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Heart Chakra Work: Opening and Closing Like a Sea Anemone

It seems I was born with the idea that I was supposed to take away the pain and suffering of others. Some may call this being an empath, but, as I now see it, I was misunderstanding my soul’s purpose. About a decade ago, I had the feeling that my heart chakra had shut down because I wasn’t having wondrous heart-opening experiences that I had read about. In fact, the predominate feeling I was receiving through my heart was pain. A few months ago, after a particularly difficult day in which I was feeling the heart pain experienced by someone I care about deeply, my spirit guide Holly had these words of wisdom for me:

Holly: You have had a focus on trying to open your heart for more than a decade. You were drawn to the piece of pottery of the open-hearted woman, hoping that by seeing it each day, your heart would open, too.

You have practiced open-hearted meditation. You have brought your hands to your heart when you communicate with us. You once had energy work by a highly intuitive healer, and she questioned why you thought your heart wasn’t already open. We will tell you that your heart chakra is, in fact, TOO OPEN. The clairsentience issues that have caused you distress are due to a heart wide open with greater concern for others than for yourself. It is time to experience the ability of the heart chakra to be gracefully flexible as it appropriately opens and closes. You have been searching for a way to feel your heart opening — but it was already in the open state. It will take time to bring all your chakras to their natural states of flexibly (and appropriately) opening and closing. The result of a heart that opens and closes like a sea anemone is that you will feel the wondrous opening as the unfolding of the lotus, rising from the mud. And when the heart-opening experience has passed for that moment, your heart chakra will appropriately settle into homeostasis — relaxed in a state of calm with a memory of what caused the opening and expansion. This, truly, is the path to hardwiring happiness. (See post on Hardwiring Happiness.)

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I wondered why I hadn’t gotten this guidance earlier in my life. Holly had this to say: Certainly you have heard the saying, “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.” The intuitive healer tried to tell you, but you were so determined to experience the wide open heart, you didn’t believe your heart was already open; but the pain you were experiencing was from the too wide open heart of the empath. So, here you are now, ready to learn to keep all your chakras opening and closing in ways that are healthy and helpful. Stop searching for the perfect heart-opening routine, and allow experiences to flow into your life in the same way the ocean waters flow into and around the sea anemone. And notice how, without having to think about it, your heart will experience expansion in a very natural way, and the pain you have been experiencing will occur less often as you will no longer be taking on the pain of others.

As you can see from this piece of artwork that hangs in our bedroom, the heart chakra is like a blooming lotus, like a graceful sea anemone. Notice, too the calm serenity of the surrounding clouds. The heart chakra represents “I LOVE.” It does not represent I FEEL YOUR PAIN. Soul Bridge Coaching and Holly, September 7, 2021.

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