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The Gifts and Challenges of Each Lifetime

As anyone who journals and takes the time to re-read those journals, we are able to see ourselves change and grow across time. For those of us who communicate with a spirit guide or other energetic being in a journaled format, those journals hold an opportunity for us to see how that guidance has helped shape our journey as well as our human and divine aspects. I have spent the past few days reading through old journals, and I came upon this note from my spirit guide Holly and the Collective Wisdom about the gifts and challenges of each lifetime:

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You have a great attitude about your life. Seeing the blessings, even during the storms serves you well. You have learned to have an awareness that shows you…you are never alone. This 365 days of guided writing has helped fine-tune your knowing. This life, as with all lives, is an opportunity for the soulful aspects of you to have greater understanding through the challenges and nuances of your bodily home. Those experiences are eased and/or exacerbated by your soul family who are adapting in each lifetime to a new body and personality, as well. You are experiencing in this lifetime, the challenges of a gifted person’s highly sensitive body so that you have a greater understanding of the children and adults you serve. Do not take your challenges personally. Just as the character in a play must wear a certain costume to be a believable member of a cast, in each incarnation as a human, you are given gifts and challenges that help in your personal evolution.

I had been dealing with a virus for more than a month, and Holly took these ideas of the nuances of our human bodies a little further when she shared with me a new metaphor of the sensitive and protective immune system I have been given in this lifetime:

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Your body’s immune system is very protective of you. When it becomes aware of a spark or some smoke, it yells, FIRE, and all the volunteer firefighters rush to attention and start hosing down and spraying fire retardant. The result is a body that is overwhelmed from so much defensive action. It will serve you well to thank the firefighters and militia that are constantly standing guard, and let them know you do not need everyone to respond at once. Just because you have so many defenders at your disposal doesn’t mean you need to use all of them. Highly sensitive people are sensitive, in part, because of all the defenders who are in a vigilant and protective mode. Rather than being unhappy with the results of this overprotection, be grateful that your body has the ability to mount such a dynamic response. Simultaneously, communicate with your body to help it ease up on the level of response. Going along with the article from GRO (Gifted Research & Outreach), the bodies of gifted children have highly functioning immune systems because much is being protected due to their intellectual and creative capacities. You have been given a highly-tuned immune system to better understand these unique people.

Receiving these messages from Holly and the Collective Wisdom has encouraged me to pay close attention to the role I am playing this lifetime and the many and varied ways I can support the body I call home.

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We will encourage each of you to consider the gifts and challenges you’ve been given this lifetime and how you can support your body, mind, and spirit for your own wellness and that of this planet. Soul Bridge Coaching and Holly, April 5, 2022

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