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What Wants to Re-Emerge?

On Day 232 of my journaled conversation with my spirit guide, Holly, I posed the following question: What is the original aspect of myself that wants to re-emerge?

Holly: You have always had a connection to Source, and to us, but you shutdown many aspects of yourself to fit in with family and friends. You heard your father speak harshly about people who believed in God, so you developed negative feelings about religion and spirituality. Yet, despite that modeling, there was always an unspoken string that kept you connected to Source. You once even said that you felt you were held together by fraying threads you were afraid were going to break. After the death of your brother, your mother’s dementia, your husband’s open heart surgery, your sister being estranged from your family, and the September 11th tragedy, you had a positive disintegration, and you were invited home to your original self, your default setting. Now you are able to feel the love from within and share it outwardly, rather than trying to grasp it from somewhere outside of yourself and bring it inward. Your original self is recognizing the string of Source that connects you to all that has ever been, and all that has yet to manifest. To be self-loving, as Mark Nepo suggests, is to be all-loving in thoughts and actions. Gratitude and appreciation for what is, for the current moment, is part of the loving heart. Take an opportunity today to see Love in all its manifestations.

I surround myself with meaningful visual metaphors. This piece sits on the counter in my bathroom to remind me of maintaining an open heart, especially during times that challenge my heart and mind. It was designed by Debbie Berrow and made by many loving hands at Bell Pine Art Farm in Creswell, Oregon.

We hope you find many reasons for which to be grateful, compassionate, and kind. Soul Bridge Coaching and Holly (May 14, 2021)

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