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Everything Carries a Vibration: Part II – She Comes With Songs

My spirit guide Holly usually communicates with me through claircognizance or in our shared journal. But a few months ago, she changed things up and started coming with musical phrases from two different songs: “I’m picking up good vibrations,” and “Sold my soul to the company store.” It wasn’t hard to know what Holly was trying to tell me. Since the beginning of the Covid pandemic in early 2020, we had been having most of our groceries delivered through one company, and we also bought most of our other necessities through that company, too. In fact, we were purchasing things that weren’t necessities because it became easier and easier to go online and know most items would be delivered within a couple of days. But by early June, when my husband and I were fully vaccinated, and local businesses were opening their doors to customers, Holly became insistent about the choices we were making and the “vibrations” those choices were having on our community and our personal well-being. Holly showed me how far too many of us had “sold our souls to the company store,” and the result of that sell-out for our personal convenience was that local bookstores, pharmacies, clothing stores, etc., were struggling to stay afloat in many communities. Holly convinced me that all of us who love our communities need to be a part of the healing and rebuilding of local businesses. I went to our local bookstore, Chevalier’s Books, and purchased several books. This bookstore was established in 1940, and I want to make sure I do my part in supporting its mission for our community.

Holly: This is how you follow your own path. It isn’t about convincing anyone else to agree with you, it is about what vibration you pick up and give off. If it no longer vibrates with you, make a change. Everything has a vibration, and in some cases you have a choice. This is one of those cases. You created good vibrations by paying for a membership at your local bookstore. The extra money it will cost for the books you purchase there (rather than from the company store) will be easily absorbed into your budget, and it will support a local business. Pay attention to what you value, and then put your money, your support, your attention, and your vibration, in that direction.

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Every word you speak, every food you eat, every choice you make, carries a vibration. It might be difficult to completely unsnarl yourself from the company store, but conscious choices have the potential to create a collective of good vibrations. Soul Bridge Coaching and Holly, September 28, 2021

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