Tapping Into the Collective Wisdom

Over the past few months, my spirit guide Holly has been suggesting that humans have the ability to communicate with those who have “crossed over” in far greater ways than I had imagined. She tells me that this is not just about communicating with friends and loved ones who have died, but also with others who are willing to support our personal and professional lives. I allowed that concept to settle in, and she showed me ways to support my clients in this process. Once I felt comfortable with this new possibility, Holly began to tell me about the Collective Wisdom. Here is what Holly told me about tapping into that deep knowing:

Holly: We realize you are curious to know more about the Collective Wisdom. It is the “Oneness,” the “One Mind,” of soulful knowing. It is the aspect of soulful evolution that has been enabling the inventions, creations, discoveries that you see impacting every aspect of your life. All creative geniuses have what some would call “muses.” While they may have an intellectual capacity that is beyond that of the average person, they also have the ability to tap into the Collective Wisdom. As you have seen firsthand, in the more than 40 years of working with gifted children and adults, communication beyond the veil has a profound impact on the personal and professional lives of these people.

Photo by Suzy Hazelwood on Pexels.com

We have been teaching you to communicate with us, and now you are ready to tap into the greater Collective Wisdom for your personal and professional expansion, as well as for the expansion of your clients. We are not saying that you will be able to tap into Einstein to help yourself become an accomplished physicist, as this is not your area of expertise nor interest. However, we could help you gain insights from Einstein that would help you guide a physicist to this impactful communication in the same way Einstein called on the Collective Wisdom for inspiration and guidance.

For your clients with profound giftedness and multipotentiality, we are encouraging you to teach them to reach out for guidance from a variety of creative geniuses in their varied fields of interest. There are already many creative individuals who are acting as conduits of the Collective Wisdom. Playwrights are seeing scenes unfold in their mind’s eye. Composers are tapping into their clairaudience to hear aspects of the music they will later compose.

Photo by Samuel Silitonga on Pexels.com

We would say that more people can have these creative breakthroughs if they will clear their thinking, drop into a place of peace and calm, and call on the Collective Wisdom to answer a question or show a vision. It is, in fact, possible to call on individual creative geniuses for support. The response may be immediate, but, more often, the response will be given piece by piece as the individual is better prepared for the inspiration or wisdom to be utilized. And this wisdom download will continue to build upon itself as the individual learns to drop into the quiet, peaceful body and mind. This is the same process we have used with you to get you to this point of soul bridging, and we are now adding the additional layer of connecting to individual creative geniuses within the Collective Wisdom. You are capable of making these connections and helping others do the same.

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May each of you develop a relationship with the Collective Wisdom. You do not need to be profoundly gifted to make this connection. Humanity, and the planet that is trying its best to sustain you, will benefit from that relationship. Soul Bridge Coaching and Holly, October 12, 2021

Synchronicities IV: Allow, and Let it Go

The words to the song from Frozen rang in my ears: Let it go, let it go, Can’t hold it back anymore. While my spirit guide Holly has spoken to me in song prior to this (Everything Comes with a Vibration, Part II – She Comes With Songs), this synchronicity was different because it was multifaceted and took place across a week’s time.

It started with a morning journal message from my spirit guide Holly: The message this morning is Let Go! Let go of any pull to egoic endeavors: Instagram followers, how many read our blog. This is not part of the 80% divine of which Anita Moorjani speaks in her book, Sensitive is the New Strong: The Power of Empaths in an Increasingly Harsh World. When you care about who and how many read our posts, you have lost the true meaning of our visual, spiritual memoir. Instagram serves no purpose to you but to deplete your energy, so it should be eliminated. You don’t need the memes of others, and they equally don’t need yours.

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So I disabled my account. I saw there was a “love” heart symbol, and I had a pull to see who it was, but I LET GO of the account without looking to see who had liked my post. I knew looking would be a slippery slope.

But that was not the end of Holly’s obsession with Letting Go. Two days later, Holly was back at it: This is the beginning of a big change for you. Today you and your husband return to a more normal schedule as the grandkids return to school, and you have mornings free. You two have done an amazing job this past 17 months of helping with remote schooling, and now it is time for you to unwind and rejuvenate. You have managed to remain in the Sphere of Peace most of this time, and now you must continue to focus on LETTING GO in all of its iterations. Let go of clothes you don’t wear, of toys, of EXPECTATIONS. Read more books. Play more games. Laugh. Relax.

Another two days passed, and it was the anniversary of my mother’s passing. I was hoping to have a visitation from a bird or some other miracle, but Holly was interested in telling me about JUST ALLOWING to be my default mode:

Holly: Just allow your psychic gifts to be open and available. You spoke of the love guru, Amma, and how she allows Source Love to flow through her. That is what her smile and joy represent. So, too, can you feel that joy. We will encourage you to ALLOW Source Love to emanate through every pore of your human form. You and your soul friend speak of a lighthouse, and we would say you are a beacon of Universal Light and Love. Here is how you do that. Get yourself to rest in the Sphere of Peace. Dip into that feeling of calm so that it is palpable and expansive. While resting in Peace, become aware of Universal Love that is Omnipresent. In any moment, allow it to wash over and through you. We will say that you will become aware of a visceral knowing that you have felt the deep and wondrous Love previously. Once it is easy to access the Love, you will forever be able to be a conduit of Source Love. May you be a fountain of Love and Light.

The thought of being a fountain of Love caused a visceral response, and I was ready to put it into action. That same evening, while working with a Soul Bridge Coaching client, I had a visceral synchronicity that was significant and highly impactful. As I was speaking with my client, I spoke to her about loving communication, whether or not we love the other person. I mentioned to her Holly’s suggestion of allowing love to flow down and through us like a waterfall or a fountain. At that same moment, my mala necklace broke, and its small beads flowed down the front of my body. It was the perfect synchronicity that provided me with the physical, visceral metaphor for allowing love to flow down and through me, too. Rather than being unhappy that this special necklace had frayed, I was overjoyed by the magical experience. I was especially happy to have shared the experience with this client.

I went online to find a replacement mala, and was immediately attracted to an aquamarine necklace. When I read the healing properties of aquamarine, it should come as no surprise that it said: Aquamarine is associated with trusting and letting go. This new mala will be a physical reminder of Holly’s magnificent guidance and of my desire to be a beacon of Love and Light.

And this week-long journey into letting go came to a conclusion when I was meeting with a healer about my significant issues with clairsentience. He told me that I am having pre-cognizant knowing and that I should keep a journal in which I write down my episodes of clairsentience, and then I should…sure enough…LET IT GO!!

So here I am, a week later, with the words let it go from Frozen stuck in my head, looking forward to another song to take its place. Perhaps I can find a way to get Holly to replace it with the lyrics just dance in the living room from the song Only Human by the Jonas Brothers. But, if Anita Moorjani is right, and we are 80% divine and only 20% human, I doubt that Holly will communicate with me through that song.

Photo by Dylan on Pexels.com

May each of you experience the Universal Love that is waiting to be recognized by you. We are each conduits, and it is up to us what we ALLOW to emanate from us. We hope you choose to be beacons of Love and Light. Soul Bridge Coaching and Holly, October 5, 2021

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Everything Carries a Vibration: Part II – She Comes With Songs

My spirit guide Holly usually communicates with me through claircognizance or in our shared journal. But a few months ago, she changed things up and started coming with musical phrases from two different songs: “I’m picking up good vibrations,” and “Sold my soul to the company store.” It wasn’t hard to know what Holly was trying to tell me. Since the beginning of the Covid pandemic in early 2020, we had been having most of our groceries delivered through one company, and we also bought most of our other necessities through that company, too. In fact, we were purchasing things that weren’t necessities because it became easier and easier to go online and know most items would be delivered within a couple of days. But by early June, when my husband and I were fully vaccinated, and local businesses were opening their doors to customers, Holly became insistent about the choices we were making and the “vibrations” those choices were having on our community and our personal well-being. Holly showed me how far too many of us had “sold our souls to the company store,” and the result of that sell-out for our personal convenience was that local bookstores, pharmacies, clothing stores, etc., were struggling to stay afloat in many communities. Holly convinced me that all of us who love our communities need to be a part of the healing and rebuilding of local businesses. I went to our local bookstore, Chevalier’s Books, and purchased several books. This bookstore was established in 1940, and I want to make sure I do my part in supporting its mission for our community.

Holly: This is how you follow your own path. It isn’t about convincing anyone else to agree with you, it is about what vibration you pick up and give off. If it no longer vibrates with you, make a change. Everything has a vibration, and in some cases you have a choice. This is one of those cases. You created good vibrations by paying for a membership at your local bookstore. The extra money it will cost for the books you purchase there (rather than from the company store) will be easily absorbed into your budget, and it will support a local business. Pay attention to what you value, and then put your money, your support, your attention, and your vibration, in that direction.

Photo by Skylar Kang on Pexels.com

Every word you speak, every food you eat, every choice you make, carries a vibration. It might be difficult to completely unsnarl yourself from the company store, but conscious choices have the potential to create a collective of good vibrations. Soul Bridge Coaching and Holly, September 28, 2021

Everything Carries a Vibration: Part I – Sensitive Receivers

Fully Rooted and Reaching for the Stars

A few months ago, I was curious as to why my spirit guide Holly had been pointing me in the direction of trees. As is often the case in our relationship, Holly will bring my attention to an idea or learning, and when it is a really important concept, she will become insistent with claircognizance and synchronicities. (Here are previous posts about synchronicities: Synchronicities I: Soulful Love Does Not Die, Synchronicities II: What’s in a Name?, Synchronicities III: Invitations for Soul Family Reunions)

Holly: It will be good for you to take the time to focus on the metaphor of the trees. You have been surrounded by them, drawn to them, grown and nurtured them, yet, you have failed to see the metaphor for your own existence.

I looked around our apartment and was surprised by all the ways I have surrounded myself with tree images. But what was Holly trying to tell me?

Holly led me to the book, Metaphors in Mind: Transformation Through Symbolic Modelling by James Lawley and Penny Tompkins. I downloaded a few sample chapters, and there, in the foreword by David Grove (notice the reference to trees even in the man’s last name – spirit guides can be very clever), was a reference to the tree metaphor. Grove says, “During the light of day a tree absorbs carbon dioxide through its leaves. Then at night, during the dark phase of photosynthesis, the carbon dioxide molecule is separated into one carbon atom and two oxygen atoms. The tree releases the oxygen atoms back into the air and forms the carbon atoms into a six carbon simple sugar ring which is a building block for cellulose. The hidden beauty in this system is the deconstruction, release and recombination of basic elements from one structure to another. The mass and structure of the tree is the result of this mysterious process.”

As I thought about why I had been led to that book, to that introduction, I realized that Holly was trying to tell me, once again, about self-care and self-nourishment. Although trees are doing us a great service by giving off oxygen, that oxygen is a by-product of what the tree considers to be its waste. We are the recipients of a great gift because the tree knows how to take care of itself. It keeps the resources it needs, and discards the rest. Now came the tricky part. How would I live out the metaphor of the tree in a way that served me first and also nourished others?

Holly: You are beginning to realize one of the most important metaphors of your life! The title of this post, Fully Rooted and Reaching for the Stars, refers to the two aspects of yourself, fully human and fully divine, the topic of a previous post. By taking care of the human aspect of yourself, by rooting deeply into this human body, there is a greater chance of you reaching the potential, the true essence, of why you have embodied yet again. When you are doing your morning qigong practice, Lee Holden invites you into the Embracing the Tree pose. He suggests you breathe through every cell of your body just as a tree breathes through each of its leaves. We will invite you to express gratitude for your body, for the tree you are inhabiting. It is through this precious body that you are learning life’s greatest lessons.

And as synchronicity would have it, after finishing this post, I began reading Wendy De Rosa’s book, Becoming an Empowered Empath: How to Clear Energy, Set Boundaries & Embody Your Intuition. There, in chapter five, Grounding Your Energetic Anatomy, is a drawing of a person meditating with a tree trunk and roots coming out of the “root chakra.” De Rosa suggests that this “grounding cord is a channel of energy that connects your body to the center of the earth.” It is this grounding that results in “an incredible sense of calm and clarity.” Once again, Holly is leading me toward a path of greater self-understanding and well-being, and I will take this journey.

Like a tree, be rooted deeply enough so you are not easily blown off course, and flexible enough so you do not break from the winds of change. Nourish yourself so you are able to branch out and reach for the stars. Soul Bridge Coaching and Holly, September 21, 2021

Oxymorons and the Cobblestones of Our Lives

Have you ever noticed patterns in your life that are oxymorons: a figure of speech made of two separate concepts that appear to be contradictory but come together in a new and more powerful way? On August 19, 2019, I was on day 74 of my attempt to do 365 days of guided writing with my spirit guide Holly. I wrote this comment: I took five minutes of quiet, peaceful meditation to open my chakras. During that time, I thought that maybe I didn’t need to communicate with my guides every morning. Today is Day 74, and I can sense how much has changed as far as maintaining peace as my default, and enjoying so many messages from Holly was a natural way of interacting with this life. But, I will try to keep my commitment to this 365 day journey. Here was Holly’s response:

Holly: You have craved change in some ways in your life while simultaneously needing stability. STABLE-CHANGING is the oxymoron of your life. The greatest stability in your life has been with your husband who you married when you were just 21. That stability has supported aspects of yourself that simultaneously crave change. You changed your teaching position every one to three years for the majority of your career. You have tried out many healing modalities and healers. You have been willing to leave LA for Eugene, give up a home for an apartment, and then return to LA after 35 years in Eugene. Yet, you don’t like to travel because your high sensitivities often cause you to lose your stability. Wherever you live, you like to make it home, and you prefer to stay there rather than travel. You like to feel safe physically and psychologically, while at the same time you have taken professional risks. You are now entering another “letting go.” You are preparing to let go of the profession you have known the past seven years. You are letting go of the guidance of a spiritual teacher. And you are getting yourself ready for the next professional shift that is going to take place. At the same time, you are falling deeper and deeper into the calm and safety and stability of your Sphere of Peace. The oxymoron of your life, stable-changing, continues. See this post for more on The Sphere of Peace.

While I didn’t know then that the professional changes Holly was referring to would end up becoming Soul Bridge Coaching, I trusted her, and I did maintain that commitment to our 365 days of guided writing. And to this day, although I miss a day or two of our co-journaling from time to time, I have continued my commitment to this process for the past two years. That commitment and those conversations are the basis of this Soul Bridge Coaching blog site. Holly has taught me not to judge myself against anyone else. She has shown me that due to the many and varied aspects of my physical, psychological, social, emotional, and situational experiences, I come out as a unique being who does not need to fit into any idealization of “normalcy.”

And Holly’s suggestions about a professional change continued to find their way into our conversations. I started learning (with Holly) how to be a bridge between clients and their own spirit guides. It started with journaled writing as Holly and I had done for more than a year, and then it grew to spoken channeling of spirit guides and Holly, and I was simply a translator of those communications. And just this year, Holly encouraged me to create this site so we could share our wondrous relationship. On May 27, 2021, I wrote, I understand why you wanted me to slowly type up these conversations. There is so much I don’t remember of our previous conversations, and it is nice to return to your words. I especially enjoy grouping our conversations into themes. And this was Holly’s response:

Holly: While it will be nice to have others read these posts, it is not about amassing a large following. If one person reads a post and is moved, that is a ripple put out energetically for good. But the main reason to create these posts is for your soulful evaluation. Each post necessitates that you re-read these passages, and with each re-read, you absorb another gem. In the midst of day-to-day living, you lose the awareness of your own soulful evolution. This is a reminder — your own spiritual and pictorial memoir. All events, even the most painful, lose their negative hold, because each is a cobblestone laying the path you’ve taken toward today.

Photo by Daria Shevtsova on Pexels.com

We will encourage our readers to begin their own practice of journeying through their life’s experiences and through the oxymorons of their lives to appreciate the cobblestones that make up the path they have been creating. Soul Bridge Coaching and Holly (September 14, 2021)

Heart Chakra Work: Opening and Closing Like a Sea Anemone

It seems I was born with the idea that I was supposed to take away the pain and suffering of others. Some may call this being an empath, but, as I now see it, I was misunderstanding my soul’s purpose. About a decade ago, I had the feeling that my heart chakra had shut down because I wasn’t having wondrous heart-opening experiences that I had read about. In fact, the predominate feeling I was receiving through my heart was pain. A few months ago, after a particularly difficult day in which I was feeling the heart pain experienced by someone I care about deeply, my spirit guide Holly had these words of wisdom for me:

Holly: You have had a focus on trying to open your heart for more than a decade. You were drawn to the piece of pottery of the open-hearted woman, hoping that by seeing it each day, your heart would open, too.

You have practiced open-hearted meditation. You have brought your hands to your heart when you communicate with us. You once had energy work by a highly intuitive healer, and she questioned why you thought your heart wasn’t already open. We will tell you that your heart chakra is, in fact, TOO OPEN. The clairsentience issues that have caused you distress are due to a heart wide open with greater concern for others than for yourself. It is time to experience the ability of the heart chakra to be gracefully flexible as it appropriately opens and closes. You have been searching for a way to feel your heart opening — but it was already in the open state. It will take time to bring all your chakras to their natural states of flexibly (and appropriately) opening and closing. The result of a heart that opens and closes like a sea anemone is that you will feel the wondrous opening as the unfolding of the lotus, rising from the mud. And when the heart-opening experience has passed for that moment, your heart chakra will appropriately settle into homeostasis — relaxed in a state of calm with a memory of what caused the opening and expansion. This, truly, is the path to hardwiring happiness. (See post on Hardwiring Happiness.)

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I wondered why I hadn’t gotten this guidance earlier in my life. Holly had this to say: Certainly you have heard the saying, “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.” The intuitive healer tried to tell you, but you were so determined to experience the wide open heart, you didn’t believe your heart was already open; but the pain you were experiencing was from the too wide open heart of the empath. So, here you are now, ready to learn to keep all your chakras opening and closing in ways that are healthy and helpful. Stop searching for the perfect heart-opening routine, and allow experiences to flow into your life in the same way the ocean waters flow into and around the sea anemone. And notice how, without having to think about it, your heart will experience expansion in a very natural way, and the pain you have been experiencing will occur less often as you will no longer be taking on the pain of others.

As you can see from this piece of artwork that hangs in our bedroom, the heart chakra is like a blooming lotus, like a graceful sea anemone. Notice, too the calm serenity of the surrounding clouds. The heart chakra represents “I LOVE.” It does not represent I FEEL YOUR PAIN. Soul Bridge Coaching and Holly, September 7, 2021.

Everything Carries a Vibration: Part I – Sensitive Receivers

July 13, 2019, I was on day 37 of my 365 days of journaling with my spirit guide Holly. She opened the conversation with the following words:

Photo by Darius Krause on Pexels.com

Holly: Such a feeling of peace and calm this morning. Recognizing when you fall into this space is important, and so is recognizing when you are in a space of dis-ease. Your planet holds so many gifts and natural wonders. Do not take your opportunity for granted. If you can see beyond the traffic to the sights — natural and man-made — the many wonders of your planet…if you can hear the sounds beyond the din of modern life…if you can feel the coolness of the morning, warmth of the afternoon, breezes with weather changesyou will have a greater opportunity to appreciate being alive here and now. And you are aware of your capacity to experience Love, as a giver and as a receiver.

Everything carries an energetic vibration. Highly sensitive people are exquisite receivers of this energy, although they aren’t always aware of what they are picking up, and that energetic reception can sometimes cause pain and disorientation. It is as though they are shape-shifters who unwittingly become their dominant energetic experience. It can be confusing and difficult to be this sensitive receiver. You, too, are a receiver, and your next challenge will be to translate the energetic experience to a modality that is easier for you to understand. Once you are highly attuned to the meanings of your experiences, you will be better able to find meaning rather than suffering from these energetic vibrations. Make note of differing vibrations and resulting experiences as a way to catalogue your energetic awareness.

Photo by Jose Antonio Gallego Vu00e1zquez on Pexels.com

This guidance made great sense to me. Just ten days prior, I was taken to the emergency room with debilitating vertigo that prevented me from being able to even rise from the floor on my own. After a CT scan and other tests, the doctor said it was “idiopathic.” In other words, there was no apparent reason for this significant issue. Then, just 24 hours later, there was a 6.4 earthquake 150 miles northeast of Los Angeles. I wondered, at the time, if the vertigo had been a case of “presentience,” and here Holly was letting me know that being highly-attuned was resulting in this suffering. She was encouraging me to raise my awareness and find meaning in ways other than physical suffering. This was going to be a pivotal guidance as other catastrophes such as mass shootings, wildfires, and tsunamis had also been received by my human body as physical distress.

Two days later, there was a larger 7.1 earthquake in the same area as the 6.4.

Holly: We have a message for you this morning. We think you have a misunderstanding about our guidance. We do not create your dizziness or burning — those are Earthly communications you are picking up. It is part of your exquisite sensitivity, and these are not messages being sent to you in particular. You are able to sense Earth changes. When you ask to receive messages in another way, it is part of your journey to develop other ways of perceiving. As with any other skill that does not come naturally, or easily, you will need to cultivate that way of knowing. It will take a greater awareness. You know that when you are in a state of overwhelm, you perceive less. Try to find opportunities for calm, quiet reflection.

Photo by Monstera on Pexels.com

We will encourage those of you who are similarly sensitive to energetic vibration to work with your guides to help you develop ways of knowing that won’t negatively impact your pain-body. There is so much to be learned from your Earthly journey, and your ability to find meaning from these vibrations will be helpful for you and your planet. Soul Bridge Coaching and Holly, August 31, 2021

Spirit Guidance about Truth and Dare

The headline of the Los Angeles Times read: “Peace with Honor” – 1975

In my journal of October 2019, I was struggling with the concept of TRUTH. There had been so many times in the past 65+ years when I had to question the “official” depiction of the truth. This photo (taken at the Los Angeles National Cemetery) at the end of the Vietnam War, was one of those times. My spirit guide Holly responded with the question, WHOSE TRUTH? These are daring, challenging times because it is difficult (at times) to discern the Truth. I sat down to have a journaled conversation with Holly.

Photo by Julia Filirovska on Pexels.com

Holly: You were shocked when you heard the question of “whose truth,” as though there is only one truth. But the nature of people and the structure and utilization of the brain is such that your realities are not a singular given. Your observations, your values, your histories, your traumas, your educations, your indoctrinations, prevent people from having a singular, unified reality or truth. You know this to be true, because even among three siblings, you did not hold a singular view of your upbringing. Yet each of you believed your story to be the truth. We will say that you should dare to broaden your understanding beyond your own small world and “reality.” It is through your expanded understanding that you might better grasp this idea of multiple truths. When we share our guided understanding with you, that is also limited in many ways. We use names and experiences that relate to you as the “bridge” or “channel.” What you share with others is limited by your own experiences and understandings so that you are better able to communicate our messages. Getting back to your current experiences on Earth, you are seeing everything through a limited lens that is focused through the media you attend to. On another side of the world, and even through a different media perspective, the big issues and “truth” may have a vastly different spin. A tendency toward egocentric thinking makes each person believe their truth.

On October 15, 2019, Holly warned me that the United States was having a truth problem.

Holly: Your country is having a mirror held up to itself, and what you are seeing will further polarize your citizens. While a portion of the citizens are hoping that a revelation of the truth will unify the country, it appears, once again, there is no singular truth, and each side will seek to prove the validity of their claims.

She even suggested that “a mob, even those in Congress, will fight as hard as possible to protect their status quo as the people who hold the power.” Just in the way hindsight has allowed me to see Holly’s prophecy about the deadliness of Covid, so, too, do her “mob” comments read true 18 months later.

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

We dare you to listen to the “truths” others espouse. It is only through the listening to the stories, the pains, the fear, and the singular reality of others, that you will get closer to understanding the Truth(s). Soul Bridge Coaching and Holly, August 24, 2021

Dear Spirit Guide…

October 13, 2019, I was writing a note to my spirit guide Holly, telling her my view of our channeled conversations with the spirit guides of my clients: I get such joy out of channeling guided conversations for others. It is as though I am doing work for the Higher Good. It is an opportunity to get out of my thinking mind and into deep, peaceful awareness. This morning, Holly explained that prophecy is not guided through me. Rather than future knowing, this guidance is for learning lessons and living our best selves now. I am aware of issues my clients deal with now, but not how they will turn out years from now.

Holly: Yes, you are a teacher and a guide. You have talked about your sensitivities as though you are covered with antennae. You are able to pick up so much information that is instantly synthesized into a deep knowing about the people you are with. You are learning to protect yourself so that the “vibes” you receive are translated into the Higher Good. Your abilities are highly unique and are valued by those who know you and have benefited from your guidance. Be prepared, as more people experience this gift, they will want to receive more. We do not give you this warning in a negative sense, rather, to let you know this is not a fleeting experience for you. The more you channel guided conversations, the more subtle will be your knowing, and the results will be beneficial to you and your clients. You are now experiencing your gift being honed. While it would be natural to encourage others to channel for themselves, do not discount your profound gift and how your suggestion might lead others to frustration at their inability to communicate in this way.

Photo by Ben Mack on Pexels.com

Holly’s guidance was so valuable for me to learn because (as she knew) I had been suggesting to my clients that they could communicate with their own guides. As it turned out, this was often an exercise in frustration for most of my clients because the messages did not flow to these clients. I now know that my clients need to expand their awareness in order to get messages through automatic writing, images, auditory experiences, cognitive knowing, etc. And this usually takes time and practice before it can be received easily. One technique that is proving useful for our sessions is for my clients and I to do simultaneous guided writing. As they write to their guides, Holly and I are doing the same thing. At the end of about 10 minutes, we share our writing with each other. It has proven to be an interesting experience for all of us.

One of the many journals Holly and I have used for our guided conversations.

We know there are many ways to receive messages from your spirit guides. Please feel free to share your strategies in the comments section. This human experience is about individuation, so there are a multitude of ways one can communicate with Spirit. Your life will be forever changed by this soulful relationship. Soul Bridge Coaching and Holly, August 17, 2021

Hope is the Heartbeat of the Soul

When I first heard Craig Holliday interviewed on Buddha at the Gas Pump (BATGAP), I knew I needed to read his book, Fully Human Fully Divine: Awakening to Our Innate Beauty Through Embracing Our Humanity. In this book, he tells us that we need to embrace all aspects of our life in order to find our freedom and our Divine Nature. It was while I was reading this book that I had a deep conversation with my spirit guide, Holly. I was having a significant issue with clairsentience, and I wanted to understand how it related to the idea of being fully human and fully divine.

Holly: You have a unique guidance system that can detect universal stress. This is not how you personally are feeling. It is part of the non-dual perspective. Now you need to see the reality of being fully human and fully divine. Yes, you can sense the whole, the Oneness, but that does not mean that you, as a singular being is the place from where the chaos, dis-ease emanates. When you experience the dis-ease of the whole, rather than retreating into self-protection, send Loving Light into the whole. Fear can create a disequilibrium, and that is being felt by the sensitives such as yourself. Do not misinterpret that fear as arising from within your being. You are picking this up from the Universal Awareness. See this as your gift. Your way of knowing. No need to worry about WHY there is such fear — just focus on Love and Light. It is what the world will need. There are many of you who are receiving these messages, and you struggle in various ways. But you are all part of the Whole, and no one of you is expected to heal the world. The world is as it should be, and you must learn to focus your heart on Love and Light. If you don’t, you will continue to suffer. Can you imagine a gift that cues you in as a reminder that you need to Love and Shine? You are the canary in the mine, and you have always been. You have known things before others have. You are not here to be a creator, nor anything else you might have believed. You are here to Love and Shine, and your clients have known this. They just want to be in your Loving Presence. Now it is time for you to send out love each time you meditate, and each time you interact with others, and each time you look for a cause of discomfort in your pain body.

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You have looked for meaning that will last a lifetime, and here it is. It is beyond the ego, as you will receive no recognition for your efforts, nor should you. This Love will be focused broadly at times and toward individuals at others. When you feel the discomforting knowing of the heart, or other aspects of the pain body, you will send Light and Love to those who will be most impacted by the fear and desperation. When you witness an individual who is suffering, you will light up and send Love in that direction. You are not being asked to take on the suffering of another. You are offering them Hope through Universal Love.

You have been chosen for this role, and you have been tested. Now you need to focus on this role you have been given. It needs to be a priority for the sake of your health and for the Universal you that is suffering.

Holly suddenly had me write the words HEARTBEAT OF THE SOUL on my paper. I quickly looked it up on the internet, and I found this quote by Michelle Horst: “Hope is the heartbeat of the soul.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Holly: Your Love and Light will be providing the world HOPE. That is the missing element on a micro and macro level. We are talking about the Hope of Love and Light that should they fill human spirit, the tide will turn. It will take time for enough people to light up and Love, but once enough of you make this your life’s meaning, Hope will be the heartbeat of the Universal Soul. Please know you are loved dearly and supported completely.

These can be the best moments of your life if you learn to be fully human and fully divine. It is what helps you experience your fullness. Too much time in the higher realms robs you of the human experience, and forgetting about your connection to Energetic Source robs you of another truth about who you are. So here you will find yourself, in the perfect nexus of human-divinity. Yes…the best moments of your life. Soul Bridge Coaching and Holly (August 10, 2021)

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