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Be With What Arises: The Way Toward True Freedom

Over the past five years, my husband has needed multiple surgeries. And during that time, I have learned an important lesson about how being in the moment is beneficial for my emotional and physical health. (See a previous post, Be Here Now, Fully in the Experience.) Because I am now most often able to exist in the moment, as one thing unfolds after another, I am also able to be aware and grateful for all the ways we are supported: spiritually, emotionally, and physically. I try not to allow myself to imagine into the future a host of made-up possibilities. I am able to meet the reality as it unfolds, and that is a wondrous blessing and learning. At the same time, when I am attempting to be too many things for too many people, my spirit guide Holly gives me important guidance about these issues.

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Holly: So much has happened in the past three weeks. Be sure to acknowledge your strength, your support systems, your family, your guidance, and your intuition. There is so much to be said for living in the moment where resilience, creativity, and true support are manifested.

Focus on minimalism in what you must do, and how much must be accomplished. Focus on being. You always have a choice as to what gets your time and focus. It is easy to blame others (parents, partners, children, society, co-workers) for your situation, but in any moment you can stop — make another choice — move from victim to creator of your thoughts, your intentions, and your life. The incessant doing to calm anxiety, to block out important messages, is a slippery slope. To just be — with pain, with joy, with confusion, with whatever arises — is the way toward true freedom. You do have a choice. Will you be enslaved by the busyness of your life to prove your worthiness, or will you choose the freedom right here and now to slow down and feel what you have always known: you are enough, and you do not need to prove your worth to others?


We invite you to find your own way to True Freedom. Be aware of what arises, with no need to create untrue stories about your discomfort. Pay attention to how your thoughts make you a victim and how they help you as a creator. The more aware you are of your own role in perpetuating the anxiety and pain you are experiencing, the sooner you will find your way back to True Freedom and the Sphere of Peace. Soul Bridge Coaching and Holly (July 27, 2021)

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