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Interviews with Innocence: Consciousness, Spirituality, and Honoring the Wisdom of the Very Young

Marla Hughes is a podcaster and the creator of Interviews with Innocence. She is particularly interested in how young children help us reconnect with our own spirituality. She has conducted more than 100 interviews as a part of her Interviews with Innocence platform. As she explains on her website, her podcasts “showcase a variety of experts and others in the fields of consciousness, spirituality and mindfulness. My hope is that these interviews will illuminate the spiritual wisdom our young share and remind us to slow down, be more present, loving, grateful and childlike. The pure essence that young children exhibit lives within all of us. My further hope is that these interviews can help us discover, embrace, and connect with the sacred core of childhood that resides in all of us. The knowledge I have gained in the process of creating this podcast has changed my life and my understanding of the world so profoundly, and I am honored to share this journey with you.

I was honored by be chosen by Marla for one of these interviews. When we spoke prior to the interview, she suggested that we begin with a sample of guided writing by my spirit guide Holly. I chose one that I thought would be particularly relevant.

Holly: Most of you have noticed that your news reporting is largely focused on hardwiring your brain for negativity. That night-after-night, and day-after-day, bombardment of negativity makes it difficult for viewers to experience much happiness in their waking hours. We will encourage you to take a few moments each day to hardwire your brain for happiness. Build your awareness of the beauty and wonder around you. Hold your gaze for twice as long as you normally would, and pull that feeling into your heart and mind. Just a couple of moments of happiness can’t possibly outweigh the negativity being fed you on a daily basis, but perhaps you’ll eventually choose to spend more time velcroing positive experiences than negative ones. It is really your choice. You don’t have to be a victim to the negativity of the media or of others.

And just a week before my interview with Marla Hughes, Holly became insistent that there was a more important message she wanted to share with parents of young children. Here is that message:

Holly: It is vital that a new focus be placed on the happiness of your planet’s children. In many places in your world, children grow up with nature, song, play, as the backdrop for learning. But in countries where test scores, grades, academic achievement are the symbols of success, you are breaking down the natural playfulness, merrymaking, and problem-solving abilities of your children. You are breaking down the child’s connection to spirit. A group of people could show their devotion to children by creating schools that have plants and animals and opportunities for creative play. The adults in the community would value teachers by paying them at the same level they pay highly-valued individuals. But in your North American culture, too many adults are willing to warehouse their children to fit into the status quo. If you wanted the children of your culture to grow up to be compassionate, empathetic, creative, problem-solving members of your society, you would have that rising to the level of issues such as global warming. When the focus is not on the happiness of the youngest members of your culture, it is easy to see how the health of your planet is also not a priority. It seems to us that because the adults of your country had to endure 12 years of a basic education, and you feel that you turned out okay, then this same education is fine for this generation. Well, we would respond, the adults of North America are not okay, and all you have to do is look at how many are on anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications and modalities. And your children, particularly the highly sensitive and the spiritually sensitive young souls, ARE NOT OKAY, either. Not only are they not happy, many of them are losing their connection to your planet and their purposes for being there. These children need your support because they are the ones who have the potential to solve so many of the problems currently facing your nations and planet.

On the day of the interview, I decided to share both messages from Holly with Marla and her audience. I thought it would give them an idea of the dynamic relationship I have with my spirit guide.

Here is a link to the full conversation with Marla Hughes (broken into two shorter podcasts) on her show, Interviews with Innocence.

Interviews with Innocence – Part 1: Messages From Spirit

Interviews with Innocence – Part 2: The Beauty of Working With Gifted and Twice-Exceptional Children

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We encourage you to find ways to help the children of your planet grow up to be emotionally healthy, compassionate, empathetic, creative, problem-solving individuals. We hope you will find ways to support the adults in much the same way. A planet cannot be sufficiently sustained when so many people are suffering. Soul Bridge Coaching and Holly, November 30, 2021

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