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Be Self-Aware: Your Greatest Asset Might Also Be Your Greatest Detriment

Nearly 15 years ago, I read the book Sacred Choices: Thinking Outside the Tribe to Heal Your Spirit by Christel Nani. It had one of the most profound impacts on getting me to shift my thinking about an issue that had caused me chaos for decades. I had grown up thinking that if I was extremely responsible, I could control many aspects of my life and prevent unpredictability. As I read through Sacred Choices, I wasn’t relating to any of the topics Nani mentioned…that is until the chapter on money. My father, a product of the depression era, was a public accountant for the state of California. He never believed in the stock market, so his money was kept in a savings account or in CDs at a local credit union. He was frugal, and because of that, my parents were able to send three kids to UCLA. As an adult, I took this financial responsibility modeling to an extreme level with a detailed monthly accounting of my finances. As I read Nani’s words, I realized that I wasn’t spending so much time each week on our financial accounting because I wanted to. I was following my father’s familial belief as though it was the truth. And it was not serving me well. When I was done with the chapter, I told my husband that I would no longer keep the detailed accounting that had caused me more than 30 years of monthly angst. He was as happy to see me let go of this familial belief as I was. I mellowed out about our finances, and that has helped every aspect of my life mellow, as well. I recently wrote in my journal about money and other aspects of my “responsibility habit,” and here was my spirit guide Holly’s response:

Holly: This morning, we told you that your greatest asset can also be your greatest detriment. This is particularly true for you. Some of this was nature, and some was nurture. You saw how your father used hyper-control to deal with his life of personal and financial fears. In regards to responsibilities other than financial ones, too much has fallen on you. Be unwilling to take on what others can (and should) do for themselves. We are proud of you for your willingness to expand your awareness and change.

Conversations with your spirit guides can serve to be the bridge between your human and divine aspects. In order to find peace in your life, we encourage you to dig deeply into your “sacred choices” and see how your greatest asset might also be your greatest detriment. Soul Bridge Coaching and Holly (July 6, 2021)

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