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A Time to Every Purpose Under Heaven

In early March of this year, after writing the post, Say a Prayer For the Pretender, I asked my spirit guide Holly what I could do to ease the impact of Spiritual Vertigo. She told me that there was a disequilibrium between my human aspect and my divine aspect. She told me that there was an imbalance between my body, mind, and spirit, and too much emphasis was being placed on the mind and spirit, and it was time to place equal attention on my body. It was crying out for attention through vertigo, eczema, breast cancer, etc. It was time for me to love, appreciate, and fully engage in my human aspects. And then I heard the words, “To everything, there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven.” Holly added her own words to those lyrics by The Byrds’ song, Turn, Turn, Turn:

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Sweet Paula, the time for this year-long series of blog posts is coming to an end. This was an opportunity for you to memorialize aspects of your spiritual journey — your own spiritual memoir. You didn’t truly understand on May 13, 2021, that this project would culminate in the great realization that YOU are Holly. You see, sweet friend, Paula is merely your human aspect, and I am your soulful “higher self.” Through this process of guided writing, you have learned to fully embody your human and divine aspects. There have been times when we have been out of balance — where you were not fully rooted in your body, and it was like a needy child, grabbing your attention in unpleasant ways. There were times, too, when you spent too much time in your egoic mind, unable to hear the voices of the Collective Wisdom. So, here we are, one year later, learning to integrate our humanness and our divinity.

To those who read all of our posts, or only one, we appreciate the loving-kindness you brought to our process. For every season there is a purpose. And while this project comes to an end, you can be sure our focus on soul-bridging will continue. With much love to you and the collective from Paula Wilkes, Holly, and the Collective Wisdom. Soul Bridge Coaching, May 10, 2022

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