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Everything Carries a Vibration: Part III – Veganism and Plant-Based Eating

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Today, 2-02-2022, is the 2nd anniversary of my switch to veganism. Although I always preferred plants over red meat, my diet had still consisted of quite a bit of chicken, fish, eggs, and milk products. The switch to eating solely plant-based products was not gradual. It actually happened overnight! My husband and I watched the movie The Game Changers (about elite athletes who are also vegan) on February 1, 2020, and that night we agreed we would switch to a plant-based diet. Here is my spirit guide Holly’s take on today’s two year anniversary:

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Holly: Your life experiences as a vegan have been short-lived, just two years today, but they have also been profound. As a highly sensitive, highly aware person, you carry a different vibration than those who are less sensitive and aware. You are no longer being fed by the vibration of other sentient beings. Even when you rationalized that organic and free-range animal products were somehow healthier for you, you were discounting the stress hormones of the animals prior to their being killed for your meal. As a highly sensitive person, you were ingesting meat of animals that were flooded with anxiety hormones prior to their death, and you were eating and drinking milk products of cows who had had their young taken from them so that they would become life-long milk producers for human consumption until they were no longer capable of producing milk, and then they were destroyed. You were being sustained off the suffering of other sentient beings. You are now aware, too, of the environmental challenges created by the vast amounts of animal wastes polluting land and water supplies. Your planet’s environment is also challenged by the vast area of land required to graze animals and grow their feed. There are those who told you it wouldn’t be possible for you to maintain your health on a vegan diet with SIBO and other intestinal challenges, but your overall health has dramatically improved. Your cholesterol level is in a “normal” range for the first time in more than 30 years, your blood sugar is lower, and your sense of well-being is expanded. Any challenge of being a vegan is due to the limited choices offered at many restaurants, but that will change as society begins to recognize the need to change the vibration for all sentient beings.

This post is not intended to shame anyone who continues to consume animal products. The purpose of this Soul Bridge Coaching site is to record my relationship with my spirit guide Holly and the Collective Wisdom as well as significant aspects of my spiritual journey. Turning to a plant-based diet has had one of the most significant impacts on my personal vibration, and I know it also impacts my spiritual connection to all sentient beings.

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We encourage you to pay attention to what you eat and what you wear. If you can image the plant or animal that you are consuming, be sure to give gratitude to what has been sacrificed for your benefit. If you are willing to try an experiment and go plant-based for a week, it will be interesting to see how you feel from not being burdened by the stress hormones of another sentient being. Our planet could certainly use an extra dose of good vibrations! Soul Bridge Coaching and Holly, February 2, 2022

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