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Covid Warnings From My Spirit Guide

If someone had told me in January, 2020 that a pandemic was coming that would kill more than 500,000 Americans, I would not have believed that person. But it was my spirit guide, Holly, who was telling me this, across many guided journal posts. The few people I shared this information with were skeptical, to say the least, but I had a history with Holly, so I took her warnings seriously. Here are some excerpts of that guidance:

January 24, 2020: The new virus that is spreading will get more and more press. Despite that, you will know that more people are actually sick and dying than will be admitted.

January 26: There is a great fear, worldwide, about a virus that is very easily transmitted from person to person. This is not the first time in history that a plague has caused great human suffering and death. Humans have packed so many people close together in cities, on transportation vehicles, in schools, in places of worship, that it will be easier for this disease to spread.

On February 28, I posed this question: What is going to happen with this novel coronavirus?

As you are already aware, this virus is highly contagious. Unlike the flu, where you can go to your local urgent care and get a quick test, that is not the case with this new bug. We have already made the analogy to the plague, and our sentiment remains the same. You and Rick are very smart to be stocking up on necessities. We will suggest you do this with greater precision. You see, this will unfold like a rolling snowball, and most people will consider emergency supplies once it is too late. Be prepared for when the kids’ schools will close. Do not be caught off-guard. Too many people will be lulled into the idea that they will never get sick. Do not be lulled into magical thinking. Once this takes off, it will be difficult to stop. You must be prepared to be in your apartment for weeks. The impact of this virus on the American political scene is potentially devastating. We are not trying to alarm you. We are here to guide and support you.

March 4: You are meeting health issues and other issues outside your control with a calm openness. Meeting joys and hardships as they arise in the now is the wisest path. That is not to say that you don’t get prepared for possibilities, but you don’t worry and agonize over what are just suppositions. You plan and feel joy in knowing your calm preparation allows you to be in the now even when the now is difficult.

March 13: The greatest gift you can give yourself is to not be afraid of the virus that is spreading around the world. You are one of the lucky ones who can work from home. You have a comfortable place to live, and you are not alone. There is no need to fear. Now is a good time to breathe in healing energy and breathe out love to anyone who needs that love and compassion.

March 14: There will be great challenges and animosity during this health crisis, but there will also be tremendous moments of love and acting from a greater sense of kinship. While the haters may get media attention, there will be health care workers who will continue to work and provide both front line and support services. It is those people who will deserve your attention and gratitude. Those who fall ill will experience fear, and they deserve love and compassion. Do not be afraid. Life for humans is a flow between challenges and resolutions. The world has been in crisis from climate change to war to totalitarian leaders. Humanity has been unable to come together over these challenges. But here is a challenge that will show what is possible when people come together. And, if you can’t, the consequences will be beyond which most can imagine. It is important that humans believe this to be the threat it is. And yet, we ask that you not be fearful. It is how you maintain your relationship with Truth and Love that measures the life you’ve lived.

On March 17 I asked: Am I trying to live, or am I trying not to die during this self-isolation from the coronavirus?

Holly: This is the true struggle of humanity: are you simply surviving, avoiding pain, discomfort, death, or are you thriving? We would say you are thriving – even in the midst of the shelter in place order. You are working with clients and showing love and compassion for others. It is not a matter of you hiding away, afraid and depressed. You are laughing and lovingly engaging with others. You are finding new ways to maintain your spirit and joy – but don’t mistake that as avoiding death – see that as living fully within the restrictions you are facing. This is your lemonade.

On day 7 of our social distancing in Los Angeles, I was resigned to the idea that it might be 6 to 18 months before I’d be able to hug my friends and family.

March 19: Yesterday you spoke of this one opportunity to be the person you are in this time in history. This is the one time you overlap with each family member and friend as who they are currently manifesting. The beauty of reincarnation is that each opportunity helps you grow soulfully to who manifest today. Do not take one moment, no matter how challenging, for granted. You are in this for the long haul. Think of the joy all of you will experience when it is safe to hug and kiss. You are imagining the sadness Covid 19 brings to individuals and families. No one wants to die a fearful and isolated death. Sending love into the Universe may make its way into the hearts of those suffering.

In response to my question on March 21 about how to continue to feel hopeful under the circumstances of isolation, Holly said:

We know you don’t feel isolated, and that is because you are able do online coaching, and you are skyping with family and friends. You mentioned to Rick that there is less stress on you now as you have more free time to plan and work and rest. This is the old lemons to lemonade. In the end, these emergency measures will have reshaped your work. This is an example of being with the flow.

March 23: The truth is that this “shelter in place” is just a dress rehearsal for the calamity that is about to come. Although your country’s leaders have known about Covid as long as you have, a tragedy is about to unfold due to their unpreparedness, and there will be a feeling of panic throughout the nation. It will be like a ripple as the first affected cities run out of space, supplies, and personnel. Right now, this is being viewed as an over-reaction, and the tendency will be to go back to social contact. But this will be a mistake as any hope of containment will be shattered. We implore you to stay sheltered.

On March 23, 2020, it was reported that 473 people in the U.S. had died from Covid. Yet on that same date, Holly told me that more than 500,000 people in the U.S. would eventually die from Covid. How was it possible that Holly would make a statement like that? I started to question the validity of what I was learning from Holly. Hindsight has proven Holly to be quite accurate in all she was telling me.

And then my clairsentience began to kick in. I was feeling the suffering from around the world, and Holly knew it.

March 25: You are picking up on the tragedy that is about to unfold. Once it gets going, and the seeds are already sown, the physical, emotional, and financial toll will be beyond what your generation has ever experienced. You are already feeling the burning in the pit of your stomach from the angst of this tragedy. It will require a focus on your own wellness to help you cope with the emotional devastation that will be experienced in waves around your country. Bringing your hand to your heart – allowing an alchemy of Earth’s Universal Energy to flow through you will be vital. Focus on the many people and many ways others are giving of themselves in these times. Do not worry about financial gains and losses at this time. Be generous to those who are delivering your food and supplies. There may be a time when few people are unavailable to do this. Do not give in to boredom or a feeling that you are invincible. Staying sheltered and supporting others online and virtually is what you are meant to do. No need to try to convince others of what is to come. They will learn for themselves – some the hard way.

And I continued to feel pain.

March 26: What you are feeling right now is the clairsentience of the suffering of other human bodies. Of course you know there is no suffering at the soul level. However, your compassion and sensitivity have impacted the human aspect of you so that you are acutely aware of what millions of people are and will be experiencing around the world. They do not have to be your blood relatives, because they are your Earthly brothers and sisters. Suffering is not new to humans. We suggest you hold deep compassion for doctors who will be experiencing medical horrors. The long-term emotional damage to these people will be real – beyond what MASH doctors experienced in Vietnam.

And the messages from Holly continued. And I followed all of her advice. We created a family Covid pod with our daughter and her family, and we have been watching our grandkids four days per week for the past year so that our daughter and her husband could work from home. And we have remained Covid-free. And the adults are now all vaccinated.

I am grateful for my deep and loving relationship with Holly. This past year has given me the opportunity to develop an even deeper bond with this ever-present being of Love and support.

Suffering continues as waves and tsunamis around the world, and many of us feel it deeply. We send love to those of you who are ill and/or who have lost a loved one to Covid. We also send love to those of you who are facing financial hardship. Soul Bridge Coaching and Holly (May 15, 2021)

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