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Lightworkers — Your Assistance is Needed!

May I breathe in Earth Energy and Universal Energy and breathe out Love and Compassion to this planet, near and far. (from my journal – August 4, 2019)

Two years ago (August 3, 2019), 23 people were killed, and another 23 people were injured in a mass shooting in El Paso, Texas. That evening I wrote the following words in my journal: I have such compassion for the victims, their families, and their friends for the horror they endured today, and will continue to endure into the future. What must the shooter have endured in his life that would have compelled a human being to commit such a savage act?

Holly: That is what Universal Energy, Universal Love, is all about. It isn’t about loving and being compassionate when it is easy. It is about trying to have deep awareness about the things that are dark and dirty and incomprehensible.

August 4, 2019: A mass shooting last night with no clairsentience prior to the event. I will drop into a sweet place of love and compassion. I realize that this needs to be my focus, because in any moment, someone is in need of compassion. Some events are highlighted by the media for their dramatic impact, but in any moment, there are both unthinkable horrors and beautiful acts of Love and kindness — all deserving loving compassion. This should be my default setting — not waiting for the media or clairsentience to be my reminder.

Holly: You are realizing the meaning of being a lightworker and conduit of peaceful energy. You can sense that you are even more exquisitely sensitive than you have ever been, and that will be a great gift to the work you are currently doing and the work ahead of you. No need to experience pain for you to wake up to your gifts. You are capable of being the waterfalls and water features you so love. Rather than water, healing energy of Love and Compassion flow through you. You have been unwilling to watch movies about horrors like the Holocaust, but you must watch those about people who risked their own lives to save and protect others. Love and Compassion flowed through them, too. Find kinship with those who have been lightworkers throughout time. Your planet needs beings like you to be energetic waterfalls of Love.

Photo by Arnie Chou on

We are calling for lightworkers to show up on this planet. You need to be a beacon of light for those who are so broken and blinded by pain that they would lash out at others. You will be waterfalls of Love for those who are experiencing grief and needing Love and Compassion. The sanity of your human race needs you to step into your Greatness. Lightworkers — We Need You! Soul Bridge Coaching and Holly (August 3, 2021)

Be With What Arises: The Way Toward True Freedom

Over the past five years, my husband has needed multiple surgeries. And during that time, I have learned an important lesson about how being in the moment is beneficial for my emotional and physical health. (See a previous post, Be Here Now, Fully in the Experience.) Because I am now most often able to exist in the moment, as one thing unfolds after another, I am also able to be aware and grateful for all the ways we are supported: spiritually, emotionally, and physically. I try not to allow myself to imagine into the future a host of made-up possibilities. I am able to meet the reality as it unfolds, and that is a wondrous blessing and learning. At the same time, when I am attempting to be too many things for too many people, my spirit guide Holly gives me important guidance about these issues.

Photo by Lukas Rodriguez on

Holly: So much has happened in the past three weeks. Be sure to acknowledge your strength, your support systems, your family, your guidance, and your intuition. There is so much to be said for living in the moment where resilience, creativity, and true support are manifested.

Focus on minimalism in what you must do, and how much must be accomplished. Focus on being. You always have a choice as to what gets your time and focus. It is easy to blame others (parents, partners, children, society, co-workers) for your situation, but in any moment you can stop — make another choice — move from victim to creator of your thoughts, your intentions, and your life. The incessant doing to calm anxiety, to block out important messages, is a slippery slope. To just be — with pain, with joy, with confusion, with whatever arises — is the way toward true freedom. You do have a choice. Will you be enslaved by the busyness of your life to prove your worthiness, or will you choose the freedom right here and now to slow down and feel what you have always known: you are enough, and you do not need to prove your worth to others?


We invite you to find your own way to True Freedom. Be aware of what arises, with no need to create untrue stories about your discomfort. Pay attention to how your thoughts make you a victim and how they help you as a creator. The more aware you are of your own role in perpetuating the anxiety and pain you are experiencing, the sooner you will find your way back to True Freedom and the Sphere of Peace. Soul Bridge Coaching and Holly (July 27, 2021)

We are Healing Wonders

September 2019, I had three rounds of MOHS surgeries for basal cell carcinoma. It was not my first bout with skin cancer as I had had melanoma on my face more than 20 years prior. It was day 97 of my 365 days of journaling with my spirit guide Holly. I wrote in my journal that I had needed a skin graft from the side of my face to cover the area near my nose where the skin cancer had been. I had called on Holly and other guides during the surgery. Here was Holly’s response:

Holly: This has been one of the ultimate opportunities for you to learn whether you could remain in the Sphere of Peace despite the pain, reactions to the injections, and the multiple surgeries. And, sure enough, you weren’t happy about the circumstances, but you were compassionate and calm. Please know, sweet friend, that your healing will be successful. You aren’t fretting about the color of your hair, and you shouldn’t be concerned about a scar on your face. Focus on healing and wellness.

And as the days passed, Holly reminded me: These experiences are lessons. For you, it is a deepening, of finding and remaining in the Sphere of Peace. Focusing on healing and wellness is always a priority, but even more so now.

One week after the surgery, Holly said: You can feel the healing taking place at the graft site. Each time you have this awareness, be grateful for the cells working non-stop on your behalf. You went to the dermatologist for the bug bite that never healed on your hand, and you showed him the little raw spot on your face. This is just like the time you went to a dermatologist for a plantar wart on your foot, only to find out you had melanoma on your face. This is a great example of a healing synchronicity. Both times other things brought you to the doctor in order for the more serious issue to be discovered.

Ten days after the surgery, I was going to have the anchor patch removed from the site of the skin graft, and Holly gave me this warning: Remember that it is unfulfilled expectations that cause pain and chaos. So, on the one hand you want to create an environment for healing, but you must also be prepared for whatever results are revealed. You have the strength and support to be able to deal with your reality.

Two months after the surgery, Holly gave me these words of encouragement: Be grateful and mindful of the healing taking place. Your body has been working so hard on your behalf. When we say this, we want you to be aware that you are not your body, but this body is an important part of who you are in this lifetime. Your body is an aspect of your being both fully human and fully divine. Gratitude for this body must be foremost in your heart, mind, and spirit. At about the same time, the grafted area started to develop a keloid. Holly told me to say these words as I massaged the area: Soften and let go. She told me those would be great words to get us through times when we feel ourselves contracting or gripping, too.

Three months after the surgery, Holly spoke of my healing in this way: Can you sense, in little increments, how your body is always moving toward healing? Do not discount your body’s continual striving for wellness. Sometimes you want immediate healing, but your body knows what it is doing. Continued gratitude, healthful living, lots of water and good food, and plenty of peaceful thinking and living will provide your body with what it needs to heal. Staying away from poisons of all kinds (including relationships, media, foods, etc.) is always the best path. Wellness is not just about the body. The mind and spirit require a focus on wellness, too.

Photo by Anna Shvets on

The human body is a thing of awesomeness and beauty. The fact that the cells of your body are working nonstop on your behalf, without you having to tell them what to do, is beyond magical. Rather than abusing your body with unhealthy food and thoughts, you can choose to be its partner in the healing journey. Your body is a healing wonder, and it deserves your gratitude. Soul Bridge Coaching and Holly (July 20, 2021)

Leave Things Better Than When You First Encountered Them

In my August 9, 2019, journal post, I was thinking about how easily I can find my way back to the Sphere of Peace: How quickly I can fall into peace and grace. There is a feeling of things being okay in this moment, in this place. That doesn’t discount that in any moment, somewhere in LA, in this country, or in this world, there are horrors being played out on an individual or group level. It has been like this for far longer than I’ve been alive. I will remain at peace while not pretending all is well for others. I will continue to know Love is the way through the complications of this life.

My spirit guide Holly: Remember how Coach Wooden (the former UCLA basketball coach and greatest basketball coach of the 20th century) asked his basketball players to leave the locker rooms better than when they arrived? That is the metaphor for life: Live in a way that makes your life and that of others better. You can see and feel this in your interactions with other living beings. You might wonder, “Am I making today better because of my actions and interactions?” You may notice it by the actions and interactions of others. There will be those who are self-absorbed with their own challenges so that they are less able to be loving or compassionate to you and those they are meant to serve. Do not meet them with the same indifference or malice, as their depletion will not be filled by further depleting actions. Coach Wooden called it the Pyramid of Success, but it was really a roadmap to being a loving, compassionate community member. Your focus today is on the many ways you impact a community.

Holly’s message about how we impact others and our outer environment was a good follow-up to an earlier message about the importance of calm surrender of our inner environment.

Photo by Samuel Silitonga on

Holly: For those who are searching for ways to stop climate change, we would say that an even greater consideration needs to be made for environments in general. Climate change is a result of not paying attention to and dealing with overburdened environments. Humans tend to look outwardly to blame others for the obvious destruction they see, and we would say that, simultaneously, you need to be looking at your inner-most environments. In many ways, the imbalance of Earth’s environments is a reflection of humankind’s inner imbalance. The number of people with anxiety, depression, sleeplessness, etc., are results of that imbalance. When you are unable to take care of your human environment (your body and mind) it is difficult to properly care for your Earthly environment. There would be such a dramatic shift if you focused inwardly, healed yourselves, and then focused outwardly, so that healing reached your family, community, nation, and Earth, itself. It is as though you exist within concentric circles, and each circle needs a healthy, spiritually-balanced environment. The environment of social media shows the lack of civility and imbalance of far too many of its participants. Uncivil discourse is polluting human interactions. We can only suggest that you begin with yourself and create environments that are nourishing and compassionate. It is through conscious choosing and conscious action that the environment of your Mother will heal. But that conscious action must begin with YOUR OWN LIFE. Be aware of choices you make and how they impact your inner life, and how they impact others.

Photo by Klaus Nielsen on

Coach Wooden encouraged his basketball players to leave the locker room cleaner than they had found it as a demonstration of their desire to be their personal best in all aspects of their lives. We will encourage you to create an inner life that is healthy and peaceful so you can live from the place of your personal best. And once you have healed and cleaned your internal environment, you will be ready to focus on tackling the environmental challenges of your community, nation, and planet. Soul Bridge Coaching and Holly (July 13, 2021)

Be Self-Aware: Your Greatest Asset Might Also Be Your Greatest Detriment

Nearly 15 years ago, I read the book Sacred Choices: Thinking Outside the Tribe to Heal Your Spirit by Christel Nani. It had one of the most profound impacts on getting me to shift my thinking about an issue that had caused me chaos for decades. I had grown up thinking that if I was extremely responsible, I could control many aspects of my life and prevent unpredictability. As I read through Sacred Choices, I wasn’t relating to any of the topics Nani mentioned…that is until the chapter on money. My father, a product of the depression era, was a public accountant for the state of California. He never believed in the stock market, so his money was kept in a savings account or in CDs at a local credit union. He was frugal, and because of that, my parents were able to send three kids to UCLA. As an adult, I took this financial responsibility modeling to an extreme level with a detailed monthly accounting of my finances. As I read Nani’s words, I realized that I wasn’t spending so much time each week on our financial accounting because I wanted to. I was following my father’s familial belief as though it was the truth. And it was not serving me well. When I was done with the chapter, I told my husband that I would no longer keep the detailed accounting that had caused me more than 30 years of monthly angst. He was as happy to see me let go of this familial belief as I was. I mellowed out about our finances, and that has helped every aspect of my life mellow, as well. I recently wrote in my journal about money and other aspects of my “responsibility habit,” and here was my spirit guide Holly’s response:

Holly: This morning, we told you that your greatest asset can also be your greatest detriment. This is particularly true for you. Some of this was nature, and some was nurture. You saw how your father used hyper-control to deal with his life of personal and financial fears. In regards to responsibilities other than financial ones, too much has fallen on you. Be unwilling to take on what others can (and should) do for themselves. We are proud of you for your willingness to expand your awareness and change.

Conversations with your spirit guides can serve to be the bridge between your human and divine aspects. In order to find peace in your life, we encourage you to dig deeply into your “sacred choices” and see how your greatest asset might also be your greatest detriment. Soul Bridge Coaching and Holly (July 6, 2021)

Synchronicities III: Invitations for Soul Family Reunions

As young children, we didn’t know that a synchronicity would reunite us.

I felt a great deal of angst and pain as a child. I didn’t know it at the time, but I was dealing with clairsentience, an ability to feel the feelings of other living beings, and that was causing me lots of pain and confusion. But I also know the clairsentience has enabled me to search for members of my soul family who have reincarnated with me.

I had a best friend in high school, and we hit it off immediately. We felt like sisters, like soulmates. We used to dance in my living room after school, sometimes with boys, and sometimes by ourselves. I was so happy when we were together. My friend is no longer in human form, but whenever I hear the song “Brown-Eyed Girl,” my heart swells with emotion and joy. I know Sue is a member of my soul family, and we will continue to play roles in each other’s journeys.

Despite having a best friend, during high school, I felt as though something was missing. Most children don’t realize they aren’t being loved the way their souls want to be loved. It isn’t until they experience deep soulful love that they realize what might have been missing. It was January 18, 1971, the day after my 20th birthday that a life-changing synchronicity brought me face-to-face with another member of my soul family. I was walking through UCLA’s Powell Library when I saw him sitting by himself at a table. There was something about him that made me think I needed to meet him. As I approached the table where he was sitting, I noticed he was reading the textbook from the course in which my brother was the TA. This was my first memorable experience with a synchronicity, and it is the way I met my future husband. Soul family members can often recognize other members of their family, and that was the case for us. Within three months, we were engaged, and 49 years ago today, we were married.

Since that time, I have been reunited with other members of my soul family. In addition to those who are trusted friends or part of my immediate family, I have been reunited with someone who may seem so different from me. I am 70, while he is in his early 40’s. I was born in the United States, and he is an American citizen, born in another country. A synchronicity brought us together more than eight years ago. He was looking for a coach who specialized in working with gifted adults. After a couple of months as my client, I knew we were part of the same soul family, and we decided to end the professional relationship. To this day, we speak to each other on a weekly basis. We know we have come into human form to support each other’s soulful purposes.

Holly: Now that you can easily recognize your soul family, be on the lookout for even more members of your family who have manifested in human form at this same time on Earth. They may be in your same town, but they may also be in other parts of your planet. The vibration of soulful love is magnetic and healing. Lucky are the ones who surround themselves with this powerful energy.

Here we are on the steps of the UCLA Powell Library, the site of our first meeting. As my husband likes to tell it, he was studying history, and I was studying him.

Deep soulful love is waiting for all of you. Do not be fooled by the limited belief that there is only one soulmate in this lifetime. There are many members of your soul family, and there are many ways to be loved. The more open you are to Love, in all its iterations, the more you will be sustained by the nourishing elixir of Love. Soul Bridge Coaching and Holly (July 1, 2021)

Other posts on synchronicities: Synchronicities I: Soulful Love Does Not Die, Synchronicity II: What’s in a Name?

Rest in Peace: Cultivating the Floating, Calm, Surrender

This piece of artwork hangs above my bed and reminds me of the floating, calm, surrender.

January 2017, I returned to guided writing. I could feel that my spirit guide Holly was happy to have me back so she could more effectively communicate with me. It wasn’t that Holly wasn’t able to communicate with me in any other way, it was that at that time, I wasn’t able to understand her in any other modality.

My Qigong and meditation practices were starting to have a positive impact on my sensual awareness. I would frequently feel as though I was floating as I walked, and I could sense an energetic bubbling moving through the core of my body. I purchased this piece of artwork because it came so close to depicting my experiences.

Holly: Welcome back to this guidance! Michael Singer’s book, The Surrender Experiment, is a good metaphor for what you are attempting to do. Surrender does not mean for you to give up. Be aware of what you can change and impact. Know when to give in, relax, float.

There is a calmness about you that is serving you well. No need to cling to the idea of the overexcitabilities as a hallmark of giftedness. It is possible to be calmly excited – a great oxymoron. That excited feeling is a connection to your Divine Essence, with chills, bubbles, like you experienced yesterday when you worked with a client who told you she feels like she is in the presence of an angel when she is with you. Life can be experienced while floating, connecting, expanding in energetic lightness. No need for chaotic presence. No need to prove your worth.

You are a healer. You are a healing presence. And that presence is felt by your clients. By cultivating the floating, calm, surrender, you are impacting the emotional and energetic presence of your clients. You are positively impacting the wellness of all living things as they are naturally inclined to fall into vibrational coherence.

And then, on July 14, 2019, Holly began telling me about what would eventually become The Sphere of Peace. The golden sphere in your heart’s center is the 5th dimensional healing resonance. Relax into knowing you are going to manifest a new professional and emotional reality. The next few months will be pivotal to these changes. The next day, Holly continued with the same theme by saying, Rather than merely surviving, you THRIVE on these calm, peaceful mornings. It is a feeling of deep resonance with all that is. Focusing on the golden sphere within your heart space will be a good metaphor for the 5th dimensional progression into loving oneness. Be open the many and varied ways you will receive miracles and synchronicities. On August 5th, I woke up in the morning feeling a great sense of peace. I was thinking that I was in the middle of a spectrum or grid, not experiencing anxiety…no joy…just deep serenity, and it was a kid of joy of its own. Holly replied with, so, our question to you is, might it be possible to fall into that place on the spectrum or grid when you’re not just waking up? We know this is possible, and you have felt this before. Our challenge to you is to be the awareness that recognized serenity this morning, and pay attention to how you fall into this “default mode.” This is the second day of suggesting defaults: 1) the default of loving compassion, and 2) the default of serenity. That is not to say that one should expect to be in these states 24/7. In fact, it is the expectation unfulfilled that causes suffering. But it is possible to release expectation, judging, rumination, fear, and other states of mind navigated by the egoic mind. In most instances in your life, there is nothing to experience except for the loving, compassionate serenity that is one’s default mode. Of course, there are issues beyond you that are chaotic and problems to be solved. But you can meet them from your default mode which is a much superior problem-solver. And then Holly drew out this visual of the Default Mode of Love, Compassion, Serenity (which would soon become The Sphere of Peace:

Many times, while writing in my journal, Holly would give me feedback about my ability to fall into The Sphere of Peace. Holly: It is as though you are floating on top of the water while swells lift and lower you rather than fighting the undulations and drowning from exhaustion.

Photo by Hernan Pauccara on

Do not allow the chaos of Covid, or the politics of your country, or the lack of awareness of family members and co-workers, to pull you out of your true nature, out of the calmness that rests below the surface of the anxiousness, away from the Default Mode of Love, Compassion, Serenity. When you surrender to the truth of your connection to Source Energy, or Universal Love, or God, you will come back to the bubbling spring of your true nature and Sphere of Peace. “Rest in Peace” should not be an idea saved for when you die. Rest in Peace should be your normal way of being while you are alive. Soul Bridge Coaching and Holly (June 22, 2021)

A gift of synchronicity, here is the music video, Peace, just posted on YouTube by Lee Harris and Davor Bozic.

Hardwiring Happiness: Raising Your Set Point for Joy

“I was born with a high set point for happiness.” (Goldie Hawn)

Many of you are probably too young to remember Goldie Hawn on Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In television program. She seemed to have a perpetual smile. I used to think that this was just part of her act, but I later heard an interview with her, and she said she thinks she was “born with a tickle.” This high set point for happiness has helped her through tragedy and a bout of depression earlier in her life.

I was first introduced to the idea of “hardwiring happiness” when I read the book of the same name by Rick Hanson, Senior Fellow of UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center, and New York Times best-selling author. Hanson explains the idea of hardwiring happiness by saying on his website, “Your brain has a negativity bias that makes it like Velcro for negative experiences and Teflon for positive ones. This bias evolved to help ancient animals survive, but today it makes us feel needlessly frazzled, worried, irritated, lonely, inadequate, and blue.”

Hanson suggests that we attempt to Velcro our positive experiences. He says that rather than looking at a beautiful sunset for a moment and then looking away, we should hold our gaze longer so that we can bring the positive feeling into our hearts and minds, and into our memory. Before we go to bed at night, we should try to bring back those memories.

I created a journal of the things I had seen and experienced. I drew pictures of some, and I took photos of others. I also created a memory box of letters and trinkets that reminded me of fond memories. Here is a gallery of some of the visuals I hold in my heart that help hardwire my happiness:

One of the most important aspects of the hardwiring happiness process is not about having a beautiful scrapbook, but having meaningful memories in your heart and mind. When you find yourself ruminating about a negative experience that is velcroed in your heart or mind, try bringing forward one of the happy images to replace the ruminating thought. As my spirit guide Holly reminds us:

Holly: Most of you have noticed that your news reporting is largely focused on hardwiring your brain for negativity. That night-after-night, and day-after-day, bombardment of negativity makes it difficult for viewers to experience much happiness in their waking hours. We will encourage you to take a few moments each day to hardwire your brain for happiness. Build your awareness of the beauty and wonder around you. Hold your gaze for twice as long as you normally would, and pull the feeling into your heart and mind. Just a couple of moments of happiness can’t possibly outweigh the negativity being fed you on a daily basis, but perhaps you’ll eventually choose to spend more time velcroing positive experiences than negative ones. It is really your choice. You don’t have to be a victim to the negativity of media or of others.

These two photos, of the granddaughter of a dear friend, and of my granddaughter, are part of my hardwired happiness.

We hope, for your own sake, and that of humankind, you’ll choose to be hardwired for happiness rather than despair. You haven’t all been born with Goldie Hawn’s “tickle,” but you can raise your set point for joy with the diet you feed your heart and mind. Soul Bridge Coaching and Holly (June 15, 2021)

Helping Highly Sensitive People Thrive Rather Than Merely Survive

One morning, I posed the following questions to my spirit guide Holly: “How do I limit the impact of stress in my heart due to my energetic knowing? And how do I grow my “sphere of influence” related to being Love and Light?”

Photo by Pixabay on

Holly: Be grateful that you have been chosen as a lightworker to allow great amounts of healing energy to flow through you. Use the pain you experience to be the alarm emergency workers hear to alert them that they are needed to assist others. This pain and feeling of stress is your personal alert that living things are in need of lightworkers to expand the amount of love and energetic healing on this planet. Be grateful for this opportunity to be of service. No need to worry about who or what is in need, just know you have been chosen at that moment. It is appropriate to sing, dance, pray, do energy healing, whatever you feel called to do. Angst doesn’t need angst, it needs healing – and you are an energetic healer. Some of your clients (or their parents) come to you for this reason. When you see this need in others, do not come to their level of pain or anxiety. Raise your vibration to help create an environment of love and energetic healing. When you allow the warning signal to exacerbate your own pain or anxiety, that is a reminder that you are falling into your human/empath state when you need to be raising your vibration and responding as a soulful lightworker. This will take time to master, but being aware of your reaction will be helpful!

Photo by Pixabay on
Photo by FOX on

Rather than continually telling yourselves that you are too sensitive, or that you are powerless empaths, we will tell you to see yourselves as healers. You have the ability to enhance the healing of your body, mind, and spirit. You have the ability to clear yourself of energy that is not yours. We are not saying that you should not be compassionate for the plight of others, that you should not hear the cries of the natural world. We are saying that by healing yourselves, by building your energetic presence to become the great beacons of light you are meant to be, you will show up in the world as a healing force beyond anything you have ever experienced. Words can be limiting, and stories about your limits can be even more limiting. We are calling on you to expand your self-awareness. We are calling on you to let go of limiting self-descriptions like “too sensitive.” One can be both strong and sensitive. Sensitive does not have to mean overwhelmed. We are calling on you to THRIVE rather than merely survive.

Photo by Ben Mack on

We invite each of you to show up as a beacon of light, as a healing force. It is the collective rays of sunshine that light up the world. Soul Bridge Coaching and Holly (June 8, 2021)

Be Here Now, Fully in the Experience

Whenever I hear someone talk about “being in the now,” I am reminded of Ram Das’ book. When asked what he meant when he said BE HERE NOW, he said “Being in the moment, at ease with whatever comes one’s way, becomes contentment. This practice allows me to be present to love and serve others and to express unconditional love in the world. When you are fully in the moment, this moment is all there is.”

My spirit guide Holly frequently reminds me of this concept in messages like this one:

February 13, 2017: When you found that your watch battery had apparently died and then started up again, Spirit was reminding you to live in the NOW. Do not race so far into the future. This is the only time that is real – NOW. Every time you look at your watch, you will be reminded of this. Planning is important, but now is where all of living takes place. Do not put off taking care of your body, mind, spirit.

March 1, 2017: You have already learned to slow down, experience joy, feel alive, and now that will be enhanced. You feel a bit “floaty” right now, and that is a good sign. Do not grasp, worry, fear. Allow the pineal gland to work its magic. You will experience just how divine this life is. Life at an advanced level is Love. There are struggles where you are — people are acting from fear and contraction. You are going to step out of this fear and into the reality of pure Love. Do not fear losing the life you have. The Love is already here — just step into it, bathe in it, be it.

Photo by Elly Fairytale on

My husband was a wide receiver at UCLA, so his body got banged up quite a bit during practices and games. The result has been osteoarthritis and multiple joint replacements. And those surgeries have sometimes required revisions and re-hospitalizations. More than twenty years ago, when he required a heart valve repair, my brain was full of all kinds of worries and what-ifs, and the anxiety before the surgery was almost more than I could bear. What I have learned during the past two decades, and my husband’s dozen hospitalizations, is that being in the NOW is the only place to be. I now allow all things to unfold as they will, and the support and guidance I need to navigate the challenging times is always there for me. On the other hand, when I worry into the future, I am always doing that worrying on my own, with no support.

UCLA 45 – USC 20, November 1970

Whatever challenges you are facing, remember that it is in the NOW that you get the most support from friends, family, and Spirit. Worrying about future events is seldom helpful, and may serve to deplete your emotional resources. Soul Bridge Coaching and Holly (June 2, 2021)

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