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Mother Earth and Her Children are Calling Us

This is a photo of “Doogie,” a Douglas fir tree we got as a seedling and lovingly watched grow on our deck. When the city of Eugene, Oregon, was commemorating its first Earth Day celebration, we donated Doogie to the cause. We took this photo of Doogie in 2010, and he had become a beautiful towering tree surrounded by his fellow inhabitants of the park.

Several years ago, I was asked by a wonderful psychologist, who works with children who are interested in the protection and healing of our planet, to respond to some questions kids ask about our planet’s environmental issues. I was at a loss for words about what might be most appropriate to say, so I sat down for a soul bridge conversation with Holly.

Question for Holly: What advice do you have for children and youth who are working diligently to solve the ecological crisis and taking urgent action to tackle climate change? How can they stay sustainable for themselves and not burn out?  What can parents do to support these children who are feeling called to be of service of the earth?

“Sweet friends, young and old, but particularly my young friends who are feeling the cries of help from your Mother. You are facing a challenge because it is more than a political issue, it is also a financial issue. There are businesses and individuals around the world who are putting profit before the welfare of your planet. There was a time when people who were “anarchists” would destroy new cars and other symbols of capitalism as a way to get attention for their cause. It is important for you to NOT use destruction as a way to stop destruction. You need to use your energy and passion to educate those who are willing to listen. There will be a tipping point where humans will no longer be willing to financially support organizations and individuals who are robbing you of a sustainable future. Do not forget to join together with other organizations that have long-fought to protect and sustain life on Earth. Examples include The Nature Conservancy, Citizen’s Climate Education, Surfrider Foundation, Trees for the Future, and Climate Reality Project, just to name a few. There is also the political aspect of climate change. Your vote matters. While you may be too young to vote, you are not too young to support and work for candidates who share your passion for protecting your planet. While working with others, whether for a political candidate or an action organization, it is important for you to realize you are part of a dynamic network of people who are equally devoted to stopping human-created climate change.

Dear parents of these young lightworkers, you have an important job to support their passion for protecting the environment and helping maintain Earth’s ability to sustain life. There will be times when your children feel hopeless, and they will want to retreat from the destruction they see on your planet. It is in those times that you remind them they are lightworkers who are here to expand humankind’s awareness of the challenges they face. Participating in whole body exercises such as yoga, qi gong, and tai chi will help them remain connected to Universal Energy that is always available to nourish them. It is also important, as parents, to refrain from talking in doomsday terms about the future of life on Earth. These children are highly sensitive, and you do not want to give them reasons to leave Earth sooner than they should.

I will encourage all of you to learn to tap into the Universal Energy that is here as guidance and wisdom. Some of you are already connecting to this energy, and it fortifies you though the challenges of this most vital struggle. Others of you have yet to connect to this field of love. Much gratitude to you for your deep love for your planet.

While these words were written for these passionate young guardians of Earth and their parents, we are asking you to join in this movement for the future of all people and the future of our planet. No action for the benefit of this planet is too small. We know Holly’s list of organizations is a short one created in a “quick write.” We would appreciate your help in adding other names of organizations in the comment section below.

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Much Love for this planet and for its guardians of all ages. Soul Bridge Coaching and Holly (May 17, 2021)

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