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Helping Highly Sensitive People Thrive Rather Than Merely Survive

One morning, I posed the following questions to my spirit guide Holly: “How do I limit the impact of stress in my heart due to my energetic knowing? And how do I grow my “sphere of influence” related to being Love and Light?”

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Holly: Be grateful that you have been chosen as a lightworker to allow great amounts of healing energy to flow through you. Use the pain you experience to be the alarm emergency workers hear to alert them that they are needed to assist others. This pain and feeling of stress is your personal alert that living things are in need of lightworkers to expand the amount of love and energetic healing on this planet. Be grateful for this opportunity to be of service. No need to worry about who or what is in need, just know you have been chosen at that moment. It is appropriate to sing, dance, pray, do energy healing, whatever you feel called to do. Angst doesn’t need angst, it needs healing – and you are an energetic healer. Some of your clients (or their parents) come to you for this reason. When you see this need in others, do not come to their level of pain or anxiety. Raise your vibration to help create an environment of love and energetic healing. When you allow the warning signal to exacerbate your own pain or anxiety, that is a reminder that you are falling into your human/empath state when you need to be raising your vibration and responding as a soulful lightworker. This will take time to master, but being aware of your reaction will be helpful!

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Rather than continually telling yourselves that you are too sensitive, or that you are powerless empaths, we will tell you to see yourselves as healers. You have the ability to enhance the healing of your body, mind, and spirit. You have the ability to clear yourself of energy that is not yours. We are not saying that you should not be compassionate for the plight of others, that you should not hear the cries of the natural world. We are saying that by healing yourselves, by building your energetic presence to become the great beacons of light you are meant to be, you will show up in the world as a healing force beyond anything you have ever experienced. Words can be limiting, and stories about your limits can be even more limiting. We are calling on you to expand your self-awareness. We are calling on you to let go of limiting self-descriptions like “too sensitive.” One can be both strong and sensitive. Sensitive does not have to mean overwhelmed. We are calling on you to THRIVE rather than merely survive.

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We invite each of you to show up as a beacon of light, as a healing force. It is the collective rays of sunshine that light up the world. Soul Bridge Coaching and Holly (June 8, 2021)

2 thoughts on “Helping Highly Sensitive People Thrive Rather Than Merely Survive

  1. This really spoke to me. It is so difficult to not meet despair with despair and not become overwhelmed. I really appreciate this call to greater service through self-healing and “building your energetic presence”. Thank you for sharing this. Julie


    1. If we can remember that when we find ourselves in despair, we usually don’t want to be joined by others in despair. That might remind us of how nourishing it is to find ourselves in the presence of compassion and deep love. We need to allow that love and compassion to flow through us, to nourish ourselves and others.


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