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Angels Along the Road, Part III: The Hypnotherapist Next Door

Toward the end of 2021, my spirit guide Holly and the Collective Wisdom started telling me that that I needed to pay attention to the gifts that were right in front of me: Some people are the “grass is always greener” types. And some people overlook the low-lying fruit with an eye on the fruitContinue reading “Angels Along the Road, Part III: The Hypnotherapist Next Door”

Everything Carries a Vibration: Part II – She Comes With Songs

My spirit guide Holly usually communicates with me through claircognizance or in our shared journal. But a few months ago, she changed things up and started coming with musical phrases from two different songs: “I’m picking up good vibrations,” and “Sold my soul to the company store.” It wasn’t hard to know what Holly wasContinue reading “Everything Carries a Vibration: Part II – She Comes With Songs”

Covid Warnings From My Spirit Guide

If someone had told me in January, 2020 that a pandemic was coming that would kill more than 500,000 Americans, I would not have believed that person. But it was my spirit guide, Holly, who was telling me this, across many guided journal posts. The few people I shared this information with were skeptical, toContinue reading “Covid Warnings From My Spirit Guide”