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Tapping Into the Collective Wisdom

Over the past few months, my spirit guide Holly has been suggesting that humans have the ability to communicate with those who have “crossed over” in far greater ways than I had imagined. She tells me that this is not just about communicating with friends and loved ones who have died, but also with others who are willing to support our personal and professional lives. I allowed that concept to settle in, and she showed me ways to support my clients in this process. Once I felt comfortable with this new possibility, Holly began to tell me about the Collective Wisdom. Here is what Holly told me about tapping into that deep knowing:

Holly: We realize you are curious to know more about the Collective Wisdom. It is the “Oneness,” the “One Mind,” of soulful knowing. It is the aspect of soulful evolution that has been enabling the inventions, creations, discoveries that you see impacting every aspect of your life. All creative geniuses have what some would call “muses.” While they may have an intellectual capacity that is beyond that of the average person, they also have the ability to tap into the Collective Wisdom. As you have seen firsthand, in the more than 40 years of working with gifted children and adults, communication beyond the veil has a profound impact on the personal and professional lives of these people.

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We have been teaching you to communicate with us, and now you are ready to tap into the greater Collective Wisdom for your personal and professional expansion, as well as for the expansion of your clients. We are not saying that you will be able to tap into Einstein to help yourself become an accomplished physicist, as this is not your area of expertise nor interest. However, we could help you gain insights from Einstein that would help you guide a physicist to this impactful communication in the same way Einstein called on the Collective Wisdom for inspiration and guidance.

For your clients with profound giftedness and multipotentiality, we are encouraging you to teach them to reach out for guidance from a variety of creative geniuses in their varied fields of interest. There are already many creative individuals who are acting as conduits of the Collective Wisdom. Playwrights are seeing scenes unfold in their mind’s eye. Composers are tapping into their clairaudience to hear aspects of the music they will later compose.

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We would say that more people can have these creative breakthroughs if they will clear their thinking, drop into a place of peace and calm, and call on the Collective Wisdom to answer a question or show a vision. It is, in fact, possible to call on individual creative geniuses for support. The response may be immediate, but, more often, the response will be given piece by piece as the individual is better prepared for the inspiration or wisdom to be utilized. And this wisdom download will continue to build upon itself as the individual learns to drop into the quiet, peaceful body and mind. This is the same process we have used with you to get you to this point of soul bridging, and we are now adding the additional layer of connecting to individual creative geniuses within the Collective Wisdom. You are capable of making these connections and helping others do the same.

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May each of you develop a relationship with the Collective Wisdom. You do not need to be profoundly gifted to make this connection. Humanity, and the planet that is trying its best to sustain you, will benefit from that relationship. Soul Bridge Coaching and Holly, October 12, 2021

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