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Lightworkers — Your Assistance is Needed!

May I breathe in Earth Energy and Universal Energy and breathe out Love and Compassion to this planet, near and far. (from my journal – August 4, 2019)

Two years ago (August 3, 2019), 23 people were killed, and another 23 people were injured in a mass shooting in El Paso, Texas. That evening I wrote the following words in my journal: I have such compassion for the victims, their families, and their friends for the horror they endured today, and will continue to endure into the future. What must the shooter have endured in his life that would have compelled a human being to commit such a savage act?

Holly: That is what Universal Energy, Universal Love, is all about. It isn’t about loving and being compassionate when it is easy. It is about trying to have deep awareness about the things that are dark and dirty and incomprehensible.

August 4, 2019: A mass shooting last night with no clairsentience prior to the event. I will drop into a sweet place of love and compassion. I realize that this needs to be my focus, because in any moment, someone is in need of compassion. Some events are highlighted by the media for their dramatic impact, but in any moment, there are both unthinkable horrors and beautiful acts of Love and kindness — all deserving loving compassion. This should be my default setting — not waiting for the media or clairsentience to be my reminder.

Holly: You are realizing the meaning of being a lightworker and conduit of peaceful energy. You can sense that you are even more exquisitely sensitive than you have ever been, and that will be a great gift to the work you are currently doing and the work ahead of you. No need to experience pain for you to wake up to your gifts. You are capable of being the waterfalls and water features you so love. Rather than water, healing energy of Love and Compassion flow through you. You have been unwilling to watch movies about horrors like the Holocaust, but you must watch those about people who risked their own lives to save and protect others. Love and Compassion flowed through them, too. Find kinship with those who have been lightworkers throughout time. Your planet needs beings like you to be energetic waterfalls of Love.

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We are calling for lightworkers to show up on this planet. You need to be a beacon of light for those who are so broken and blinded by pain that they would lash out at others. You will be waterfalls of Love for those who are experiencing grief and needing Love and Compassion. The sanity of your human race needs you to step into your Greatness. Lightworkers — We Need You! Soul Bridge Coaching and Holly (August 3, 2021)

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