritual memoir. Instagram serves no purpose to you but to deplete your energy, so it should be eliminated. You don’t need the memes of others, and they equally don’t need yours.

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So I disabled my account. I saw there was a “love” heart symbol, and I had a pull to see who it was, but I LET GO of the account without looking to see who had liked my post. I knew looking would be a slippery slope.

But that was not the end of Holly’s obsession with Letting Go. Two days later, Holly was back at it: This is the beginning of a big change for you. Today you and your husband return to a more normal schedule as the grandkids return to school, and you have mornings free. You two have done an amazing job this past 17 months of helping with remote schooling, and now it is time for you to unwind and rejuvenate. You have managed to remain in the Sphere of Peace most of this time, and now you must continue to focus on LETTING GO in all of its iterations. Let go of clothes you don’t wear, of toys, of EXPECTATIONS. Read more books. Play more games. Laugh. Relax.

Another two days passed, and it was the anniversary of my mother’s passing. I was hoping to have a visitation from a bird or some other miracle, but Holly was interested in telling me about JUST ALLOWING to be my default mode:

Holly: Just allow your psychic gifts to be open and available. You spoke of the love guru, Amma, and how she allows Source Love to flow through her. That is what her smile and joy represent. So, too, can you feel that joy. We will encourage you to ALLOW Source Love to emanate through every pore of your human form. You and your soul friend speak of a lighthouse, and we would say you are a beacon of Universal Light and Love. Here is how you do that. Get yourself to rest in the Sphere of Peace. Dip into that feeling of calm so that it is palpable and expansive. While resting in Peace, become aware of Universal Love that is Omnipresent. In any moment, allow it to wash over and through you. We will say that you will become aware of a visceral knowing that you have felt the deep and wondrous Love previously. Once it is easy to access the Love, you will forever be able to be a conduit of Source Love. May you be a fountain of Love and Light.

The thought of being a fountain of Love caused a visceral response, and I was ready to put it into action. That same evening, while working with a Soul Bridge Coaching client, I had a visceral synchronicity that was significant and highly impactful. As I was speaking with my client, I spoke to her about loving communication, whether or not we love the other person. I mentioned to her Holly’s suggestion of allowing love to flow down and through us like a waterfall or a fountain. At that same moment, my mala necklace broke, and its small beads flowed down the front of my body. It was the perfect synchronicity that provided me with the physical, visceral metaphor for allowing love to flow down and through me, too. Rather than being unhappy that this special necklace had frayed, I was overjoyed by the magical experience. I was especially happy to have shared the experience with this client.

I went online to find a replacement mala, and was immediately attracted to an aquamarine necklace. When I read the healing properties of aquamarine, it should come as no surprise that it said: Aquamarine is associated with trusting and letting go. This new mala will be a physical reminder of Holly’s magnificent guidance and of my desire to be a beacon of Love and Light.

And this week-long journey into letting go came to a conclusion when I was meeting with a healer about my significant issues with clairsentience. He told me that I am having pre-cognizant knowing and that I should keep a journal in which I write down my episodes of clairsentience, and then I should…sure enough…LET IT GO!!

So here I am, a week later, with the words let it go from Frozen stuck in my head, looking forward to another song to take its place. Perhaps I can find a way to get Holly to replace it with the lyrics just dance in the living room from the song Only Human by the Jonas Brothers. But, if Anita Moorjani is right, and we are 80% divine and only 20% human, I doubt that Holly will communicate with me through that song.

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May each of you experience the Universal Love that is waiting to be recognized by you. We are each conduits, and it is up to us what we ALLOW to emanate from us. We hope you choose to be beacons of Love and Light. Soul Bridge Coaching and Holly, October 5, 2021

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