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Dear Spirit Guide…

October 13, 2019, I was writing a note to my spirit guide Holly, telling her my view of our channeled conversations with the spirit guides of my clients: I get such joy out of channeling guided conversations for others. It is as though I am doing work for the Higher Good. It is an opportunity to get out of my thinking mind and into deep, peaceful awareness. This morning, Holly explained that prophecy is not guided through me. Rather than future knowing, this guidance is for learning lessons and living our best selves now. I am aware of issues my clients deal with now, but not how they will turn out years from now.

Holly: Yes, you are a teacher and a guide. You have talked about your sensitivities as though you are covered with antennae. You are able to pick up so much information that is instantly synthesized into a deep knowing about the people you are with. You are learning to protect yourself so that the “vibes” you receive are translated into the Higher Good. Your abilities are highly unique and are valued by those who know you and have benefited from your guidance. Be prepared, as more people experience this gift, they will want to receive more. We do not give you this warning in a negative sense, rather, to let you know this is not a fleeting experience for you. The more you channel guided conversations, the more subtle will be your knowing, and the results will be beneficial to you and your clients. You are now experiencing your gift being honed. While it would be natural to encourage others to channel for themselves, do not discount your profound gift and how your suggestion might lead others to frustration at their inability to communicate in this way.

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Holly’s guidance was so valuable for me to learn because (as she knew) I had been suggesting to my clients that they could communicate with their own guides. As it turned out, this was often an exercise in frustration for most of my clients because the messages did not flow to these clients. I now know that my clients need to expand their awareness in order to get messages through automatic writing, images, auditory experiences, cognitive knowing, etc. And this usually takes time and practice before it can be received easily. One technique that is proving useful for our sessions is for my clients and I to do simultaneous guided writing. As they write to their guides, Holly and I are doing the same thing. At the end of about 10 minutes, we share our writing with each other. It has proven to be an interesting experience for all of us.

One of the many journals Holly and I have used for our guided conversations.

We know there are many ways to receive messages from your spirit guides. Please feel free to share your strategies in the comments section. This human experience is about individuation, so there are a multitude of ways one can communicate with Spirit. Your life will be forever changed by this soulful relationship. Soul Bridge Coaching and Holly, August 17, 2021

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