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Seasons of Our Lives

As I mentioned in a post last month, my spirit guide Holly was continuing to send me metaphors through songs. At the end of that post, I mentioned that she went from Take it Easy to Seasons of Our Lives. She was particularly focused on these words: “Autumn leaves will fall, spring won’t save us all, in the seasons of our lives. Just like winter hides all in snow, and the summer shines with new hope, in the seasons of our lives.”

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This song came on the heels of my post about how having moved from Eugene, Oregon, to Los Angeles nine years ago, there was a part of me that had a longing for my friends and the place we had called home for 35 years. Holly and the Collective Wisdom encouraged me to look through the windshield of my life rather than focusing on the rearview mirror. And now I was wondering what these lyrics about seasons of my life were meant to teach me.

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Holly: This past year, 2021, brought many gifts and challenges to you, your friends and family, and the people of your planet. As in the lyrics to Seasons of Our Lives suggest, spring was not able to save you all, and you lost three friends to cancer. The reason we want you to think about this song is because of your previous longing for the life you had in Eugene. The lyrics that speak THE SUMMER SHINES WITH NEW HOPE are important for you to remember because your life in Los Angeles is a symbol of those days shining with new hope. Almost every morning, you are greeted with a sunny day. Please use that summer-like shine as an invitation to fill your spirit with renewed hope. There are those who prefer to live where there are four distinct seasons, but your spirit is far more hopeful and buoyant with the promise of a sunny day. Remember, too, the grandchildren who are the sunshine of your life. Regardless of where you might be years from now, you are meant for this place at this time.

We will encourage you to find ways to make this new year, 2022, the summer of your life. You don’t need to live where it is sunny to find ways to bring more light into your life. In fact, you can use any kind of a light as a metaphorical reminder of the hope that can glow within any season of your life. Pictured below are some of the many ways we bring light in our home. Soul Bridge Coaching and Holly, January 4, 2022

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