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Rise and Bring Your Head Above the Water, Yet Again

I was reading through journals I have kept with my spirit guide Holly, and I came upon one from from December 9, 2019. I was wondering about all the health issues and family traumas that had taken place in the previous three years. Holly began with this response:

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The traumas and health issues aren’t about something you could have done better. You are being shown your ability to continually rise and bring your head above the surface of the water. For much of your life, you had felt “less than” and very vulnerable. You are being shown your true strength and connection to Source. In spite of all the challenges you have faced, you rise. It is about the rising and about the connection to Love, and Grace, and Compassion that are never lost. And in the midst of the many challenges, you realize just how fortunate you are. Even this morning, you feel yourself being held in the Sphere of Peace. One should not expect to live a life free of pain or challenges, even when one prays or meditates or lives a “good life.” You are learning how to live an appreciative life, even when things are messy. There is nothing to bemoan, nothing to feel self-pity about. You are among the luckiest people who have found a joy-filled life in the midst of the chaos and messiness that is the human experience. You are choosing to feel it fully and not use spiritual by-passing to obscure the truth about a life well-lived. Much is to be learned from the challenges and the gifts. This is the human experience.

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The re-reading of Holly’s guidance is particularly powerful for me as I journey through another challenge along this journey. Less than two months ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I am so grateful to have developed such a powerful and nourishing relationship with Holly and the Collective Wisdom, and I have been able to fall back on their wisdom. It was by their urging, in fact, that I had a mammogram, and I was not surprised by the diagnosis. They had prepared me for this, as well. Following the call with the pathology results, this was the message from Holly and the Collective Wisdom:

You are interested in learning as much as possible about your options. This, in fact, is what will help you through this process. Do not feel pressured by any doctor to make an immediate decision. Gather together all the facts you can. Fear is a normal reaction to hearing a diagnosis of breast cancer. We will encourage you to stay in the Now rather than catastrophizing about possible future events. Allow breast cancer to be the reality now, but also let it go, too. You are so much more than this diagnosis, and it is important for you to live out your soul work as a bridge to Love and the Divine.

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We will encourage each of you to see the gifts and challenges of your life as part of the human experience designed to help you grow and flourish. Some of you will meet your own spirit guides to help you travel your journey, and others of you will find other opportunities for support and guidance that will help you raise your head above the water. Soul Bridge Coaching, Holly, and the Collective Wisdom, March 29, 2022

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