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Universal Love: A Healing Salve

I had a client pose the following questions: Should I be feeling resentment toward my parents? Do I need to deal with issues related to my parents’ divorce when I was quite young? I find no purpose in rehashing my childhood.

During Soul Bridge Coaching, we bring through the client’s spirit guide and the Collective Wisdom to communicate through my spirit guide Holly and me. Here is the guidance the client received: What a lovely and important question, Dear Friend. You have been told by healers that liver issues are related to unresolved familial issues, but this may not be the case for you. As someone who is kinesthetic, you can feel your body. It is clear within your question that you feel resentment for having to spend any time on this issue. You are an independent soul who has managed to be happy and have an abundant life despite the breakdown of your birth family. You did not come into this life needing much nurturing. You have always known you were valuable and loved by Universal Love. That knowledge has been a healing salve. You have been a free spirit who loves unconditionally. We believe you are fighting the idea that there has ever been anything wrong with your life. You take things as they come, and you grow stronger and more abundant. You have learned to be resourceful, self-loving, and self-aware. You don’t want to analyze your past or your present. You want to continue to love easily and appreciate the life you were given and have built. Yes, some people carry deep hurts from their past, but you have managed to find the magic and wonder of childhood and carry that through to your adult life. The path that is right for one person is only the right path for THAT person.

This healing salve of Universal Love is something I have experienced as an adult. It has enabled me to let go of the pains and misunderstandings I experienced as a child. It allows me to live my life with a very full heart.


Some of you are connected to this Universal Love and find it is what you needed to break free of your childhood and adult pains, but others of you will need the additional support of a trusted therapist or coach in order to move fully into the life you are meant to live. Soul Bridge Coaching and Holly (October 26, 2021)

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