The Gifts and Challenges of Each Lifetime

As anyone who journals and takes the time to re-read those journals, we are able to see ourselves change and grow across time. For those of us who communicate with a spirit guide or other energetic being in a journaled format, those journals hold an opportunity for us to see how that guidance has helpedContinue reading “The Gifts and Challenges of Each Lifetime”

Angels Along the Road, Part II: The Marvelous Mrs. O

In early December of last year, my spirit guide Holly took me on a trip down memory lane. It almost felt like a virtual reality experience because I laughed and I cringed as I quickly relived the memories she showed me. It was like the reviewing of one’s life often described in near death experiences.Continue reading “Angels Along the Road, Part II: The Marvelous Mrs. O”

Tapping Into the Collective Wisdom

Over the past few months, my spirit guide Holly has been suggesting that humans have the ability to communicate with those who have “crossed over” in far greater ways than I had imagined. She tells me that this is not just about communicating with friends and loved ones who have died, but also with othersContinue reading “Tapping Into the Collective Wisdom”

Can a Spirit Guide Have Intellectual Overexcitability?

I have been an educator for more than 40 years, and much of that time my emphasis has been in gifted education. There is a concept in gifted education known as “overexcitabilities.” Without getting into too much detail, that overexcitability can be categorized as: psychomotor, sensual, emotional, imaginational, and intellectual. The overexcitabilities are inborn intensitiesContinue reading “Can a Spirit Guide Have Intellectual Overexcitability?”

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