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Take Good Care of Your Mother

Here we go again…Holly (my spirit guide) and the Collective Wisdom were coming to me with another song. This time it was The Only Child by Jackson Browne. I sat down with my journal to learn what message they wanted to share with me.

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Holly: There are scientists and many others on your planet who realize what a miracle has taken place that your planet is the perfect distance from the sun, spinning at the perfect speed, originally populated with the perfect combination of minerals, plants, and animals, that are now facing extinction at an ever-increasing and alarming rate. There are those who would say your planet is a creation of their loving God, and they will hold the belief that that same loving God is going to save your planet. We do not hold that same view of the future of your planet. You were upset when you read the headline of a New York Times article about how Earth is failing. You, on the other hand, see this as a failure of humankind, not of Mother Earth, and we agree with you. We have spoken to you numerous times over the past couple of years about how humans need to reverse the destruction of your planet. And now the leaders of your country, when given the opportunity to put dollars and legislative commitment behind helping Mother Earth while also supporting the most vulnerable in your nation, have turned away from this opportunity. It is the lack of vision and commitment to these issues that have us telling you these words from Jackson Browne:

But take good care of your mother
And remember to be kind
When the pain of another will serve you to remind
That there are those who feel themselves exiled
On whom the fortune never smiled
And upon whose life the heartache has been piled

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And the road forward to nourish the planet and the most vulnerable inhabitants will be more challenging as the hands of time move toward human annihilation. You see, dear friend, Mother Earth isn’t failing her children. Her children are failing each other and this planet. Many of the “leaders” of your planet have lost the ability to see past their person gains. They no longer care about the cries of other human voices. Your planet desperately needs leaders who care about justice, compassion, and a sustainable future for the planet and all living beings.

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You may think, dear one, we are saying that all hope is lost, but we will encourage you individually, and as part of the greater collective, to do all you can to take care of your Mother and her inhabitants. The times ahead will be more challenging than your planet has ever experienced. And those challenges may be the impetus for people to join hands to find solutions to your planet’s many problems. Do not wait for God to save you. Humankind has created these problems, and your species has the ability to solve them. The question is: DOES HUMANKIND HAVE THE WANT AND THE WILL?

We must do more than hold on to hope, my friends. It is our ACTION that will create the movement toward positive change. For each pebble that is dropped into a pond, a ripple will form. Have the want and the will to save Mother Earth and her inhabitants by dropping your pebbles. And all the ripples from all of those pebbles will join the ripples created by others with the want and the will to create a wave of change. Soul Bridge Coaching and Holly, March 1, 2022

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