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Can a Spirit Guide Have Intellectual Overexcitability?

I have been an educator for more than 40 years, and much of that time my emphasis has been in gifted education. There is a concept in gifted education known as “overexcitabilities.” Without getting into too much detail, that overexcitability can be categorized as: psychomotor, sensual, emotional, imaginational, and intellectual.

The overexcitabilities are inborn intensities that cause a heightened ability to respond to stimuli and an increased sensitivity and awareness. People with intellectual overexcitability seek understanding and truth, and they analyze and synthesize. They have active minds, are intensively curious, keen observers, and tenacious problem-solvers. They are able to concentrate on prolonged intellectual efforts in areas of their passion. They are often interested in concerns about moral and ethical interests.

This morning, during my daily QiGong routine, I found my spirit guide Holly sending me all kinds of ideas for future blog posts. I tried to focus on my body and the QiGong routine, but Holly was insistent. When it was time for meditation and guided writing, I decided to ask Holly about her insistent messages.

My question of Holly: I get the feeling that your intellectual overexcitability has been unleashed. Prior to the creation of this Soul Bridge Coaching blog, your messages have been just once or twice per day, and they were usually less intense. Now it feels like what a medium must experience when they are in public and spirit wants to come through to their loved ones. Some mediums have to wear hats or set up boundaries so they aren’t bombarded by departed loved ones of the people they encounter.

Holly: Indeed, your willingness to be a bridge, a conduit in this process, is invaluable. The truth is, these synchronicities and experiences have always been happening to you, and in the creation of what we are calling a “spiritual memoir,” we are guiding you to a thematic approach. Humans tend to be so linear, writing memoirs like timelines, but the truth is that it is only in the spirals, leaps, and backward-looking that one can make sense of the patterns, themes, roadblocks, and soulful evolution of one’s life. This is a big undertaking we are asking of you, but for anyone willing to join you on this journey, they will begin to see their own synchronicities, roadblocks, patterns, and evolution. This life you have been undertaking is far richer than one might imagine. It is as though one who cannot swim falls into the water and thrashes madly until that one dies or is saved. On the other hand, one who swims can marvel at the teeming wonder living beneath the water’s surface. We are inviting you to swim in the grandeur of life.

Now I have come to understand why Holly has been so insistent about this project. I am creating a spiritual memoir as a way to hold onto the wonder of my life’s experiences, the challenges and the joys, all aspects of the foundation of the person I am today. And, in answer to my question as to whether a spirit guide can have intellectual overexcitability…Holly does! I will gratefully accept her heightened sensitivities and mine own, as well.

Much love and gratitude to a soulful friend who gifted us this special journal for our writing. It was in this journal that the idea for this WordPress blog was birthed. Soul Bridge Coaching and Holly (May 18, 2021)

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