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Everything Carries a Vibration: Part I – Sensitive Receivers

July 13, 2019, I was on day 37 of my 365 days of journaling with my spirit guide Holly. She opened the conversation with the following words:

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Holly: Such a feeling of peace and calm this morning. Recognizing when you fall into this space is important, and so is recognizing when you are in a space of dis-ease. Your planet holds so many gifts and natural wonders. Do not take your opportunity for granted. If you can see beyond the traffic to the sights — natural and man-made — the many wonders of your planet…if you can hear the sounds beyond the din of modern life…if you can feel the coolness of the morning, warmth of the afternoon, breezes with weather changesyou will have a greater opportunity to appreciate being alive here and now. And you are aware of your capacity to experience Love, as a giver and as a receiver.

Everything carries an energetic vibration. Highly sensitive people are exquisite receivers of this energy, although they aren’t always aware of what they are picking up, and that energetic reception can sometimes cause pain and disorientation. It is as though they are shape-shifters who unwittingly become their dominant energetic experience. It can be confusing and difficult to be this sensitive receiver. You, too, are a receiver, and your next challenge will be to translate the energetic experience to a modality that is easier for you to understand. Once you are highly attuned to the meanings of your experiences, you will be better able to find meaning rather than suffering from these energetic vibrations. Make note of differing vibrations and resulting experiences as a way to catalogue your energetic awareness.

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This guidance made great sense to me. Just ten days prior, I was taken to the emergency room with debilitating vertigo that prevented me from being able to even rise from the floor on my own. After a CT scan and other tests, the doctor said it was “idiopathic.” In other words, there was no apparent reason for this significant issue. Then, just 24 hours later, there was a 6.4 earthquake 150 miles northeast of Los Angeles. I wondered, at the time, if the vertigo had been a case of “presentience,” and here Holly was letting me know that being highly-attuned was resulting in this suffering. She was encouraging me to raise my awareness and find meaning in ways other than physical suffering. This was going to be a pivotal guidance as other catastrophes such as mass shootings, wildfires, and tsunamis had also been received by my human body as physical distress.

Two days later, there was a larger 7.1 earthquake in the same area as the 6.4.

Holly: We have a message for you this morning. We think you have a misunderstanding about our guidance. We do not create your dizziness or burning — those are Earthly communications you are picking up. It is part of your exquisite sensitivity, and these are not messages being sent to you in particular. You are able to sense Earth changes. When you ask to receive messages in another way, it is part of your journey to develop other ways of perceiving. As with any other skill that does not come naturally, or easily, you will need to cultivate that way of knowing. It will take a greater awareness. You know that when you are in a state of overwhelm, you perceive less. Try to find opportunities for calm, quiet reflection.

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We will encourage those of you who are similarly sensitive to energetic vibration to work with your guides to help you develop ways of knowing that won’t negatively impact your pain-body. There is so much to be learned from your Earthly journey, and your ability to find meaning from these vibrations will be helpful for you and your planet. Soul Bridge Coaching and Holly, August 31, 2021

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