No Expectations…No Clinging…No Searching

Messages from my spirit guide Holly and The Collective Wisdom come in many ways. Sometimes I have a complete knowing without having to do any journaled writing. Sometimes there is a synchronicity that holds an obvious message. Sometimes the message comes in response to a question I pose. And sometimes an idea continues to float through my mind until I am willing to sit down with my journal and engage in a guided writing with Holly. This last way is how this message came to me a few weeks ago. I begin each morning with a qigong routine followed by a meditative writing with Spirit. Sometimes I pose a question or a comment, but on this particular morning, it was obvious that I would be the receiver of a message Holly and The Collective Wisdom wanted to share with me.

Holly: No expectations…no clinging…no searching. “No” is the way. You were thinking about the podcast on Sounds True about the idea of “No Time,” this morning, hoping to once again see birds on your balcony railing. But the true blessing would be for you to have no need for the magical appearance. Just sit in the wonder of each moment, and allow it to unfold as it will. It is the constant arrival of day, night, rain, clear skies, winds, falling leaves, new buds…You see, dear friend, you have come to Earth to experience the magic of the abundant planet. Do not take that abundance for granted. If more people could slow down to appreciate all your planet has to offer, they might do more to sustain her offerings. So, no need for expectations…clinging…searchings. Bask in the glory of your Earthly home and the opportunity you are given in this lifetime.

As my day unfolded, I marveled at how the morning sunlight reflected off windows in the Hollywood Hills like a gift of sparkling diamonds for those in the city below. I was blessed by the sounds of young children laughing as they played in our apartment’s pool. I sat on a rocking chair on our balcony and enjoyed the sun on an warm afternoon in mid-November. With closed eyes, I was aware of a bright red background and a kaleidoscope of changing patterns behind my eyelids that I had never noticed before. I was awed by how the trees that had been chainsaw-pruned several weeks ago were already pushing new growth to the surface of their trunks and branches. I found myself being grateful for the many and varied ways the smallest details about this life can be so meaningful and profound. With thanks to Holly and The Collective Wisdom, I made a commitment to see the majesty in what might otherwise be seen as the ordinary. I owe that to myself and to this planet.

We are grateful to the artist, Cathy Salser, the founder of A WINDOW BETWEEN WORLDS (Art Transforming Trauma), who graciously allowed us to use her creation of the tree with a heart for this post. We believe this artwork is a wonderful visual metaphor because this is a loving planet that will only survive with the support of inhabitants who see themselves as caretakers of the gift that is Earth. And, as a small token of gratitude, a donation has been make to The Nature Conservancy, who have been caretakers of this planet since the 1950’s. Soul Bridge Coaching and Holly, December 21, 2021

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