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Oxymorons and the Cobblestones of Our Lives

Have you ever noticed patterns in your life that are oxymorons: a figure of speech made of two separate concepts that appear to be contradictory but come together in a new and more powerful way? On August 19, 2019, I was on day 74 of my attempt to do 365 days of guided writing with my spirit guide Holly. I wrote this comment: I took five minutes of quiet, peaceful meditation to open my chakras. During that time, I thought that maybe I didn’t need to communicate with my guides every morning. Today is Day 74, and I can sense how much has changed as far as maintaining peace as my default, and enjoying so many messages from Holly was a natural way of interacting with this life. But, I will try to keep my commitment to this 365 day journey. Here was Holly’s response:

Holly: You have craved change in some ways in your life while simultaneously needing stability. STABLE-CHANGING is the oxymoron of your life. The greatest stability in your life has been with your husband who you married when you were just 21. That stability has supported aspects of yourself that simultaneously crave change. You changed your teaching position every one to three years for the majority of your career. You have tried out many healing modalities and healers. You have been willing to leave LA for Eugene, give up a home for an apartment, and then return to LA after 35 years in Eugene. Yet, you don’t like to travel because your high sensitivities often cause you to lose your stability. Wherever you live, you like to make it home, and you prefer to stay there rather than travel. You like to feel safe physically and psychologically, while at the same time you have taken professional risks. You are now entering another “letting go.” You are preparing to let go of the profession you have known the past seven years. You are letting go of the guidance of a spiritual teacher. And you are getting yourself ready for the next professional shift that is going to take place. At the same time, you are falling deeper and deeper into the calm and safety and stability of your Sphere of Peace. The oxymoron of your life, stable-changing, continues. See this post for more on The Sphere of Peace.

While I didn’t know then that the professional changes Holly was referring to would end up becoming Soul Bridge Coaching, I trusted her, and I did maintain that commitment to our 365 days of guided writing. And to this day, although I miss a day or two of our co-journaling from time to time, I have continued my commitment to this process for the past two years. That commitment and those conversations are the basis of this Soul Bridge Coaching blog site. Holly has taught me not to judge myself against anyone else. She has shown me that due to the many and varied aspects of my physical, psychological, social, emotional, and situational experiences, I come out as a unique being who does not need to fit into any idealization of “normalcy.”

And Holly’s suggestions about a professional change continued to find their way into our conversations. I started learning (with Holly) how to be a bridge between clients and their own spirit guides. It started with journaled writing as Holly and I had done for more than a year, and then it grew to spoken channeling of spirit guides and Holly, and I was simply a translator of those communications. And just this year, Holly encouraged me to create this site so we could share our wondrous relationship. On May 27, 2021, I wrote, I understand why you wanted me to slowly type up these conversations. There is so much I don’t remember of our previous conversations, and it is nice to return to your words. I especially enjoy grouping our conversations into themes. And this was Holly’s response:

Holly: While it will be nice to have others read these posts, it is not about amassing a large following. If one person reads a post and is moved, that is a ripple put out energetically for good. But the main reason to create these posts is for your soulful evaluation. Each post necessitates that you re-read these passages, and with each re-read, you absorb another gem. In the midst of day-to-day living, you lose the awareness of your own soulful evolution. This is a reminder — your own spiritual and pictorial memoir. All events, even the most painful, lose their negative hold, because each is a cobblestone laying the path you’ve taken toward today.

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We will encourage our readers to begin their own practice of journeying through their life’s experiences and through the oxymorons of their lives to appreciate the cobblestones that make up the path they have been creating. Soul Bridge Coaching and Holly (September 14, 2021)

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