Spirit Guidance about Truth and Dare

The headline of the Los Angeles Times read: “Peace with Honor” – 1975

In my journal of October 2019, I was struggling with the concept of TRUTH. There had been so many times in the past 65+ years when I had to question the “official” depiction of the truth. This photo (taken at the Los Angeles National Cemetery) at the end of the Vietnam War, was one of those times. My spirit guide Holly responded with the question, WHOSE TRUTH? These are daring, challenging times because it is difficult (at times) to discern the Truth. I sat down to have a journaled conversation with Holly.

Photo by Julia Filirovska on Pexels.com

Holly: You were shocked when you heard the question of “whose truth,” as though there is only one truth. But the nature of people and the structure and utilization of the brain is such that your realities are not a singular given. Your observations, your values, your histories, your traumas, your educations, your indoctrinations, prevent people from having a singular, unified reality or truth. You know this to be true, because even among three siblings, you did not hold a singular view of your upbringing. Yet each of you believed your story to be the truth. We will say that you should dare to broaden your understanding beyond your own small world and “reality.” It is through your expanded understanding that you might better grasp this idea of multiple truths. When we share our guided understanding with you, that is also limited in many ways. We use names and experiences that relate to you as the “bridge” or “channel.” What you share with others is limited by your own experiences and understandings so that you are better able to communicate our messages. Getting back to your current experiences on Earth, you are seeing everything through a limited lens that is focused through the media you attend to. On another side of the world, and even through a different media perspective, the big issues and “truth” may have a vastly different spin. A tendency toward egocentric thinking makes each person believe their truth.

On October 15, 2019, Holly warned me that the United States was having a truth problem.

Holly: Your country is having a mirror held up to itself, and what you are seeing will further polarize your citizens. While a portion of the citizens are hoping that a revelation of the truth will unify the country, it appears, once again, there is no singular truth, and each side will seek to prove the validity of their claims.

She even suggested that “a mob, even those in Congress, will fight as hard as possible to protect their status quo as the people who hold the power.” Just in the way hindsight has allowed me to see Holly’s prophecy about the deadliness of Covid, so, too, do her “mob” comments read true 18 months later.

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

We dare you to listen to the “truths” others espouse. It is only through the listening to the stories, the pains, the fear, and the singular reality of others, that you will get closer to understanding the Truth(s). Soul Bridge Coaching and Holly, August 24, 2021

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