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Taking a Leap of Faith

Here I go, taking a leap of faith. A faith in my spirit guide, Holly. We have been in formal communication for more than 20 years, and she is now encouraging me to share my talent in guided communication with others who are interested in spirit guide communication.

Holly shared this message with me on Friday, May 31, 2019. I was having a great deal of angst on that day. It was hard for me to tell if it was my own anxiety or that related to an impending tragedy, which usually brings me great stress. Later that day, a news flash said that 12 people had been killed by a colleague. So there it was, once again, my struggle with clairsentience. I used guided writing to ask Holly and my other guides to help me understand all of this. Here is her response:

“There is a mounting buildup of pressure on your planet. There is a pulling as seen by the political groups around the world. Scapegoats are being used to deal with the rampant fear of those in power as well as those who are powerless. The anxiety you feel is not recognized by others as they may be disassociating from their bodies through self-medicating, over-eating, turning a blind eye, and over-indulging in media. On the other hand, you have come to this planet ready to feel deeply. And that is what you are doing. Now that you are exquisitely sensitive and aware of your existence within a bubble, it is time for you to create an environment of joy and calm awareness that has a knowing without the pain. This has been a multi-step process, and the next step will move you to nirvana. This must not be pushed, and no drugs. This will happen through a greater awareness that you can be an observer and transmitter of Love. The Universal Energy (God to some people) does not suffer when humans experience suffering. That Energetic Source is always available with Light and Love, and so, too, must you. You are allowing the sensitive human aspect of yourself to be a lightning rod for the disharmony and pain of your planet. Now it is time to shift your frequency to the truth of your connection to Universal Energy. You, and all souls on Earth, have a choice to acknowledge and experience your Love and Light. It will take time for your awareness to shift, but the discomfort you are feeling is the butterfly who can no longer be confined to the chrysalis. We invite you to expand your bubble and proceed to the end of this Earthly journey in the truth of your Divine nature.”

Much love, Dear Friends. Soul Bridge Coaching and Holly (May 13, 2021)

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