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Angels Along the Road, Part III: The Hypnotherapist Next Door

Toward the end of 2021, my spirit guide Holly and the Collective Wisdom started telling me that that I needed to pay attention to the gifts that were right in front of me: Some people are the “grass is always greener” types. And some people overlook the low-lying fruit with an eye on the fruit at the top of the tree. We will say you have a great gift within arms reach, and we would like you to speak to this so others will open their eyes to the gift of the angel within their midst. I knew they were referring to the gift that is my next door neighbor, Wanita.

From the first day I met Wanita, I knew there was something special about her. She has a warm and friendly smile, and her laugh is so natural and infectious. I am lucky, because she is my next door neighbor.

Wanita is a 93 year old hypnotherapist who, prior to Los Angeles’ Covid shutdown almost two years ago, had an office at the Sunset Gower Studios in Hollywood so her many clients from the movie industry could be ensured privacy from the paparazzi. As her website states, “Wanita Holmes began her private practice of Clinical Hypnotherapy in 1987. Since then, not only has she helped thousands of clients improve their lives, she has taught and mentored hundreds of hypnotherapists. She is an inspiring life coach, public speaker, published author, and mentor. She is internationally known, and has been featured in Elle, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, London Herald, Eve (London), Marie Claire, L.A. Times, Larchmont Chronicle, and the Santa Monica Evening Outlook. She has appeared on the BBC, Good Morning London, The Kilroy Show (London), KABC Morning talk show.”

And then, two years ago, our lives changed. Wanita closed her office in Hollywood, and we both started working virtually from our apartments. There were things about working virtually that worked well for each of us, but I knew Wanita’s vivacious personality would miss the in-person consultations with her many clients.

Both Wanita and I look at the bright side of life, even during challenging times like Covid, health setbacks, and political strife. Wanita evolved from simply being my neighbor to being my “angel along the road” on April 3, 2020, with her first instant message: “Just finished half of my walk this morning and wanted to text you both and thank you for being my neighbors.” I knew she was walking in the hallway of our complex, and many of our neighbors were not wearing masks at the time. I told her I hoped she was wearing hers, and she told me she had a scarf she could put over her face if anyone came within six feet of her. And from that day to now, almost two years later, we have sent each other daily messages.

My day begins with a sweet note from Wanita. We leave groceries outside each other’s doors. We share books we have read. We give each other comfort when we face challenges. She is the kind of neighbor a person could only dream about!

Just five days into our mini conversations, I asked Wanita how she was doing, and she said, “Okay, could be better, a little depressed by being cooped up for so long, but glad to be alive.” That is Wanita in a nutshell. Two years later, and still cooped up, Wanita is as optimistic as ever. She has a Light about her that radiates into my apartment, and her words of wisdom are greatly appreciated. Recently she sent me this message: “You (and Holly) and I just sending healing light out into the world is important!!!! Sometimes not even knowing who is receiving it, just knowing that love and light and healing is so needed everyday, everywhere. So generating that love and that light, and send it, is what is important! Love you Paula.”

When my husband was diagnosed with melanoma of the thumb, and had to have half of the thumb amputated, Wanita created an mp3 recording he could listen to to help him with his healing and good prognosis. We are happy to say he is still cancer-free.

When I sent Wanita a message telling her that I was having sleep issues that included anxiety-inducing nightmares, she told me to repeat this statement over and over until I fell asleep: DEEEEEP…DEEEEEP…PEACEFUL…SLEEP… Not only has this mantra work for me, but in my imagination, I hear it through Wanita’s voice!

In more ways than I can count and share in this post, Wanita is a Light along my journey, and an angel along this road. And I understand why my guide Holly was insistent that I write this post. Wanita is a part of my soul family, and it has taken a pandemic for me to recognize who she is and her importance in my life. She loves my selfie emojis, so this one is for her:

We will encourage each of you to take the time to recall and reach out to the angels along your journey. We will also encourage you to be a Wanita Holmes for someone along their own journey, and be aware of the angels within your midst who may be a colleague or the neighbor next door. Soul Bridge Coaching and Holly, February 15, 2022

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