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Hope is the Heartbeat of the Soul

When I first heard Craig Holliday interviewed on Buddha at the Gas Pump (BATGAP), I knew I needed to read his book, Fully Human Fully Divine: Awakening to Our Innate Beauty Through Embracing Our Humanity. In this book, he tells us that we need to embrace all aspects of our life in order to find our freedom and our Divine Nature. It was while I was reading this book that I had a deep conversation with my spirit guide, Holly. I was having a significant issue with clairsentience, and I wanted to understand how it related to the idea of being fully human and fully divine.

Holly: You have a unique guidance system that can detect universal stress. This is not how you personally are feeling. It is part of the non-dual perspective. Now you need to see the reality of being fully human and fully divine. Yes, you can sense the whole, the Oneness, but that does not mean that you, as a singular being is the place from where the chaos, dis-ease emanates. When you experience the dis-ease of the whole, rather than retreating into self-protection, send Loving Light into the whole. Fear can create a disequilibrium, and that is being felt by the sensitives such as yourself. Do not misinterpret that fear as arising from within your being. You are picking this up from the Universal Awareness. See this as your gift. Your way of knowing. No need to worry about WHY there is such fear — just focus on Love and Light. It is what the world will need. There are many of you who are receiving these messages, and you struggle in various ways. But you are all part of the Whole, and no one of you is expected to heal the world. The world is as it should be, and you must learn to focus your heart on Love and Light. If you don’t, you will continue to suffer. Can you imagine a gift that cues you in as a reminder that you need to Love and Shine? You are the canary in the mine, and you have always been. You have known things before others have. You are not here to be a creator, nor anything else you might have believed. You are here to Love and Shine, and your clients have known this. They just want to be in your Loving Presence. Now it is time for you to send out love each time you meditate, and each time you interact with others, and each time you look for a cause of discomfort in your pain body.

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You have looked for meaning that will last a lifetime, and here it is. It is beyond the ego, as you will receive no recognition for your efforts, nor should you. This Love will be focused broadly at times and toward individuals at others. When you feel the discomforting knowing of the heart, or other aspects of the pain body, you will send Light and Love to those who will be most impacted by the fear and desperation. When you witness an individual who is suffering, you will light up and send Love in that direction. You are not being asked to take on the suffering of another. You are offering them Hope through Universal Love.

You have been chosen for this role, and you have been tested. Now you need to focus on this role you have been given. It needs to be a priority for the sake of your health and for the Universal you that is suffering.

Holly suddenly had me write the words HEARTBEAT OF THE SOUL on my paper. I quickly looked it up on the internet, and I found this quote by Michelle Horst: “Hope is the heartbeat of the soul.

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Holly: Your Love and Light will be providing the world HOPE. That is the missing element on a micro and macro level. We are talking about the Hope of Love and Light that should they fill human spirit, the tide will turn. It will take time for enough people to light up and Love, but once enough of you make this your life’s meaning, Hope will be the heartbeat of the Universal Soul. Please know you are loved dearly and supported completely.

These can be the best moments of your life if you learn to be fully human and fully divine. It is what helps you experience your fullness. Too much time in the higher realms robs you of the human experience, and forgetting about your connection to Energetic Source robs you of another truth about who you are. So here you will find yourself, in the perfect nexus of human-divinity. Yes…the best moments of your life. Soul Bridge Coaching and Holly (August 10, 2021)

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