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Take it Easy…Don’t Let the Sound of Your Own Wheels Drive You Crazy

My spirit guide Holly was back at it with songs. This time it was The Eagles’ song (written by Glenn Fry and Jackson Browne) Take it Easy. The words rang through my head: “Take it easy, take it easy. Don’t let the sound of your own wheels drive you crazy.”

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It all started as I was writing in my journal. The day before, I had been on a Zoom call with former friends and teaching colleagues from when I lived in Eugene, Oregon. We moved to Los Angeles nine years ago, and I hadn’t seen a few of my friends for more than ten years. Having lived in Eugene for 35 years, there were times when I longed to return to that smaller town and my old friends. I knew my colleagues continued to meet for lunch or other gatherings a few times a year, but the pandemic had made those gatherings difficult or impossible. I set up a Zoom link for us, and although there were only seven of us on the call, it gave me a chance to catch up with some of the teaching friends I had missed.

Our backyard in Eugene, Oregon

There were some important lessons I learned from that call, and I wrote them in my journal: Just as Holly suggested, meeting with friends over Zoom nourished the part of me that felt as though I was missing a connection with people who had been important to me personally and professionally. But this was also a wake-up call to me that Eugene is my past — not my future. It is interesting how we can embellish something from our past to be more than it was…and certainly could never be again. Los Angeles, the place where our precious grandchildren live, is where we are meant to be.

Holly and the Collective Wisdom responded with these words: How wonderful that you can realize how the rearview mirror is a distortion of reality. Just as the car’s rearview mirror shows only a small portion of what is behind you, so too does your memory hold only a portion of what you experienced.

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So now you must look through the windshield of your life to what is actually happening right now. We encourage you to realize that this, too, is but a glimpse of all that is happening right now, but this is your truth as it unfolds. Just as when driving a car, remain focused on the present. Do not allow your mind to stray into ruminations of the past or beliefs that life was somehow better back there. Don’t allow your own wheels to drive you crazy. And don’t allow your mind to be focused on fears of a future that has yet to urge you forward. The road on which you are the driver of your life needs your awareness, so take it easy.

And once Holly was sure I had gotten the message, another song came floating through my mind, Seasons of Our Lives...but that is a song for a future post.

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We hope you will consider keeping your eyes on the road of your life. That is not to say that you shouldn’t be aware of portions of the past that are the foundation of who you are, or that you shouldn’t make plans for your future, but all experiences take place in the here and now. Taking your eyes off the road of your life may cause you to miss an impactful off-ramp or miss aspects of the life you are meant to live. We encourage you to take Glenn Fry and Jackson Browne’s advice: “Take it easy. Don’t let the sound of your own wheels drive you crazy.” Soul Bridge Coaching and Holly, December 7, 2021

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