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Leaning Into Your Soul Work

Two weeks ago, my spirit guide Holly asked the question (in the post Take Good Care of Your Mother) whether we have the WANT and the WILL to save our planet and the living beings that inhabit it. The day after writing that post, I sat down with my journal and wrote this comment: “Yesterday, Holly and I wrote a post about stepping up and taking action. She asked if we have the Want and the Will to make a difference, to create daily ripples that will become the wave of change so necessary for this survival of humankind. I want to engage in a way that is personally meaningful, whether it is a local, national, or global effort.” And here was Holly’s response:

Holly: These acts of engagement or activism could take the form of donations, reading to better inform yourself, joining an organization, writing messages to encourage others to take action, and the list goes on and on. Rather than planning ahead of time what you will do on future days, allow yourself to be moved by sychronicities and opportunities. A few months ago, you read about college students on a hunger strike outside the White House who were urging passage of the voter rights bill. You found a way to support their efforts. This is not about making a game out of activism. It is about being moved to do your Soul Work which is focused on supporting the dignity, sustenance, and justice of this planet and its inhabitants. How you choose to embody that soul work will be your day-to-day and moment-to-moment journey. You may be surprised by all the many and varied ways other humans are engaging in their own soul work. Many people will be deeply focused on one issue across decades, taking a deep dive, while others like you will drop pebbles that create ripples across many different issues that will join together in a wave of change. This is not about egoic activism for self-aggrandizement; this is Soul Work aimed at sustaining your planet and its living beings.

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I had received a similar message at the beginning of this year, and I decided to include our grandchildren in this wave of change. Each month they are given $100 to donate to organizations benefiting this planet and/or humankind. In January, we focused on animals, and they donated all their money to the World Wildlife Fund. In February we focused on children, and they donated to Together Rising to provide STEM kits for children in foster care, and to St. Jude’s for cancer care for kids. This month we focused on food scarcity and they donated to Chef Andre’s World Central Kitchen, Project Angel Food for seriously ill people in Los Angeles, Food on Foot Los Angeles for homeless members of our community, and to the Los Angeles Food Bank. In addition, we found organizations to sponsor who are providing much needed support in Ukraine.

We hope many of you will join us by following your own synchronicities and opportunities to impact Mother Earth and the greater good. We encourage you to share with us your deep dives and small ripple experiences with your Soul Work. Soul Bridge Coaching and Holly, March 15, 2022

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